Pharma + Professional Persecution = Profits!

by Christina England

January 25, 2009

Pharmaceutical Industries have few morals when it comes to dealing with professionals who step over the line and try to expose the adverse reactions to their vaccines and drugs.Of course the drug companies do not work alone, they foster strong connections with Governments,who in turn influence the medical profession and even the media. This allows the freedom to pedal their wares without the fear of reprisal. A whistle blowing professional is a spanner in their well oiled works and must be silenced quickly and efficiently, the methods the drug companies often use to do this can only be described as barbaric.

Of course one of the best ways in which to silence a troublesome professional is for them to be discredited, for once their reputation is completely destroyed, then no one is going to listen to what they have to say. It is surprising how many professionals who speak out about a vaccine or a drug suddenly find themselves with unusual complaints being sent into their Governing bodies or who have their work attacked unexpectedly.

Here there are several professionals who have complained about various vaccines and suddenly found themselves having to face disciplinary action because of complaints sent in to their Governing bodies.

First let us look at the case of the General Practitioner Peter Mansfield who works for the charity Desumo. Desumo, offered single Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccinations to parents who prefer them, to the MMR. Dr Mansfield was seen to be by many as a doctor with some controversial views on several health matters one being, that the MMR is unsafe.

He now joins the growing list of professionals that have been referred to their governing bodies for voicing their opinion and daring to speak out. His crime, to offer to parents who refuse to allow their children to have the MMR, single vaccinations instead. No big deal you may think but his actions infuriated the authorities who have invested vast sums of money into the MMR vaccination programme. His punishment for daring to go against them, was the General Medical Council dragging him up before the Intrim Orders committee, following a complaint from Worcester health authority, where Mansfield had been giving the the single jabs, alleging that he has been putting children "at risk" because his actions are "at variance with normal clinical practice". The Department of Health does not permit the single measles vaccine on the NHS.

In a document called GMC Used by Pharma to Eliminate Competition Mr Clifford Miller a lawyer explains how the Pharmaceutical Industries use several organizations to eliminate practices and practitioners who go against Government policies. He writes:-

"There is information indicating that some parts of the pharmaceutical industry and medical professions have been targeting, and picking off one by one, doctors and others providing care and treatments which are not in the mainstream.  Such treatments are likely to be less profitable to some parts of the drug industry and especially if they are allowed to become popular"

He continues to explain:-

"There is hard information which shows unequivocally that the ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry) are implicated in setting up a case against Dr Wakefield and were involved with the Sunday Times behind the scenes, setting Dr Wakefield and colleagues up in 2003 for a GMC hearing before a word was printed by the Sunday Times in 2004. At the time it was an open boast that the ABPI were involved and were providing funding. Since then someone appears to have been trying (unsuccessfully) to batten down the hatches after the horse has bolted. There is also disturbing information regarding the case of Dr Peter Mansfield, who was also complained about to the GMC and had to face a hearing over the MMR vaccine."

I have found many cases where professionals who have spoken out against various vaccines have had cases brought against them. Dr. Mark R. Geier, M.D., Ph.D., is president of Genetic Centers of America. He has been a consultant and expert witness in many cases presented to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and in civil litigation.

In publications and testimony, he suggests that the thimerosal in vaccines is a cause of autism. His son David A. Geier is president of MedCon, a medical–legal consulting firm that helps vaccine injury claimants to try to obtain funds from both the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and through civil litigation.In 2003, a special master who presided over a case of alleged vaccine injury issued a report that severely criticized Dr. Geier's analysis of a case. The ruling is especially noteworthy because the special master referred to him as "a professional witness in areas for which he has no training, expertise, and experience" and listed nine other cases in which Geier's expert testimony was given "no weight."

In 2004, Geier was ordered to stop a research project because of alleged improprieties in data collection.

Read here a sample of his work that led to these actions.

Then there is the case of Lisa Blakemore-Brown a Psychologist who linked adverse reactions to vaccines with many of the cases of Autism she was involved with. She also firmly believes that 'Thimerosal' in childhood vaccines have caused the huge rises in Autism and the Tapestry of disorders that so often interweave with Autism.

