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[See 1.1 on the Tone scale to throw some light on porn industry workers and prostitutes.  Industry mostly run by PsychopathsSemiramis, the wife of Babylonian Nimrod, was a whore.]

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The children trapped in Bangladesh's brothel village Ė video  Daulatdia is an entire village in Bangladesh dedicated to prostitution. Every day, 1,600 trafficked, enslaved and abandoned women and girls sell themselves for £2 a time. In the midst of the trade live 300 children, many born in the village. Some will be groomed to be the future of the business like their mothers and grandmothers. With education programmes and support provided by Save The Children, a few may find their way out

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[2010 Jan]  How teenage access to pornography is killing intimacy in sex  Angela was shocked by what she discovered about both the physical and the psychological impact of the work. ďI saw itís not empowering; itís very disempowering. Itís harmful. It narrows how you value yourself, how you define yourself. Itís very dangerous to define yourself through the eyes of these men who are buying your body.

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Helen Gurley Brown

Prostitution goddess

Fleiss, Heidi
Hollander, Xavier

Christian missionaries to Africa condemned polygamy, with the result that great numbers of women became "socially superfluous".  Many went to the cities and became prostitutes. Missionaries to North America had a similar effect when, discovering the informal family arrangements between many white settlers and native American women, they accused the natives of immorality and prostitution.  Protestant women in pioneering settlements adopted the missionary position - or rather, supported the missionaries' point of view - with the result that Indian women lost the status and respect they had enjoyed from the earlier white settlers. Interracial marriages died out, while prostitution flourished.--Love for Sale: a global history of prostitution by Nils Ringdal

Fifty per cent of all this countryís prostitutes are girls who have been in care.  [2012] Children stolen by the state needlessly, causing utter misery in one of Britain's most disturbing scandals

"Prisons are built with stones of Law, brothels with bricks of Religion." -William Blake

The destructive nature of the Canaanites upon other nations in which they settled is nowhere more strongly demonstrated than in Egypt, the first land to be corrupted by their barbaric practices. Originally, "Baal" simply meant Lord in the Canaanite language. The obscenity of the rites soon developed a popular image of Baal which had three heads, the head of a cat, the head of a man, and the head of a toad. His wife, Ashtoreth, also known as Astarte and Ishtar, was the principal goddess of the Canaanites. She also represented the reproductive principle in nature, and in case anyone might overlook it, all of her rites were sexual observances. In Babylon, the temples of Baal and Ashtoreth were usually together. Mainly, they served as houses of  prostitution, in which the priestesses were prostitutes, and the male priests were Sodomites who were available for the worshippers who were of that persuasion. The worship of the Canaanite gods consisted of orgies, and all their temples were known as centers of vice. They also originated voodoo ceremonies, which became the rites of observance in Ethiopia through the Ethiopian Jethro, the tutor of Moses. These same rites now enthrall tourists in the Caribbean.   Chapter 1: The War Against Shem

Caught in the act: Gazmet Turku hands over £3,000 to Izzet Fejzullahu (second from right) and Agran Demarku (right) in Oxford Street. He is 'buying' the Lithuanian woman pictured on the left to work in his brothel. All three Albanian men have been jailed and the girl returned to Lithuania [2009] Human traffickers sell sex slave on Britain's busiest street