by Dr. Linda Kennedy MS SLP ND

Apotheosis, according to Merriam-Webster, means elevation to divine status or deification, the making of a person into a God. In ancient Rome, this could be done by a decree of Government in which a person, most often the Emperor, was officially declared a God on Earth. It is our belief that the so-called orthodox or allopathic medical establishment has had its status raised to that of an all-wise, all-benevolent overseer of human health, to the detriment of society and contrary to human reason. Allopathic medicine has now become a pantheon of Gods, who are now referred to as called M.D.s or medical doctors.

These gods and the system they represent hold life and death in their hands for millions of people in the United States, who are purposefully deprived of proper knowledge of alternative the many available therapies, despite the fact that such information is only a click away in a search engine or perhaps a few blocks away in a public library.

It would be difficult in one small article to entirely chronicle the problems that this apotheosis represents for the common citizen. Yet, a few words in this direction might be appropriate, if not nearly sufficient.

In the United States, there are somewhere around 50 million uninsured persons, which is probably more than 15% of the population. Most of these people think of allopathic doctors, (i.e. doctors who largely rely on medicines derived from prescriptions based on medicines manufactured by large pharmaceutical companies) as their only real hope. Yet, financial circumstances prevent most of the uninsured from visiting that type of doctor on a regular basis. For these people, if there is an emergency, they are allowed to use the services of an emergency room without immediate charge.

Although there may be no immediate payment demanded of the uninsured, they will have to assume a large debt, sometimes so large they become grievously indebted for years or possibly even forced into medical bankruptcy. And with that kind of debt will be the intrusion of credit bureaus and their reports that make it difficult or impossible for the majority to make regular consumer purchases on credit. They will not be able to buy a house, repair or replace their worn cars or ever get back have some kind of cushion against another emergency rearing its ugly head. Sometimes these prices are not for real care or the cure of illness, but a matter of simple testing, say, via a set of MRIs, that can cost literally thousands. Most are also fully charged tremendous sums of money simply for visiting the emergency room and having a seat. And, when someone in this country becomes old and is about to die, the hospitals and doctors will often appropriate a huge chunk of any remaining assets for themselves, thereby possibly consuming whatever is left of an estate.

Doesn’t this type of treatment seem a losing proposition for everyone? Hospitals and doctors usually lose money for emergency care because most uninsured patients are unable to pay for it. Unfortunately, patients can become so indebted that either the payments choke the patients’ income or they face the loss of their credit and can’t use that for personal or medical reasons either. The question is why should people in a democracy put up with such ridiculous treatment? Why should circumstances force free people in a democracy into emergency rooms that will take every dollar they have when they are sick, and where they are often not treated properly (if at all) and then driven into debt or even medical bankruptcy? And then there is the issue of standard treatment for the uninsured. Need a few procedures over the next 6 weeks? No problem. The nice lady at the receptionist desk firmly asks “Where is your insurance card.” Good Luck.

Why do situations like this occur? Because citizens in the United States generally believe in the system. And, although this may change with the arrival of universal coverage of some type, optional or otherwise, the coverage will probably largely be for allopathic medicine. Not safer natural medicine “alternatives” that were in place centuries before our “fancy drugs and procedures” came into existence. The safe list includes herbal remedies, vitamins, diet, exercise and other specialized herbal supplements to help carry us on our way.

People put up with it because, despite the fact that we live in a so-called democracy, certain super-sized financial interests, primarily pharmaceutical companies, profit tremendously from the system. Vast quantities of money are made with the use of expensive equipment in hospitals and by the amply salaried medical professionals who offer either high-priced surgeries or high-priced medicine to fund and perpetuate pharmaceutical companies and medical hospital establishments. Yes, there are some institutions that lose out on this strange way of using emergency rooms, but there are, in the long run, tremendous profits made through the pharmaceutical sub-structure which is at the basis of a great deal of the profit-taking. If the truth be known, natural substances such as vitamins and herbs cannot be patented. However the synthetic chemical copies of these same plants and herbs can be patented, thus allowing for hundreds or even thousands of dollars to be charged per dose.

