Britain Today - The Pharmaceutical Industry Toilet Seat

The New Labour Government
The Legal Services Commission (Legal Aid)
British Members of Parliament
And The Media
Q1. What is the UK New Labour government doing about the autism epidemic in Britain, with 1 child in every 100 so diagnosed?

A. Trying to crucify Dr Andrew Wakefield at the General Medical Council witch hunt MMR Vaccine Trial simply because he pointed out that a sub-set of autistic children had a “novel form of bowel disease”.

Q2. What has the New Labour government-funded quango Legal Services Commission (Legal Aid) done about the class action of those autistic vaccines damaged children in Britain?

A. A secret meeting decision was taken by The Legal Services Commission to deny legal funding for this class action and upheld in secret by a Judge whose brother is a Director of GlaxoSmithKline Beecham, the MMR vaccine manufacturer.

Q3. What are the British Members of Parliament doing about the vaccines/autism link now conceded by the US Federal Court?

A. Sitting on their lardy arses, fiddling their expenses, waging a war of terror on the sick and disabled and draining money from the voters.

Q4. Where are the British media in relation to the US government conceded vaccines/autism link?

A. Nowhere. They are publishing as little as possible. The British media are taking their corrupted cue from the sinister pharmaceutical/government lobby groups, Sense About Science and The Science Media Centre who dictate how medical issues are reported in the UK today.

We could go on. Sometimes, just sometimes, being labelled British makes one so ashamed. Britain's erstwhile democracy has become the toilet seat of the pharmaceutical industry.

The One Click Group