Lisa Blakemore-Brown also made links to families with Autistic children suddenly being blamed for their childrens disabilities and accused of Munchausen by Proxy. For many years all over the world parents have been falsely accused of MSBP which is causing or exaggerating their children's needs and condition to get attention. She writes:-

"Over the last few years, given the frightening epidemic of autism and the appalling suffering of so many, I have been bewildered by the choice of research undertaken by those who have been able to get funding from the UK Government. It has become increasingly obvious that the elephant in the room – vaccines linked to autism, cot death and other conditions – is being ignored as are those who have suffered, unless of course they are blamed. Blame theories (such as Munchausen by Proxy) form another elephant that people have turned a blind eye to and if you read this article you will see that MSBP is intertwined with vaccines issues" article

Lisa Blakemore-Brown has been completely professionally, and financially destroyed for her 'controversial views'. She has found herself hurled time and time again in front of her once Governing Body the British Psychological Society with one vexatious complaint after another.

She says:-

"In August 2002, I won against the BPS on yet another vexatious complaint with the barrister telling the BPS that the matter should never have been brought. There was evidence of forgery and downright lies yet this had been known by the BPS who carried matters on for 18 months. I began to ask more questions of the Department of Health and sent a letter asking them to reassure me that they were concerned enough about children to stop these failings. I received a curt letter from Jacqui Smith shifting the focus on to the Laming Enquiry. My concern was generally with incompetence at all levels – whether children were left to suffer in abusive homes or wrongly taken from good homes to suffer in care, as well as specifically about MSBP. Ms Smith ended her 2002 letter by telling me "I can assure you that your comments have been noted". Mmm.. See letter from Jacqui Smith MP, Department of Health, to Lisa Blakemore Brown Here

Through these complaints eventually leading to yet another final complaint this time accusing her of 'Paranoia' Lisa lost her home, through being forced to sell to pay her lawyers and has seen much of her work destroyed through a vicious campaign of hate on the Internet. However far from deterring this feisty lady, Lisa never lost her determination to help fight for she believes is right. She resigned from the British Psychological Society. Read her letter of resignation and she later went on to spectacularly win her Appeal.against the British Psychological Society in 2008.

She now, despite being left in ill health, speaks out honestly and openly about the tricks, lies and dirty dealings she has been a witness to, behind the scenes of the drug companies and the Governments who protect them, in a bid to keep the vaccines and drugs on the market and their adverse reactions hidden. She also describes what lengths she believes the pharmaceutical industries, Governments and associations infiltrated by them are prepared to go to in order to do this.

In an article by Charles Pragnell he describes Lisa Blakemore-Brown as 'An exceptional Professional.'

Mr Pragnell another professional who has regularly spoken of the adverse reactions to certain vaccines


"How much longer can the cover-up of vaccine damage go on? Obviously the British government and the medical profession will continue to be `in denial´ for as long as it is possible to hold out. Careers and not inconsiderable personal finance are involved.

The evidence worldwide is growing daily to make their position completely untenable but no doubt they will continue to hold their position until public opinion forces them to acknowledge the truth. When this happens Lisa Blakemore-Brown and the others who have suffered such horrendous career damage for their pioneering stances, will be fully vindicated and those who have opposed and pilloried her will be themselves be pilloried by the public and media."

Many of the actions used by drug companies and Governments are detailed in the book 'Dirty Medicine' by Martin Walker. Martin Walker the author is another professional who has been continually hounded for speaking out.

His book boosts over 700 pages detailing the assault on complementary and natural health-care by organized science, big business and the media.

In this interesting article about Martin Walkers book Emma Holister writes

"Orthodox medical practitioners, pharmaceutical companies and industrial scientists have organized against alternative and complimentary medicine in Europe and America since the last century. Dirty Medicine traces the history of these campaigns, their proponents and institutions.

Learn how vested interests have manipulated science for their own benefit and suppressed the competition from natural health care the media are complicit in the conspiracy to destroy people's confidence in natural they sabotage genuine research and destroy the lives and work of those who have made valuable contributions to science and they have harassed and intimidated those scientists, doctors and victims who have opposed their tyrannical imposition of industry-sponsored propaganda and orthodox therapies.

How do pharmaceutical companies and their lackeys in industry, media, politics and the legal system get away with burdening society with masses of poisonous and dangerous drugs, whilst suppressing research into natural and safer alternatives?"

With drug companies like Eli Lilly obtaining court orders to hide documents that show the company illegally marketed Zyprexa for unapproved uses and failed to warn the public about the serious health risks associated with the drug for a decade Read here and TeenScreen rife in the USA giving the drug companies a free hand to pedal their drugs in schools. read here Seemingly able to use marketing ploys to fool parents that their children are mentally ill, whilst bribing their children with incentives such as free cinema tickets and treats, to fill in questionnaires. I feel there is just one question remaining and that is, just how far will our drug companies go, when persecuting the professionals who stand in their way of making big bucks?