Root canals can reportedly cause a severe immune dysfunction, causing as much damage as mercury amalgams--Tom Swanson (Nuthouse Earth p11)

In the 1940's and earlier, Dr. Weston Price, D.D.S., (former Director of Research for the American Dental Association) researched the effects of root canals, and he documented how root canals can drastically lower your immune defenses. He wrote a book on the subject, and he authored numerous well-researched articles on this and other dental problems, for the ADA Journal. Surprisingly enough, his research into the damaging effects of root canals wasn't broadly publicized after the 1940's, so Dr. Price's work almost fell out of sight.

Fortunately, Dr. Hal Huggins of Huggins Diagnostic in Colorado Springs has unearthed some of Weston Price's original work, including a rare copy of his book on root canals. Dr. Huggins has re-published Dr. Price's book under the name, "The PRICE of Root Canals", and he's also created a $4 brochure, written in layman's language, which gives an overview of the problem.

Evidently when you kill a tooth by scraping out all of the blood vessels and nerves down inside the roots, and then pack the hole with gutta percha (which itself reportedly contains 5% mercury), the tooth then becomes a sponge for unhealthy bacteria, which can adapt to and thrive in an oxygen-free environment provided by microscopic "dentin tubules." The transformed bacteria create potent toxins, which can then produce physical disease for a certain percent of sensitive patients. The bottom line is that root canals can become a totally unsuspecting cause of severe illness, elsewhere in your body.

Dr. Price also wrote two other books which are quite interesting: Nutrition in Public Health. 431 pages, 1939, and Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. 527 pages, 1970. Check your local library.

A strange way to kill a rabbit!

In one case described by Dr. Price, a patient who had a kidney disease recovered from the disease immediately after the extraction of a root canal tooth that was causing the problem. Dr. Price then took a small portion of that same tooth and placed it under the skin of a rabbit, and the rabbit died of kidnev disease within 14 days!

A similar case of root canal-related disease is described by Dr. Robert Rowen, MD, an alternative medicine practitioner in Anchorage: The wife of Jack Cognill, Alaska's Lieutenant Governor, came to him with severe lower back pain, and she told him that the "establishment" doctors wanted to perform surgery on her lower back, to "fix" her problem. (She gave him permission to use her name.)

Dr. Rowen performed some diagnostics and found that Mrs. Coghill had had a couple of root canals, some years ago. When he injected a small amount of anesthetic near one of those root canals, suddenly her lower back pain went away for 20 minutes or so, until the anesthetic wore off.

They arranged for a local dentist to pull the offending tooth, and the lower back pain has been gone ever since! (So much for unnecessary lower back surgery, from an ignorant "orthodox quack" surgeon.)

Dr. Rowen is continually hounded by a certain strange phenomenon: The vast majority of his patients are constantly experiencing "spontaneous remission," which is orthodox medicine's language for someone who gets better without pharmaceutical drugs, radiation, or surgery. Dr. Rowen seems 10 have the most predictable spontaneous remission rate in town. (Maybe he simply uses the most effective sugar-pills, or "placebos?").