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The majority of the mothers with whom I am in contact...those with children
with Autism, PDD, ADD, etc., are Rh Negative and were given a RHOGAM shot
during pregnancy. Allow ONLY mercury-FREE Rhogham if you are Rh-negative
and are pregnant with your second child. It is not an issue with the first
child...it is the second child who is at risk. Please correct me if I am
wrong about that...I researched this a while ago and that was what the
literature indicated. Refer to Sheri's posts for brand names of
mercury-free rhogam.

 From Mothering Magazine/March April 2001 "Mercury in Your Vaccines:
Exlusive report on the Second International Vaccine
Conference"....Stephanie Cave, MD.....

....."Cave also questioned the Rhogam given to Rh-negative pregnant
mothers. "When we started looking at the mothers in our practice, I
realized that we probably have a majority of Rh-negative mothers. The
rhogam shot has a huge dose of mercury in it, especially for a fetus in the
gestational stages with brain development," said Cave.

In 1990 and 1991, the Hepatitis B vaccine had 12.5 micrograms of Mercury
per dose, which is 25 times the EPA's "safe" level. Cave cited a study in
the May 2000 Journal of Pediatrics that measured levels of mercury in
newborns before and after the hepatitis B vaccine. Researchers found
mercury in newborns BEFORE (suzan's emphasis) the vaccine was given.

"So we are going back to look at prenatal sources, through fish, and
amalgam fillings in the mother's mouth," said Cave. "Mercury poisoning and
autism have nearly identical symptoms: self-injurious behavior, social
withdrawal, lack of eye contact, lack of eye contact, lack of facial
expression, hypersensivity to noise and touch, and repetitive behaviors."

ALSO: from same article...What About Mercury? Getting Thimerosal Out of
Vaccines by Lisa Regan....

Noting that the EPA safe limit for mercury exposure is .1 micrograms per
kilo per day, Cave said, "The mercury has left it's mark in the brains and
immune systems of these children....The body gets rid of mercury by
secreting bile, but an infant does not produce bile at this age. In the
hepatitis B vaccine alone, we are giving 12.5 mcg at birth, 12.5 mcg at a
month, 50 mcg at two months, 50 mcg at four months, and 62 mcg at 6 months,
and if you do your math, we're giving a load of mercury to these children
before they can make bile and can get rid of it."

Keep in mind that in a study (Dr. William Walsh, Ph.D. of the Pfeiffer
Center) of 503 children with autism, ALL but four showed a Metallothionein
(MT) Dysfunction. The lack of MT signifies the inability to metabolize
mercury out of the body. Even though MT deficiency may be constant in the
gene pool, what has changed....is the introduction of mercury-containing
vaccines. As the number and timing of these vaccines have increased so too
has the rate of autism. Some children simply cannot tolerate this load of
mercury and by the current autism estimates running around 1 in
145...."some" children means MANY!


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