Re:  Statens Serum Institute
Childhood Vaccination and Type 1 Diabetes

From someone in contact with moms with autistic kids in Denmark........

According to the moms who write to me, it is the organization responsible
for vaccination practices and to whom you report reactions.
One mom said:.
"Reporting vaccine problems to them makes as much sense as giving the fox
the key to the chixken coop"

When I asked what would be the intentions behind these flawed studies, she
"They are doctors in Denmark. They are like soldiers in the army. They obey
Statens Serum Institute

Ahhhhhh.....its a vaccine maker...............

Statens Serum Institut is an enterprise under the Danish Ministry for
Interior and Health and the Institute's duties partly integrated in the
national Danish health services.

Statens Serum Institut prevents and controls infectious diseases and
congenital disorders.

Statens Serum Institut undertakes:
Surveillance and advice on incidence, prevention, diagnosis and treat-ment
of infectious diseases and congenital disorders.
Specialist diagnostics of infectious, autoimmune, congenital and genetic
Production of vaccines, plasma-derived products, diagnostic kits, media and
Research and development within the Institute's areas of activity.
Teaching of Danish healthcare personnel in microbiology and hygiene.
Management of national and international advisory and reference services.

Further information

Statens Serum Institut

Statens Serum Institut (SSI) is a Danish government owned company engaged
in the prevention and control of infectious disease and  congenital
disorders. The TB research group at SSI is world leading and has made
important contribution to the understanding of TB infection and immunity.

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