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[The smart was to avoid cot-death is to not vaccinate, and breastfeed.  Anne Diamond 1 (UK TV presenter) went all the way to New Zealand and brought back the sleeping on the back idea ('back to sleep' campaign), pity she never went to see Hilary Butler, or Archie Kalokerinos MD. in Australia who would have told her how to solve the problem once and for all (media folk know which side their bread is buttered).  No wonder the Royal College of Paediatricians gave her a gold Medal!]

[2007] Are you giving your baby flat head syndrome?

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Mine have all slept on their bellies...even my partially vaxed girls before
I knew better. They would just startle and wake up flailing w/in 5 min if I
put them on their backs. My 5 week old is sleeping on her belly in my bed
right now as I write this. I check on her every 15 min or so but mainly to
make sure she hasn't wriggled herself into the blankets. We also co sleep at
night and that makes me feel reassured that we are actually reducing our SIDS

*I* think it's safer but I hesitate to tell other parents to do it because
of the "what if" scenario, but I just tell them my experiences w/it and let
them make their own decision.


I'm with the others. You can't trust the statistics or who gathers them.

Don't worry about the stomach sleeping. A rested baby is a healthier baby, so if they get rest on their stomachs, so be it. My second son was born in 1992, right when all the warnings came out about SIDS and stomach sleeping. I thought, great, now I have a stomach sleeper. What to do?

I let him sleep on his stomach. I did worry because of all the hype but really had no choice. All of my kids slept with me and generally slept on their sides most of the time anyway because they were nursing. Eventually they'd flop to their backs, except #2. I'd flip him to his tummy and he was good to go (and he was vaccinated, too). Funny, for the 16 years since then, he has always slept on his back.

It's normal to worry about all what you hear. Just go with your gut. If you know he can't sleep on his back, don't put him on it.


All 5 of mine slept on their stomachs too without incident. They are

Come to think of it, both of mine have those pretty round heads, too!
:) I can't help but think that tummy sleeping is actually safer. If
they spit up a little - or a lot, it leaves the mouth so much easier
than if they are on their backs. It seems like a choking hazard to
have them sleep on their backs.


I had all three of my children sleep on their stomachs. It seemed
completely unnatural to put them on their backs and watch them get
flat heads. I haven't vaccinated any of my children. A
pediatrician noticed my child must have slept on her tummy because
she had such a nicely shaped head which he doesn't see much these
days. But he still couldn't outwardly encourage this due to
professional reasons.


Has anyone here felt safe with stomach sleeping for their non-vaxed

I tried to keep Linda on her back b/c of what the "professionals" said. She
rolled herself over at two months on to her tummy and never looked back,
lol. She is completely unvaxed. My next baby I'll probably put on their tummy
from the beginning. We do not co sleep.