Tilden on vaccination diseases

Diseases Brought On From Toxin Poisoning
Typhoid Fever---Typhoid fever is the result of imprudent eating, bringing on decomposition in the stomach and bowels.  It is more prevalent in country districts than in the cities. Why? Because cities are better drained; sanitary conditions generally are very much better in cities and towns than in the country.
Small Pox: ---The disease is one of filth, not only on the outside of the body, but also on the inside of the body. When people learn to live correctly, and domestic and civic sanitation is what it should be, it will be impossible for this disease to get a foothold even in the lightest form.
Chicken Pox
Scarlet Fever
Whooping Cough
Cholera Morbus: ---This is a disease brought on from indigestion. Those who are subject to cholera morbus have brought on enervation from hard work, hot weather, and excessive eating and bad food combinations. It usually develops suddenly a short time after a heavy meal.