I had two Akitas, both of whom had very bad and very different reactions
to the last rabies shot they had ever received.  After these two
experiences, I needed no more convincing of the harmfullness of the
rabies shot.

1.  In 1993, my female Akita, age two at that time, had her 3-year
rabies shot.  By the next morning she was literally paralyzed with, and
crying out, in excruciating pain.  She could not move. If you know
anything about Akitas, they are a very stoic breed and rarely let you
know when they are in
any kind of discomfort or pain.   However, I had to carry her to get her
outside.  I have never seen anything like this horrific pain she
suffered. Fortunately I found a homeopathic remedy, Hypericum, that
began relieving her of this pain within about 30 minutes.  The remedy
was given every 1.5 hours for 8 hours and by the next morning, she was

2.  My male Akita was the sweetest, most gentle dog I had ever known.
There was not a mean bone in his body towards human or animal.  However,
in 1996, (at age 7), approximately 5-6 hours after his 3-year rabies
shot, unprovoked, in the middle of my living room, he tore into my
female Akita and took a chunk out of her neck.  Blood was everywhere.
Again I found a homeopathic remedy.

Feel free to share these stories.

Ginny Rodgers
Herndon, VA