Rotavirus Vaccine Nightmare

Message From: bethany45    Date:  10/01/2002 

HI. :0) New poster here- wanted to share info on this nightmare as it will never make it to the warnings on the vaccines because it went unreported by the docs. We had our 2 mos ds vaccinated last year for rotavirus- finding out in teh "small print" it was in the "last stages" before being approved.- anyway, long story short- ds had blood in stool for 8 weeks before found out what was wrong with him. teh vaccine somehow burned off the little hairs lining his colin! He was one day before scheduled exploratory surgery when we got another opinion- and the doc suggested abstaining from all milk protein products as they are the toughest to digest. We decided not to ahve surgery as as long as I didn't ingest ANY milk protein (we're talking speghetti sauce, whey, the whole nine yards!) as i exclusivly breast fed until introduced solids at 11 mos. we had 2 major trips to ER in fear of intusseption- some of the symptoms (ie "jelly balls" in stool, more blood) It took 6 mos of no milk protein porduct to get his little colin back to normal... He is a healthy boy today at 15 mos, BUT we never vaccinated him with the rest of the "series" after that- and it shocked the nurses! :-O ANyway, they wrote it up as a milk allergy saying they couldn't be 100% sure the vaccine caused it- ALTHOUGH my sons now has 100% recovered and was fine with all milk protein and milk products onyl 6 mos later. That isn't typical with this severe of a milk allergy. Funny thing too, his nurse made a comment that a bunch of hte rotavirus vaccinated babie turned out to be allergic to milk protein AFTER they were vaccinated! SOrry to take up so much space, but please be warned. How many other parents had problems that were NOT reported b/c of excuses such as my burses gave me? THanks for time and info!