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    Chapter 11:  Why Vaccination Continues
Foreword by Archie Kalokerinos
Health The Only Immunity http://www.vaclib.org/sites/debate/web7.html
You Can Overcome Asthma

A leaflet put out by the NT Department of Health and Community Services on Tuberculosis provides a good example. This leaflet states: "Up until the 1950s TB was a common cause of serious disease and death in Australia. Due to an aggressive campaign over the past 30 years and the discovery of effective new drugs, TB is now much less common ...." According to the Commonwealth Year Book No.40, the official figures on TB deaths are: 1921 - 3,687; 1931 - 3,167; 1941 - 2,734; 1951 - 1,538; 1961 - 447. In terms of population count, the TB death rate in Australia fell from 68 per 100,000 in 1921 to 49 per 100,000 in 1931 to 18 per 100,000 in 1951 and to 4 per 100,000 in 1961. These figures clearly indicate that the decline in TB death rate started well before any medical intervention, and that the rate of decline did not change with the introduction of drug therapy. VACCINATIONTHE HIDDEN FACTS by Ian Sinclair Chapter 11:  Why Vaccination Continues 

If a child develops measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, mumps, rubella or any of the other common childhood infections, it is not because of germs, but because of the accumulated toxic waste within its body, a condition known as Toxaemia. --HEALTH - THE ONLY IMMUNITY ---Ian Sinclair

"These microorganisms (germs) feed upon the poisonous material which they find in the sick organism and prepare it for excretion. These tiny organisms are derived from still tinier organisms called microzyma. These microzyma are present in the tissues and blood of all living organisms where they remain normally quiescent and harmless. When the welfare of the human body is threatened by the presence of potentially harmful material, a transmutation takes place. The microzyma changes into a bacterium or virus which immediately goes to work to rid the body of this harmful material. When the bacteria or viruses have completed their task of consuming the harmful material they automatically revert to the microzyma stage".--Bechamp [Sourced: Vaccination The "Hidden" Facts by Ian Sinclair p62]