Tetanus  Homeopathy

Tetanus in Dog cured with Hypericum homeopathic remedy

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We treated my dog with Hypericum for tetanus that she contracted trhough a wound to her paw...soil very rife with it in our area bedfordshire.

She had lock jaw and the muscles would creep back on her head...so that she could not open her mouth...vet said only thing for it was to put her down...but we gave her hypericu...m 30c every 10mins for a good 24 hours until we ended up giving it every time we saw the muscles start to spasm again. Every time it was given they relaxed and she could eat and drink.....complete cure after 48 hours.

took her back to vet 9 months later for pregnancy checks in final stages and she asked us who was this dog? we told her the same one you were going to put down she could not believe it! She has now retrained to become a homeopathic vet! Just thought I'd share......