Adverse reactions to Hepatitis A & B Vaccination

I have been running a support group since 1996 for people suffering autoimmune disorders after the vaccines mentioned above.
All over the world there is a pandemic of autoimmune disorders and the World Health Organisation are refusing to acknowledge this is happening to millions of people.

Professor Bonnie Dunbar in Houston, Texas has produced a paper "An ounce of protection - a pound of misery" as her own brother ended up in a wheel chair after the Hep B vaccination and a member of her laboratory had optic neuritis. Her research has proved that 1 in 200 people are adversely affected after having this vaccine, although the statistics are possibly higher.

My support group is growing rapidly and in November 2005 I went to see the health minister with 8 members of my support group to make them aware of these adverse reactions. I have been on BBC news once and ITV news 3 times and people are contacting me regularly. The main illnesses reported are ME/CFS, arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis, cancerous tumours and MS. My husband has Rheumatoid arthritis and each time he is admitted to hospital meets other nurses suffering with arthritic nodules on their fingers; one nurse was admitted with rheumatoid arthritis; one nurse said it upset her hormones; one ward assistant had neurological problems.

We are praying that the World Health Organisation will listen to doctors and scientists who are genuinely concerned about the damage these vaccines are doing to some peoples health. Are we genetically susceptible? Or are the preservatives, thiomersal(mercury derivative), aluminium hydroxide & formaldehyde causing our bodies untold damage? Come on Department of Health - investigate before you kill more of us off - three have died in my group already!

Ann Savage Hepatitis B Victim Support Group (UK)