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For any Doctor/GP who doubts who s/he is truly working for....you are in
fact puppets of the pharmaceutical industry. You swallow "vaccinate children
to the hilt rot" hook, line and sinker!

Next time you hear a colleague perpetuating the 'vaccines lose money myth',
ask them WHY they are _really_ doing it.

"Vaccines sales reached 842 million, an increase of 11 per cent."
http://www.gsk.com/financial/reports/ar/pdf_excel/report/p47-68.pdf   (Page

Vaccines account for 2-3% of the total UK pharmaceutical market. In 1999, UK
vaccine sales were estimated at approaching 200 million,

"A novel vaccine for the prevention of pneumococcal disease in infants,
entered the U.S market with a bang in February 2000, racking up sales of
$461 million in the launch year, the most successful vaccine launch ever."

Carol T