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Fear of the Invisible

a book by Janine Roberts


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[2008 pdf] The dangerous impurities of vaccines by Janine Roberts

MMR Vaccine Contaminated by Janine Roberts

Highly contaminated vaccines by Janine Roberts

How 'Measles Virus' is isolated for a Vaccine.

What then can cause Polio? an extract from the book "Fear of the Invisible" by Janine Roberts

INCREDIBLE new book by Janine Roberts - just finishing it now

She goes into great detail on the actual lies about polio to include how the vaccine is made and how NEVER proved to be infectious

Viruses NOT what you have been taught that they are
Produced by our own bodies to do a job!

And then she goes on into HIV and AIDS and the insanity of this link - NEVER proven.........money and ego driven..........you will be sickened even more than you may already be now

The lives that have been lost or damaged due to the lies about Polio and the lies about HIV and AIDS

I highly recommend this if you want to know how virology has NOT A CLUE about what they want you to believe they know so much about

The lunatics are in charge of the asylum for sure

I hope to be meeting up with Janine in the next month as she lives about 90 minutes from me in the UK

An Investigative Journey into a reckless and contaminated Medical Industry

This book takes its readers on a journey into the very heart of the hunt for viruses to the key experiments performed to prove that these invisibly small particles cause diseases that often were previously blamed on toxins or bacteria. It sheds light on the extraordinary assumptions underlying much of this research into viruses and the resulting vaccines and antiviral medicines.

The author, an investigative journalist who researched and produced investigative films for the BBC, American and Australian television, was asked by parents with children severely ill after vaccination to discover if the medical authorities were hiding anything from them. (I should add this was Jabs!) She agreed, but had no idea how long this search would take or how it would change her ideas. She expected at best to uncover a small degree of contamination.

On the ensuing decade-long journey of discovery, she found top government scientists report alarmingly, at meetings between scientists, that it is impossible to purify vaccines. They stated that the childhood vaccines of today are contaminated with viruses from chickens, humans and monkeys, with RNA and DNA fragments, with "cellular degradation products," and possibly "oncogenes and prions."

This part of my book - particularly a chapter called 'The impure nature of vaccines" draws heavily on official (but previously unseen ) transcripts of meetings between top UK and USA vaccine scientists... it is shocking to hear how they talk when no journalists are around. I had always imagined that vaccines were made of viruses put into a sterile fluid - with a few other chemicals added as preservatives - like mercury... and thought this was what one had to worry about...

Well - this is untrue... the liquid used is not sterile - it is the fluid in which the viruses are drawn out of the incubator of animal, human or chicken cells... it cannot be filtered as that would remove the viruses wanted in it... so everything of the same size or smaller remains in the vaccines. These scientists all expressed grave concerns.... one of them said that if the Greens in the UK knew what they were saying, they would demand the immediate withdrawal of all vaccines! I discovered one manufacturer of MMR says the vaccine is full of cellular degradation products they cannot remove... I cite also authorities saying the manufactures cannot meet the government purity standards - even after they lowered them by a hundred times

Thus it is not just mercury - there are a thousand things in the vaccines - I believe our children mostly do not fall ill from vaccination simply because nature gifts most of them with excellent immune systems...

In my book -which was proof read for scientific accuracy by an eminent professor of pathology... I give not just detailed quotations - I name all the scientists who are saying these things - and I give web links so people can read the original documents for themselves where possible.

I hope the research in this book will help in the struggle against the autism epidemic. As you must know, a US court decision in 2008 has linked autism with vaccine contamination.

The doctors I cite said behind closed doors that they dare not tell the pubic about all this contamination - as they might demand a withdrawal of the vaccines. Thus we are not told despite all the consequences of such contamination for long-term public health.

There is much research here that has not been reported elsewhere. I reveal, for example, that the World Health Organization (WHO) knows the MMR vaccine is widely contaminated with chicken leukosis virus, yet WHO has decided shockingly not to tell the public. It also decided to continue to permit the vaccine to be made with eggs from contaminated chickens.

I have doubts over the full accuracy of their research, as it is based on discovering an enzyme, RT, not a virus, but they believe the virus is present, is very dangerous to chickens and potentially to children. I believe they stay silent because to confess this would reveal that they cannot purify the vaccines given to our children.

A senior professor told me that the vaccine program was so contaminated and chimps were used in vaccine manufacturing so widely, that HIV could easily have spread in a vaccine.

I was then rocked to discover that the key HIV research, that said to prove that HIV causes AIDS, was investigated for scientific fraud by very powerful US scientific institutions (supervised by the US Academy of Science) and by Congress over a four year period. Why is this not widely known? I got hold of their research and reports and found they reported over twenty major errors in this research, with some errors so serious that they made it impossible to repeat these experiments and verify them! I reproduce the key documents so the reader can assess them for themselves. This is explosive material.

I then went to the key experiments in virology - the ones cited most widely - the ones on which our vaccines are ultimately based, and could find none in which pure samples of viruses were produced and proved to cause particular human diseases.

They cannot purify viruses for use in vaccines, and it seems without such pure cultures they cannot properly research the links between viruses and diseases. Frequently the effects of toxins are misdiagnosed as the effects of viruses.

The book discusses in detail how they produce today the flu and measles virus for vaccines. The author details how measles virus is produced according to the latest CDC guidelines. The way it is done raises many issues.

Part of the book also takes the readers on a journey through various aspects of HIV theory, such as sexual transmission, the different clinical definitions of AIDS, why AIDS is said to be caused by HIV and at the same time is said by our governments to happen in the absence of HIV, and why the HIV test picks up on different diseases in the West from in Africa. It is all heavily scientifically referenced.

In the final part I report recent research that is revolutionizing biology and offering much hope for the future. These new developments shed new light on the relationships between our cells and viruses. They are not necessarily enemies. Readers may find these new developments will radically change the ideas they have held about viruses all their lives.

The preface is contributed by Dr Roberto Giraldo. The book has hundreds of scientific references, a scientific glossary and an index.

Do hope you find it valuable...

(my original research on vaccines is up online at www.vaccines.plus.com - but that website is now a few years out of date - due to me being immersed in this book  a new website is now on the way up for the book...)

I am at jan@jaineroberts.com if anyone has questions...

If you like the book - please review it on Amazon - and let others know about it...particularly other parent and vaccination groups...

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with the very best of wishes to all