[2012 June] Syngenta Charged for Covering up Livestock Deaths from GM Corn

French Ag Minister to ban Syngenta’s bee-killing pesticide, Cruiser

Scientist Tyrone Hayes was hired by Syngenta to prove their atrazine herbicide was safe. Hayes found quite the opposite. Syngenta didn't like the results as his studies showed atrazine to be toxic to frogs. They tried to pay him to manipulate the data. He refused. The agrichemical giant didn't like that, so they spent over a decade trying to destroy his career. People thought Hayes was paranoid when he told them that Syngenta was stalking and threatening him. Now, secret company documents made public because of a court case involving Syngenta have vindicated Hayes. Read this important story about Tyrone Hayes, an ethical and brave whistleblower scientist. This is how the agrichemical/biotech industry operates, and their actions need to be known by everyone on Earth.

“We all follow the Tyrone Hayes drama, and some people will say, ‘He should just do the science.’ But the science doesn’t speak for itself. Industry has unlimited resources and bully power. Tyrone is the only one calling them out on what they’re doing.” - Michelle Boone, Professor of Aquatic Ecology at Miami University.