The 'Show us the Evidence' game (Moran's game)
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[This is a game played by Allopaths, like Peter Moran on Usenet, with the intention of fooling the unaware.  He asks for evidence alternative medicine is effective.  You then send him the evidence and, guess what, he says it is quackery, in so many words including that one.   There are just a few points to be made to reveal the intention of this game.]

1. Why would a non-Allopath go to an Allopath like Moran with case histories to prove his med worked?  And to prove Allopathic medicine wasn't as good?  And seeing as most alt me, like Gerson is 50 years old, what would it make him look like if he admitted Allopathy had been sitting on an effective therapy for 50 years?  Given that Gerson therapy and Kelly would put Allopathic medicine out of business, both can be done at home with nothing supplied by the drug industry, making a billion $$ cancer industry based around chemo redundant.

2. Given the long history of Allopathic suppression, eg by AMA, of all non-Allopathic med?  And given that Allopaths can't use non-pharma med, never have yet.  If they do they are then alternative medical doctors.

3. Moran has stated numerous times all non-allopathic med is quackery, and all non-Allopaths are quacks.  And his association with Barrett, who has spent decades suppressing non-Allopathic med and criticism, highlights that even more, and Barrett has spent decades saying Gerson is quackery.

"NCI concluded overall that Gerson's data provided no demonstration of benefit (60,897). In an undated rebuttal, members of the Gerson Institute disputed NCI's 1959 findings, taking issue with almost every case assessment and charging that NCI dismissed legitimate evidence on the basis of technicalities (330). No independent assessment of the review has been made."--Barrett

NCI is a pharma shill, surprise surprise.

Yet he asks for Gerson evidence if you have it.  Nice one!

4. Also, it is obvious Allopaths have set themselves up as the only experts on cancer, so they can make out they are the ONLY authority on cancer, so everything has to come through them.  Nice if you can work it.   Neat game if you can fool people, but seeing as they can't cure cancer, nor any other disease except bacterial infections, why would anyone believe that? 

"The only accepted legal medical diagnosis of cancer is by biopsy. This is not 100% accurate, for there are false positives as well as false negative biopsies.  We, that is you and I, are not permitted to make a diagnosis of cancer. Nor are we permitted by law to use any system of diagnosis except biopsy for cancer diagnosis. The Medical Establishment tightly controls the diagnosis of cancer."--Dr Kelley DDS