History repeats itself

30 August 2002

Michael D Innis,
Director Medisets International
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Re: History repeats itself

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More than a quarter of a century ago I submitted a paper entitled
"Oncogenesis and Poliomyelitis Vaccine" to the Editor of the BMJ. It was
rejected. Today there are numerous reports of individuals with one or other
form of malignancy attributable to Simian virus 40 contaminated
Poliomyelitis vaccine administered in childhood [1].My paper was eventually
published in Nature[2] having been rejected by another well known Medical
Journal. And of course it, and I, were roundly criticized by the
Establishment. Andrew Wakefield and V.J. Singh will know the feeling.

Now the public are suspicious about other vaccines and history is repeating
itself. My paper on "Coagulopathy mistaken for Shaken Baby Syndrome" was
rejected - it recorded the case of a child given six vaccines on the same
day and who was ill with fever, irritability and diarrhoea the next day and
was dead three weeks later.

Death was certified to be due to the Shaken Baby Syndrome on the evidence of
Pathologists, Paediatricians and Radiologists when all the haematological
and biochemical evidence clearly indicated death was due to a coagulopathy
following hepatic insufficiency and malnutrition.

Paediatricians, instructed by the RCPCH, believe "Frank bleeding from the
nose or mouth is significant of physical intervention." - Radiologists
mistake callus formation on a scorbutic rib for "fracture induced by Non-
accidental Injury" and Pathologists count diligently the number of
siderophages in alveoli of the lung and confidently proclaim "death due to
imposed suffocation".

Coagulopathies appear to be of no significance when a perpetrator is being
sought - or should one say Hunted.


Michael Innis


1.Malignant Mesothelioma Therapeutic Options and Role of SV40: An Update The
University of Chicago Gleacher Centre Chicago Illinois April 20-21 2001

2.Innis MD. (1968) Oncogenesis and Poliomyelitis vaccine Nature 219:972 - 3