Poison Ivy or Insect Bites

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Gary Novak



One simple fact needs to be known about poison ivy or poison oak. The toxin is an oil which needs to be washed off with detergent.


A quick fix is to wipe it off with rubbing alcohol on paper towel. But since knowing where it is located is not certain, the only complete fix is taking a shower using dish washing detergent. The sooner the better, but any time before the skin is scratched to a bleeding mess will solve the problem.


The same is true of insect bites, which often contain toxin. Wiping with rubbing alcohol on paper towel stops the itch.


Nowhere is there evidence of this important information available to the public. People are supposed to put plastery gunk on the itch. The gunk prevents the toxin from being washed off.


Another important thing to know is that the toxin of poison ivy or oak spreads around and gets picked up again. To stop the spread requires a lot of cleaning. Use a wet cloth with detergent to wipe door knobs, furniture, auto seats, shoes, etc. But first get clothes into a washing machine with plenty of detergent.