Some more good news from one of our friends

"In May last year I visited Oaks hospital where I was diagnosed with widespread cancer of the bladder which included three spots in my urethra

I was advised to have my bladder, prostate, and urethra tube removed and that I would have to spend the rest of my life with a cholostromy bag. I seriously doubted I could live with that, there was an alternativ
e proceedure in which they'd remove my bladder and make me a new one, however because of the cancer of the urethra this was not an option for me

A Nurse had told me that they can do something called a Mitrofanoff procedure where a tube is inserted where your belly button is and a pouch is made in the stomach. Placing a thin tube down the larger tube in the belly button allows you to drain the pouch, it's a lot more surgery and a lot of aftercare with the risks of complications but given the choice of a bag, it sounds a million times better to me.

I was subsequently referred to Addenbrookes hospital and it was around this time that I heard of and started talking to Jeff Ditchfield about using cannabis oil to treat my cancer. Jeff explained in great detail about the Rick Simpson oil and thanks to him and his generous friends I was able to start with the oil within a few days.

I quickly built up to my target of a gram of oil a day which I mainly took as one dose before bed.

While taking the oil in the first month I was really encouraged to hear that two other people being helped by Jeff and his friends had received the all clear from their lung cancers

After two months on the oil I was summonsed to Addenbrookes Hospital for a new scan and internal examination and after the Doctor had examined me and my scan results this is how the conversation went:

Me: "So how did it go, is there any improvement?"
Doc: "Yes there is."
Me: "In what way?"
Doc: "Well I couldn't see any cancer in the urethra but it could be there in a microscopic form so I have taken a biopsy."
Me: "What about my bladder is there any improvement in my bladder?"
Doc: "Yes but you still have a tumour in there that needs treating"
Me: "but it was wide spread before so that has to be a major plus hasn't it?"
Doc: (raises eyebrows with a slight grin on her face and gives a quiet reply) "Yes, but we need to know the results of the biopsy and you still have a tumour in your bladder, I will have to meet my team to see where we go from here"

Well what can I say! 10 weeks ago I had widespread bladder cancer and now I only have one tumour! and only 10 weeks ago I had cancer in 3 separate parts of my urethra and my Doctor can't see any.

I can't believe the good news I have had today but I realise there is still a long way to go.

I've messed up a bit on my side by not getting my own grow on as soon as I should have but I'm now taking things into my own hands and will soon be self-sufficient

I think I am seeing the miracle of what this oil can do..... Sorry to have gone on a bit but I wanted to share this good news with everyone who has shown an interest, once again thank you everyone and I will keep you up dated, cheers for now!!!!