Smallpox terminology

Eschar  A dry scab or slough formed on the skin as a result of a burn or by the action of a corrosive or caustic substance.

Variolous:   Of, relating to, or affected with smallpox.

Variolae Vaccinae:  smallpox of the cow


1. A small structure resembling a bladder.
2. A small circumscribed elevation of the skin containing serum.
3. A small sac or cyst containing liquid or gas.


Papular: Adjective referring to one or more small solid rounded bumps rising from the skin that are each usually 0.5 cm or less in diameter (less than a half inch across).

Papules may open when scratched and become crusty and infected.

The term "papular" is derived from Latin from "papula," a pimple -- pimply.

Dermatologists (and other physicians) call any small solid circumscribed bump in the skin a papule, as opposed to a vesicle which contains fluid or a macule which is flat and even with the surrounding skin.

Zymotic  Infectious disease.  Small-Pox, Measles, Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Simple Fevers, and Diarrhoea.