by Ron Perry

Items which may be aggravating to a person with a health problem that should be avoided or removed.

1        Aluminium in all  forms.  Pots;  pans;  kettle;  teapot and even ashtrays. Avoid foil, foil lined juice cartons;  food sold in foil pans and drink cans.
2        To avoid an accumulation of Copper in the body, do not use the hot tap for cooking. Do not fill the kettle from the hot tap. Run the tap before using it to flush out the pipes.
3        Avoid the use of metal teapots, except stainless steel.
4        Do not leave a bottle of milk on the table. Use it and put it away.
5        Do not sleep directly above a T.V. set; Microwave oven or cooking pots.
6        Keep all electrical items away from a sick-bed. Sit well away from a T.V. set and not directly in front of it.
7        Do not leave a plate or saucer with medication on it beside a sick bed as a dish radiates energy that can reach the bed.
8        Avoid the use of swivel chairs which,  due to their base design, collect weak energies that rise as a spiral up the support column and up the spine to the brain. The weak energies that they collect can be detected coming from the loops of wire under the tables, connecting computor; radio or table lamps.  Such wires should be kept short and straight to prevent the loops forming.
9        Looped wires near a bed radiate the pillows which absorb and reradiate it if they are made of synthetic fibre. The bed springs have a similar function. 
10                   Ensure that the pillow does not have synthetic padding and that it has a white cotton cover with no patterns or colour on it. Not even small ones!
11                   Avoid the colour blue in all furnishings and padded clothing, as the modern padded clothing and bedding is made of synthetic fibres that store and attract weak energies.  .Their external colour and pattern seems to control the type of energy that is attracted to it and is subsequently reradiated at the body. When it is worn it acts as a protective screen, reflecting the colour frequencies away from the person, When it is removed, it radiates at the person. Health problems may occur as a result where the garments  are nearby, as in a car or truck. Years ago these garments were made of and padded with cotton and coloured mostly green with few indications  that they affected health.
12                   It is not wise for a sick person to wear a wrist watch or bangle as they affect the bodies polarity value. Nor should they carry coins and keys in a trousers pocket.  Likewise,  remove fountain pens and calculators from the breast pocket.  All these items radiate the body with weak energies that may affect the heart.
13                   Do not place a babies cot in the corner of a room, nor on the centre line of a house or near any power points. Cover the mattress with a soft blanket,  not a plastic material which, once enclosed, becomes a capacitor, attracting and reradiating weak energies.