Rhogam contains ~75 ug's of mercury, with the adult shot, along with
other questionable ingredients.

How can anyone think that mercury is safe for an unborn child?  I
wouldn't even get my hair permed when I was pregnant, yet I allowed
injection of organic mercury into my bloodstream!  I didn't even ask what
the ingredients of Rhogam were.  I trusted that the shot was appropriate,
and that I had no choice.

Bayer company is the only one that offers a mercury free Rhogam shot.
It's called BayRho.  If I ever have another child, I'm using that.
Another product called RhoPhylac is in the process of being approved by
the FDA, although it may take another 2 years.

I'm still waiting for the local study for HBOT to get their funding.
I've been planning on this for months, just waiting for help.  My boy has
improved so much with immune system therapy and vitamins/minerals, that
we are hoping for a full recovery.  I can hope, can't I?  Perhaps the
HBOT and ABA will pull him out the rest of the way.  He's not even 3
years old, yet.

Julie Duffield
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