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[TEAC Press Release 8th Sept 2004] Childhood leukaemia risk doubles within 100 metres of high voltage power lines - damning results known for 3 years.

The evidence that power line electromagnetic fields can either cause cancer or promote its development is not at all inconclusive, as you have been led to believe by previous witnesses, but is very powerful. ...a majority of the medical and scientific studies published in the peer reviewed medical literature show that children living in homes near high voltage or high current power lines, as well as workers exposed to power-frequency electromagnetic fields on the job, are developing cancer at significantly higher rates than children and workers who are not exposed. or who are less exposed.....the pioneering study published by Dr. Nancy Wertheimer in the American Journal of Epidemiology, in 1979 found that children living in homes near high current power lines in Denver, Colorado, were developing leukemia, cancer of the nervous system (brain cancer), and lymphoma more than twice as often as children who lived in low current homes. Brodeur Testifies Before Nebraska Legislature. Provides Evidence that Power Line EMF’s Cancer Link is Conclusive

most of the so called "negative" studies that have been cited by previous witnesses and by electric utility officials as finding no cancer hazard associated with electromagnetic fields are not, in fact, peer reviewed studies of cancer in human beings. Most of these negative studies do not contain any original data, nor have they been subjected to peer review. Most of them simply contain the undocumented opinions and assertions of members of ad-hoc committees, who are often paid consultants of the electric utility industry. ......Brodeur Testifies Before Nebraska Legislature. Provides Evidence that Power Line EMF’s Cancer Link is Conclusive

My family's story is long -- two grandsons with rare immune deficiencies who suffered for years with asthma, sinus and ear infections -- my husband has Alzheimers -- I have Type II diabetes --cumulatively, our family's list of health problems is 3 pages long!!! We live only 50 ft. from two high voltage powerlines -- one 69kv transmission line and one 230kv transmission line plus local powerline of about 8kv. We provided daycare for our sick grandsons. Over many years, I have measured EMF's (electromagnetic fields) from about 2.0 milligauss to as high as 8.0 milligauss in our front entry and masterbedroom.  When our grandsons were diagnosed with "hypogammaglobulinemia" -- a description which means "low immune" -- there is no name for their 'disease' AND we were asked if children had died in our family PLUS being informed they may develop Leukemia, Lymphoma, stomach or colon cancers, we stopped caring for them in our home. The boys were deficient in IgG subclasses 1 and 3.Are you and your children guinea pigs?

The "1994 Minnesota Herd Study" (cows) by Dr. Duane Dahlberg, et al, found that cows subjected to various conditions frequently referred to as "stray voltage" developed neutropenia and lymphocytosis that was described as possibly "precancerous blood changes.".............In addition to findings by the 1999 EMF RAPID Report that there is a connection between Leukemia in children and low levels of EMR (they also refer to "a weaker connection to adults and Leukemia in the workplace), the 2002 California EMF Report finds connections between brain cancer, Leukemia, Lou Gehrig's Disease and miscarriage to levels as low as 4.0 milligauss. Are you and your children guinea pigs?