DECEMBER 27. NOTE: Since I wrote this piece, things have changed
quickly in the landscape. I have reported those changes, and will
continue to do so. I have included this post in the lime-up, because
there are relevant facts here.

Every few weeks, the White House tweaks its position on mass smallpox
vaccinations. These changes are characterized by the press as a trend
in the direction of including more Americans under the vaccine

This is patently false. The latest announcement from Bush is far
different from his original hardline vow that "a vial of vaccine with
every American's name on it" was waiting in reserve.

Now we are hearing that Americans can get the vaccine IF they want it,
and the civilian public will start lining up in 2004. First, the
troops (500,000 of them) will receive orders to submit to the shot.

What is really happening?

Two things. Sure, Bush is trying to play it cozy and kind. He knows
that if one case of smallpox in the US is discovered or invented, he
can then come down hard and insist on a mandatory program. He also
knows that the propaganda about the vaccine is working. Recent polls
show that the public is inclined to step forward and take the shot.

The other thing is, doctors and medical bureaucrats are warning Bush
that the canned stat of "several vaccine-induced deaths per million
people vaccinated" is a fiction, pure and simple. In truth, there will
be many more deaths and severe disease complications from this

We are now getting official word that, not only are people with
compromised immune systems supposed to stay away from the shot, but
healthy Americans who live with people who have suppressed immune
function should also decline the vaccine---because the live smallpox
virus in the vaccine can spread to those "weaker folk" in the house.

Bush is saying that all Americans can decide whether they want the
shot or not. Except for the Army. As usual, the soldiers are the prime
medical guinea pigs. Why not? They're part of a solid chain of
command. They have no rights to speak of. They get orders and they

And still, the mainstream press is not asking for proof that smallpox,
as a bio-weapon, is a real threat to America.

The federal government is moving ahead with plans to fund and build
its own facilities for the production of vaccines against biowar
germs. These facilities can be expanded to include manufacture of
vaccines against traditional childhood diseases.

On the surface, this seems odd. What about all those pharmaceutical
companies to which the Bush crowd is beholden? Will they be cut out of
the money loop? And, if the government itself is going into the
vaccine business, liability issues as a result of future
deaths/maimings from these vaccines will form a straight line to

What's going on? I have some preliminary reports, which I will update
as I get more information. First, some drug companies are becoming
very skittish about vaccines, as the public becomes more aware of the
real dangers. Second, there are discussions in progress which may lead
to a government/private drug-company joint venture in the
manufacturing area. This would cement the already existing medical
monopoly that links government and private industry and medical
associations. And third, the government wants to position itself as
the prime overall health-care giver---which will mean innovations in
public insurance coverage and the furtherance of a cradle-to-grave
government-controlled socialized med system. Although, unlike the
exposed Hillary Clinton effort, this program will be sufficiently
complex and labyrinthine to conceal its true intent and structure from
the public.

Of course, the current vaccine-injury compensation system, which makes
the federal government the prime payer, will be strengthened by a
government-run vaccine production monolith. And that structure already
has a very small cap on claims payouts.

In all these machinations, the main target is MOTHERS. Mothers whose
children have been killed and maimed by vaccines. And the next target
is alternative healthcare providers, who educate their patients and
the public about the dangers of vaccines. The mothers have been
organizing for some time, in the US and England, and they are not
going away. Their personal losses are too great. They are pressuring
doctors to admit that vaccines are a MAJOR public health threat. They
are not backing down. They are not timid. They are not listening to
the statistical gobbledegook. And as they persist in their struggle,
they are learning more. They are lifting the corner on the age-old
cover story about vaccines.