Why should people believe in this to this degree? Why? Because literally billions of dollars have been infused into the system since around 1910, when John D. Rockefeller and the American Medical Association charged Abraham Flexner to examine therapies taught in medical schools around the country. The Flexner report, developed by a high school teacher, was the major and groundbreaking attempt to create vital in-roads into the social programming of the American public to get them to “buy in” to the idea that allopathic medicine and its practitioners had an exclusive monopoly on truth. The so-called Flexner Report was not aimed at the public, but at Congress, the governmental body that could effect legislation to alter the public’s view of medicine. The Flexner report denounced the holistic, nutritional and vitamin approaches, at that time still being robustly taught in medical schools, and embraced the drug therapies of allopathic medicine in its place. Following the release of the report, Congress acted, now endorsing the AMA to officially certify medical schools with their now “orthodox” stamp of approval.

The result was, as Flexner desired, to reduce the number of medical schools by almost 92%- from about six hundred in 1910 to fifty in 1925. With little effort and a stroke of a pen here and there, Congress sanctified allopathic therapy over all other types of medicine, creating the fulcrum which the AMA and pharmaceutical companies have used to cement their authority in the minds of the American people. From cradle to grave, since 1925, millions of Americans have been fed the new “orthodox” line by the Medical/Legislative/Pharmaceutical (MLP) complex and by their educational systems, their news media, their commercial advertising and their entertainment vehicles, branding the allopathic medical establishment as the only real, sound, scientific and valued way to handle the healing of illness.

This is how the populous is socially programmed. Create an authority (a doctor), who is given an established place in society. Limit that definition of a doctor by law to basically mean an M. D., who has graduated from an established medical school. Constantly promote that role through early education with nurses and available medical care being provided by the allopathic community. Exclusively advertise allopathic products on radio, television and in print. Continue to fund medical schools with monies derived from institutions connected directly or obliquely to the MLP, all the while bombarding young doctors with free gifts and other incentives, such as their first medical bags, expensive ‘educational’ seminars in resort type settings and pimping new products with quantities of free samples.

Despite the incredible leverage granted from key pharmaceutical industries and educational institutions, none of this would ever have happened if the MLP cartel had not been clever in creating a never-ending stream of brain-washed medical professionals whose reward for their intensive drilling in allopathic medicine is lucrative, secure and well-respected profession. As in most cultures, as doctors, their opinions and their learning is highly regarded by the population, their practice of medicine protected and endorsed by government and their authority even more exalted in the modern era than a minister or a Rabbi. By creating this virtual army of intelligent, well-dressed professionals, endowed with coveted technical knowledge, an army of authoritarian symbols has been created to reinforce the underlying messages of the pharmaceutical industry. In short, they have created an army of overeducated pawns.

Could this be compared with the education at Madras’s schools developed in the Middle Eastern world, where the Mullah is a representative of Fundamentalist Islam? In societies with Madras’s, the Mullah is often lauded as the official representative of Islam, despite the fact that generally, this religion has a broad ideological basis that is far beyond the narrow fundamentalism of the Mullah?

In the Madras, a doctor of religion presides over the education of young people who follow a forceful and rigid discipline, the center of their study being memorization by rote, rather than deep reflection and philosophic speculation. In Medical schools, students are deprived of any real information about nutrition or other forms of therapy such as acupuncture, chiropractic or herbal healing. Medical schools are noted for their extreme demands regarding memorization of vast amounts of material, regimented testing and the subsequent constant fatigue and stress experienced by medical students. Interestingly, these exact same conditions are fostered in cults in order to affect powerful and permanent changes in personality that condition cult behavior in the masses. This is similar to the type of pressure and stress delivered to students at Madras’s, albeit at a younger age, in order to fully condition students into adopting a fundamentalist approach.

