Stem cells

In the US 10 different vaccines are made using aborted fetal cells. 2 have no alternative's; the Rubella (MMR) and the Chickenpox vaccines.

I recently contacted Leonard Hayflick, the man who is responsible for creating the WI38 cell line. I wanted to find out how they sustain the WI38 cell line.

FYI- it's Eagles Basel with 10% bovine.( a saline solution with amino acids and 10% cow serum)

Also, i asked him   "Are the chromosomes in the diploid cells (WI38) intact with DNA?"

He replied;

"I don't know what you mean by "intact with DNA." WI-38, like all normal living human cells contain DNA. Because these cells are normal they contain 46 chromosomes all consisting of DNA just like your own cells. -----L. Hayflick"
This counters the opponents who use the term "stem cells" as if they are free of any association with the aborted fetus.

The diploid cells refered to in the package inserts as residual components of vaccines contain all the genetic material to clone the aborted baby.

Here is the definition of diploid cells (and a good site to look up biological terms)


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