Tetanus vaccine quotes
Tetanus vaccines

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I had been taught that during the second world war, no soldiers had suffered from tetanus because they were fully vaccinated. Later, I met doctors who had cared for soldiers during the war, who told me a completely different story. Fully vaccinated soldiers had indeed, got tetanus, but they were told not to report it. In other words, what I was taught and what was true were two different things. MY BRUSH WITH TETANUS Dr Archie Kalokerinos

"How can the Tetanus vaccine induce immunity, when contracting the disease naturally does not give immunity?"--NVIC

"A tetanus vaccination cannot possibly protect from the disease since the human organism cannot build up any immunity after contracting the disease (as is the same after HIB, diphtheria or TB). So, if nature hasn’t planned the immunity, how does the vaccine work?  Furthermore, the tetanus vaccination (as is the case with the diphtheria vaccine) is a so-called toxoid vaccine. The killed poison of the tetanus bacilli is injected into the body and meant to protect us. But the human body cannot build up immunity against poisons31. How can the vaccine protect us then? The official statistics of the various countries show us that the vaccine does not protect us. The Robert Koch Institute in Germany admits that 2/3 people who contract tetanus have been fully vaccinated32. The rate in Switzerland was 50% fully vaccinated and still contracted the disease."---Anita Petek-Dimmer

Heck, there are only something like 5 cases of tetanus per year in the entire U.S., and the major risk factors are IV drug use, major burns, and stasis ulcers in the elderly. I only saw 2 cases in my very intensive medical training, both major (>50% whole body) burns. Most docs have never seen it. Tetanus/Vaccines/more From Will Taylor, Homeopath

Did you know there is NO diagnostic test for tetanus?  So how do we know a person actually has tetanus.  Symptoms of tetanus are similar to symptoms of some other toxic poisonings.  We have no test to prove the person has tetanus.  And good wound care is far and away your best treatment for dirty injuries.  And the risk for tetanus is not the same in every area of the country.  And tetanus vaccine is one vaccine that I get many many emails on from people telling me of damage to themselves or their children that doesn't go away - tetanus like symptoms. The vaccine is so extremely toxic its been diluted and diluted.........and still causing problems in some.  And does it even work?  Questionable.--Sheri Nakken RN http://www.nccn.net/~wwithin/tetanus.htm

"Tetanus is a very rare disease in developed countries: there are only about 12 cases of tetanus per year in Australia, and half of those who got it were vaccinated. Perhaps the most interesting thing about tetanus is that those who get it do not develop immunity to it.........Far from immunising, tetanus (and other) vaccine injections make the recipients more susceptible to diseases. ......the New England Journal of Medicine published in 1984 that tetanus booster injections result in the same derangement of T4 and T8 cells as seen in AIDS patients. A 'mysterious' new syndrome emerged in the US: thousands of children are developing AIDS symptoms (with deranged T4 and T8 cells) without being HIV positive My well-considered opinion is that it comes from that T (standing for tetanus) in the DPT vaccine."---Viera Scheibner

"Classen's data and other published data indicates the following vaccines are associated with an increased risk of diabetes (increased risk): hepatitis B (50%), hemophilus (25%), tetanus (20%), diphtheria (9%), pertussis (25%), mumps- rubella (23%).  These findings are supported by a case control study performed in Europe.  The cumulative effect of all these vaccines on diabetes is tremendous."--PRNewswire

"Wounds that bleed will never result in tetanus because the tetanus bacillus is anaerobic. It is absolutely silly to vaccinate boys who cut their knees. The only reason behind that is money."--Dr Buchwald MD

"If your immunisation income is below the national average, offer tetanus boosters for adults who have not received one in the preceding 10 years. Also pick up those who have never had a primary course. You could do this opportunistically during consultations or by recall from the computer. Check on immunisation status at new patient checks.  With tetanus (as well as typhoid and infectious hepatitis), you can generate income from reimbursement for personally administered vaccine under paragraph 44.5 of the Red Book. "---Financial Pulse

" In Philadelphia and vicinity there were in the autumn of 1901 no fewer than thirty-six cases of tetanus, or lockjaw, which were admitted to have resulted from vaccination, and nearly all were fatal."--John Pitcairn

"Now it happened that wood was particularly scarce (in) the country, so the cases of the anti-tetanic serum were a God-send as kindling, as we were badly in want of tea.  As regards the anti-tetanic serum we chucked the bottles full of it over the trenches also; it went over the top after the dead Turks."--Lt Col Donegan (1925)