Research Defence Society ('100 years defending animal research')
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[The propaganda organ of the Vivisection Industry, funded by the pharmaceutical industry, research institutes, universities and charities that support medical research.]



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President (2004): Lord Dick Taverne

Dr Evan Harris, the Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, said: ďAbout 18 months ago I suggested to the Research Defence Society that there should be a demonstration. Itís important to show the research community we are on their side. There were, however, concerns about whether enough people would turn out and whether it would be provocative.Ē  [2006] Focus: A campaigning hero

100 years ago today RDS was announced to the public. A letter in the national press on 24 April 1908 said: ĎA Society has been formed with the name of the Research Defence Society, to make known the facts as to experiments on animals in this country; the immense importance to the welfare of mankind of such experiments and the great saving of human life and health directly attributable to them.í ---Blog