Vaccines get recall after death of girl
Oct 2002

Aphaluck Bhatiasevi

The use of vaccines for children under one in Trang has been suspended by the Public Health Ministry, following the death of a baby girl.

The order was made after two-month-old Ananya Kaewboon died on Thursday morning _ a day after being given vaccines against DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis), hepatitis B and polio.

The girl's body was sent for autopsy to the Prince of Songkhla University.

Sirisak Varintharavat, director of the General Diseases Control Division, said the Regional Diseases Control Centre had been told to recall all remaining vaccines of the same lot. Samples had been sent to the Medical Sciences Department for examination.

Suwat Thienthong, the ministry's senior health supervisor investigating the case, said initial findings indicated the death was not caused by the vaccines because there had been no ill-effects among 60 other children who received the same vaccines from the same centre in Trang's Kan Tang district.

Dr Suwat said he expected to report the initial results to Public Health Minister Sudarat Keyuraphan on Monday.