TB & Vitamin D

How You Can Successfully Treat and Prevent TB Without Drugs

 Vitamin D is the answer. But you need a lot more of it than what the FDA recommends. One study showed a 100% cure rate by giving patients 10,000 units of Vitamin D a day.

Two new studies have linked vitamin D to the successful prevention and treatment of tuberculosis (TB).

The first study determined that vitamin D is key to the molecular mechanism that the body employs to fight tuberculosis. White blood cells convert vitamin D into an active form that helps make a protein that kills tuberculosis bacteria.

In the second study, Indonesian scientists compared the effect of vitamin D versus a placebo on almost 70 tuberculosis patients for some nine months. Treating tuberculosis patients with 10,000 units of vitamin D daily versus the much smaller amount (400 units) usually advocated by conventional medicine led to a 100 percent cure rate.

The best form of Vitamin D is being out in the sun with your skin exposed. The sun actually causes your body to produce Vitamin D. Since you cannot get Vitamin D in large quantities in nature.

The best form of supplement for Vitamin D I have found is the Standard Process Cataplex D. It is the whole vitamin, not just the pieces. It also contains all the co factors needed to absorb Vitamin D and utilize it properly in the body.

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