Source: Addendum to The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean:

(1) You need not have your children inoculated with polio vaccine unless you want this inoculation done.

Every parent is free to refuse it, and the Ministry of Health says that no child will be inoculated without the express permission of its parents.

(2) The Salk polio vaccine which is to be used in this country does not protect from paralytic polio. In the trial of the vaccine in America in 1954, 71 children who had been fully inoculated with it developed paralytic polio.

(3) The vaccine may have the power to start polio. During five weeks after Salk Vaccine was launched on the world by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis in America, and, at the time, wrongly declared to be safe, potent and efficient, at least 112 inoculated children developed polio and two-thirds of the cases were paralytic polio There were 6 deaths At first it was said that the children had already got polio before they were inoculated; then it was said that the inoculation aroused polio which was already there and caused it to develop; and finally it was believed that in a great many cases it was live virus remaining accidentally in the vaccine which caused the cases of polio.

(4) Vaccinated children in America are believed to have given polio to their parents. 149 such cases have been reported with 6 deaths; the first two cases were 18-months old babies who became ill after the inoculation and were taken to the hospital. They recovered, and on returning home their parents developed polio. The Denver Medical Officer of Health calls this "satellite" polio. The Franklin Lakes Board of Education, New Jersey, asked 8 children who were given the Salk anti-polio vaccine to stay away from school for the rest of the term. Parents of other children were afraid they might be polio "carriers." (Daily Telegraph, June 21st, 1955).

(5) The Salk Polio Vaccine is grown on monkey kidney tissue. It is said not to protect for longer than five months, if it protects at all, and an eminent physiologist was quoted by the Manchester Guardian as saying that "if it means that a child should be reinoculated at frequent intervals with a preparation derived from monkey kidney ‘it is terrifying in its possibilities.’ Among them is the risk of the child developing sensitivity to some of the ingredients of the vaccine."

(6) Every inoculation has caused serious illness and not a few deaths. There are official records of 1,700 deaths from vaccination against smallpox, and such deaths are still being recorded every year, many of them being deaths of babies. In recent months babies have developed encephalitis from anti-yellowfever vaccine, as has been admitted in the Bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

There are 3 deaths on record from tuberculosis caused by B.C.G. inoculation. Inoculation against diphtheria has activated paralytic poliomyelitis. Past history of all the vaccines and serums justifies fear that the new vaccine will damage health and may cause death.

(7) Two Medical Research Council doctors stated in Picture Post, May 7th, 1955 that the risk of contracting poliomyelitis is 1 in 25,000. The vast majority of children are never in any danger of contracting this disease. To go out of your way to give a child an inoculation that may cause illness, and even give it the disease you wish to guard against, when the likelihood of that child getting that disease naturally is so small as to be almost negligible is the height of folly.

(8) To keep your child healthy carry out the rules of health. See that it has proper food, and plenty of fresh air, that it is warmly clothed in winter, avoiding exposure to damp and chills, and see that it gets enough sleep. Make sure that the water supply is pure, and that the house is properly ventilated, and avoid overcrowding.

(9) The manufacture and testing of the polio vaccine causes gross cruelty to animals, chiefly monkeys.

Leaflet issued by The National Anti-Vaccination League, London.