Bowel disease

Still Alive! Colitis & Pregnancy

by Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.


Dear Dr. Schulze,

First of all I want to thank you for what you do, your products have improved my life significantly. About 5 years ago I was admitted to the hospital for rectal bleeding. As it turned out I was diagnosed with ischemic colitis.

The doctors recommend removing my sigmoid colon and said if I didn't get the surgery I would be dead in 3 weeks to a year.

Being only 30 years old at that time I thought there had to be another way.

After a year of seeking out and trying many different types of alternative medicines, I was introduced to your products. I did your Vitality Program and felt the best I had felt in years. From there I continued on with your Bowel Detoxes and I'm still alive!

Fast forward to now, 5 YEARS LATER! I've been using your Intestinal Formula #1 and your HerbalMucil ever since to stay regular. I eat well, I'm sure you would say I could do better ;-). However, I'm now pregnant with my first child and wondering if itís safe to keep taking your Intestinal Formula #1? I'm having some constipation. I've been using the HerbalMucil but it doesn't seem to be enough. I would love any advice you can offer. Much thanks and appreciation!

ó Jennifer S. in Westminster, CA,


Dear Jennifer,


For being alive 4 years AFTER the medical doctor said you would be dead!

Welcome to the club, I am now 40 years past when the medical doctors said I would be dead. Actually this club has hundreds of thousands of members, all over the world. I like this club, as it is far better than the club of being cut, burnt and poisoned. It is far better than the club of having to glue a bag on your belly daily to store your feces in. Healing disease by Creating a Healthy Life and Lifestyle. Itís a lot more fun than surgery, doctors, hospitals and chemical drugs, and a lot cheaper! And it just makes COMMON SENSE!

Colitis Simplified

Colitis, well, letís just start with ďitisĒ. Itis is a suffix (something that is added to the end of any word) that when added to any word simply adds inflammation to that word. Like Appendicitis meaning inflammation of the Appendix, Tonsillitis, inflammation of the Tonsils, Hepatitis meaning liver inflammation, and in your case Colitis, inflammation of the Colon.

Colitis = Colon Inflammation

Ischemia is a combination of two Greek words, Isch which means to restrict, and Haema meaning blood, so Ischemia added to any word means the restriction of blood, such as Ischemic Heart Disease which is heart disease caused by the restricted blood flow through the coronary arteries to the heart muscle itself. Ischemia can be caused by arterial restriction, blood clots, tumors, tight clothes, and it is usually a disease of the elderly.

So, Ischemic Colitis simply means that your colon, or a portion of your colon, is inflamed due to restricted blood flow. By the way, I must add that Ischemic Colitis is usually a disease of the elderly, NOT 25-year-olds, so this is something that you probably genetically inherited.

Donít Worry

The bottom line is I wouldnít worry at all anymore since it has been 5 years since your diagnosis and I will assume that you no longer have rectal bleeding, ischemic colitis or any symptoms at all except a lazy bowel.

Many Americans have sluggish bowels due to our American food program and lifestyle. And since you added a ;-) on your letter after your comment on your food program, I know that you can do better too.

Just remember that my HerbalMucil Plus that you are taking is to make up for the fiber that you are not getting enough of in your food program, so I appreciate your patronage, but please try to remove any fiberless food from your diet, like any animal foods, and at the same time increase the fiber rich foods like fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds etc. BTW, I take my HerbalMucil EVERY DAY even though I eat Vegan and Raw for breakfast, with my SuperFood of course, and a Vegan Raw Lunch everyday, so I get tons of fiber. But I grew up having only 1 BM a week, and inherited a sluggish bowel, so I LOVE the HerbalMucil Plus too, even if itís my own product.

Intestinal Formula #1 and Pregnancy

Again, no worries at all. During the first 2 trimesters, just use your usual dosage. But donít do any overdoses and any major catharsis or bowel stimulating or flushing. Just keep yourself regular.

During your third trimester, do the same, but just be aware, that during months eight and nine, when you are VERY pregnant, that a huge overdose of Intestinal Formula #1 could bring on labor, actually I have used it to do this in a few instances. But using your normal dosage is safe and you wonít have any problems AT ALL!

Also, you can use any and all of my Herbal Medicines ALL during your Pregnancy. I would even have many momís in my clinic do my 5-Day BOWEL Detox, or my 5-Day LIVER Detox and 5-Day KIDNEY Detox. A baby living in a clean mom is better than living in a toxic mom. Again, there is no herbal medicine that you cannot use while you are Pregnant. Just use your good common sense and donít throw your body into any extreme catharsis or flushing! Regular cleansing, detoxification and flushing is absolutely fine.

Two Additional Pregnancy Tips!

Tip #1
The biggest problem ALL my patients had during pregnancy was gaining too much weight. A perfect weight gain during pregnancy is 25 pounds, but no more than 30 pounds.

In my clinic I would constantly have pregnant momís come in with a weight increase of 20 pounds in their first trimester, and be bragging about their big baby. I would then explain to them that their baby was only the size of a pinto bean (at this time) and their weight was NOT their baby but instead 19 Ĺ pounds of FAT! Look, I donít care if someone is FAT, but PREGNANT and FAT is NOT a good combination. It can be challenging enough during months 8 & 9 to eat and breathe when you are in good physical shape and fully pregnant, but if you add on 20 or 30 extra pounds to this already challenging period, well you are setting yourself totally up for failure, being really uncomfortable at best. Many women who gain too much weight during pregnancy develop Preclampsia, and put themselves and the baby at risk, and also risk a premature or sick baby, SO KEEP YOU WEIGHT NORMAL!

Tip #2
You are building another human being, WHAT AN AMAZING MIRACLE! So you need double the nutrition during pregnancy, and during lactation. So start taking your SuperFood Plus twice a day, morning and afternoon or early evening. And continue this while you are breast feeding also. You can start the morning with your SuperFood Plus nutritional blender drink. If you have any morning sickness during your first trimester, then use the SuperFood Plus tablets instead. In the afternoon have a SuperFood Bar. Getting this boost of extra nutrition will not only ensure you have a healthy and strong baby, but will enrich your own milk to make incredibly nutritious baby food.

Great job in healing yourself naturally, avoiding life-robbing surgery and proving the medical doctors and their DEATH SENTENCE, VERY WRONG! Great Job in discovering the alternative and natural healthy path, and healing yourself naturally.

You may always need a little natural herbal bowel medicine during your life to keep your elimination regular. But having said that, after 12 years on Intestinal Formula #1 myself, and all the while improving my eating, moving and thinking, and making my lifestyle healthier, well I did not need to take Intestinal Formula #1 anymore.

Way To Go, MOM!

ó Dr. Schulze