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Report of the Group (The Stewart Report)

Mobile Phones and Health

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Contents (PDF, 15 KB, 4 pages)

  1. Summary and recommendations (PDF, 54 KB, 10 pages)
    This section is also available as an HTML file
    • Background
    • Sources of exposure
    • Current guidelines on acceptable levels of exposure to radiofrequency radiation
    • Main conclusions on the possible effects of mobile phone technology on human health
    • A precautionary approach and related issues
    • Advice to Government
    • Advice to industry
    • Health related research
    • Public information and consumer choice
    • National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB)
    • References
  2. Introduction (PDF, 49 KB, 8 pages)
    • Background to the introduction of mobile telecommunications
    • Mobile phone networks and communication
    • Present and future use of mobile phones
    • Benefits of mobile telecommunications technology
    • Economic significance of the mobile phone industry to the UK economy
  3. Public perceptions and concerns (PDF, 45 KB, 8 pages)
    • The public
    • Politicians
    • The media
    • Specific interest groups
    • The telecommunications industry
    • National Radiological Protection Board
    • Public information
    • General conclusions
  4. Radiofrequency fields from mobile phone technology (PDF, 111 KB, 13 pages)
    • Radiofrequency radiation usage
    • Radiocommunication
    • Electromagnetic compatibility
    • Technology of cellular mobile phones
    • Electric and magnetic fields, intensities
    • Fields from mobile phone systems
  5. Scientific evidence (PDF, 468 KB, 67 pages)
    • Interaction of radiofrequency fields with tissues
    • Experimental studies
    • Laboratory studies of the effects of RF radiation on people
    • Mobile phones and driving
    • Epidemiological studies on general health effects
    • Conclusions based on overall scientific evidence
    • Overall recommendations for future research
    • Annex: Current research funding
  6. A precautionary approach (PDF, 101 KB, 19 pages)
    • Risk assessment
    • Risk management
    • The precautionary principle/approach
    • Application of the precautionary approach to mobile phone technology
    • Base stations
    • Mobile phones
    • Annex: Current planning procedures for telecommunications development
  7. References (PDF, 197 KB, 20 pages)

Glossary (PDF, 47 KB, 4 pages)

Appendix A: Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (PDF, 28 KB, 5 pages)

Appendix B: Written evidence (PDF, 16 KB, 4 pages)

Appendix C: Meetings (PDF, 10 KB, 2 pages)

First issued 11 May 2000 

source http://www.iegmp.org.uk/report/index.htm