[2010 May] Targeting Pregnant Women The Problems with Reglan By EVELYN PRINGLE 

[2008] Time To End Profit Driven Mandatory Vaccination Racket By Evelyn Pringle

[2007] Thimerosal Definite Cause Of Autism By Evelyn Pringle
Ayoub was asked why government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry, are working so hard to keep the truth about the mercury-autism link hidden. He says it is a long story, but the main reason is because if they admitted guilt, it would mean the government agencies, drug companies and medical organizations, “have taken part in the largest iatrogenic epidemic known to man.”
      The fallout over admission of causality would be unprecedented, Ayoub adds. The lost confidence in American medicine would likely cause people to turn to alternative methods of medicine, and a rise in deeper investigation might reveal the truth about other suppressions related to cancer therapy, hypertension Rx, or Atherosclerosis.

Trail Of Paxil Suicides Leads To GlaxoSmithKline By Evelyn Pringle