Anger at phone mast plan

Dec 30 2003

By Patsy Payne


MUMS are up in arms as plans get under way to put a mobile phone mast where toddlers gather daily.

So horrified is Kirsty King at plans to put Stoneleigh's second mobile phone mast on the footpath fronting St John's Church in Station Approach, she has joined other mothers sending in objections.

Said Kirsty, whose young son George attends Music with Mummy classes at the hall: "This is ludicrous and totally nonsensical.

"How could they allow this to happen?

"I am really worried about the possible health risks and all the toddlers and pregnant women, brownies and children who attend weekly classes at the hall.

"We already have the inconvenience of one mobile phone mast on the railway embankment.

"This will mean two masts close together. It is ludicrous to even think of it."

If it goes ahead, the mast, which would tower some four metres above the top of the church, could devalue properties in the area, said Mrs King.

"But my main concerns are the possible health risks and the fact the mast will be at the top of the hill and in full view of all the residents. "I urge everyone in the area to write in to Epsom Council as soon as possible."

And Reverend Richard King, vicar at the Church of St John the Baptist, is bringing the matter up at a Council of Churches meeting.

He said: "Aesthetically it is not at all pleasing, but I'm not qualified to speak on the possible health risks, although I can quite understand people's concerns.

"I'm sure there will be those who accuse me of nimbyism, but to put the mast right outside the church is absolutely bananas.

"I realise that we represent the community and I most certainly will be asking the Council of Churches to put forward our objections."

Objections will be considered by Epsom and Ewell Council whose officer will make a decision by mid-January.