One of the key roles of the Mullah is to shape the thinking of the child to get him to conform to the ideology. For that reason, alternative takes on Islam are restricted. The Mullah shapes the young minds as his has been shaped. The Mullah knows or believes nothing else. Is this comparable to medical schools that leave out so much “extraneous information”, a medical research protocol that prefers throwing billions of dollars into harmful and synthetic substances and medical journals that largely confine their reports to pharmaceutical solutions? Is the war between opposing sects of Islam comparable to the decades of the AMA fighting (through government agencies and the Courts) against holistic healing and alternative therapies?

Can you blame the Mullahs for their role? No more than the doctors. Because they themselves are the product of an education delivered by a supposed authority, with information rigidly censored by that authority, delivered under undo stress and even punishment for non-conformity. Unfortunately, during delivery, their minds are too busy with continual memorization for real or deep reflection on the philosophic, political or social foundations of their studies. While it may seem strange to compare a medical school with cult indoctrination, it is just as strange to fathom a medical protocol that so forcibly and totally attempts to annihilate alternative ways of thinking about healing.

The general population accepts this because the people have been carefully, elaborately and socially conditioned to do so. Shouldn’t people rationally be more concerned about general medical protocols? After all, medications have proven to deliver an extreme level of side effects. We are also indoctrinated with warm, very nice, smiley faced commercials that laud the beneficial effects of some arthritis or blood sugar control drug, but then report, in the same breath, that the product can kill, cripple or have outrageously dangerous or embarrassing side effects (but only for some people, we are told).

The answer probably cannot be found in reason. The prospect of facing pain or discomfort in the face of promising and readily available allopathic alternatives confounds the mind. Perhaps this is an appropriate phraseology because in fact, this strange behavior is probably stemming from a mind that is indeed, itself confounded. It is confused and unable to reason. Why? Probably because it has been thoroughly programmed by those elements in our society who have found a sure way out of the shackles placed on their profit-loving agendas and by the democratic principles that supposedly rule this country. These are individuals and organizations that have learned to twist the people’s minds in such a predictable way that the very axiom of democracy is undermined, and that if people could vote, they would vote for the greater good of themselves and their society.

But instead of undermining the individual vote, which these self-serving organizations and their unscrupulous representatives do, it is a lot more beneficial to find underlying ways of socially programming the people’s concept of their own good and to twist their self-interest into the interest of those who seek to profit from, rather than benefit, the greater majority of mankind. Of course they will vote for the representatives who will support the medical and pharmaceutical lobby, without giving much thought to mankind

We have seen how this was done in a very subtle and efficient way. We have seen how it has been done by gaining control over medical educational institutions. We have seen how further control was achieved by transforming a highly experimental allopathic protocol into the profitable current orthodox imbedded in the minds of most American people. We have seen how the representatives of the MLP have encouraged their own government to favor the medical lobby, utilizing the FDA as its lever for control. We have the profitability of choosing questionable synthetic chemicals as the foundation of medical practice by ensuring an expensive, lengthy and risky protocol of creating patented medicines as the core component of medical treatment. By doing this, the American people have blindly allowed modern medicine to be identified by synthetic patented medicines, (not by natural therapies, nutritional support and vitamins), whose continuance has been buttressed by a population conditioned to expect and demand that type of treatment as their salvation. Through all these means, the MLP has created a huge and permanent river of money flowing into its fortress of allopathic medicine protectionism.

With all this, it is a great wonder why people put up with our contemporary medical system. Why do they not compel the state to mandate universal health care like they do in every other industrialized country in the world? Why do they allow the allopathic medical community and their drugs to have such a state-protected monopoly over health care in this country? Why do so many individuals fear to experiment with naturopathic or homeopathic alternatives, when thousands are literally dying from the care they are being given? Why this great lassitude and even greater fear of deviating from what has become known as orthodox medicine, a form of medicine that has only really come into its own in the last 100 years.

Why? Because they have been conditioned not to. And when democracy is fully conditioned by powerful lobbies, advertising and public relations companies, a paid-for media and educational institutions, it is really not democracy at all.

Dr. Linda Kennedy MS SLP ND