Most RhoGAM contains 50 mcg of thimerasol per dose. There is a brand with
no mercury - WinRho and it comes in a reconstitutable single dose vial.
I don't know why there is more mercury in RhoGAM than in vaccines, but I do
believe that it is far more dangerous because of the developing baby's
brain and body organs.
I am not comfortable with recommending not taking RhoGAM due to the
possible effect on later children. In our practice, we recommend WinRho to
our RH negative moms. One of the midwives I work with trained in the UK
where a 28-week dose is not given, and many of our moms don't do the
28-week dose unless they have invasive testing.

Rev. Kathy Rateliff; CCD, CCCE, SM
Author & trainer, Titus 2 Birthing Curriculums
Vaccine Refusal Form - REVISED 1/21/01:
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