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"The whole of this mass of medical testimony (and more) was known to the Royal Commission. Indeed, on page 617 of the Sixth Report, Mr. II. II. Taylor, F.R.C.S., handed in a table, on 4th May, 1892, which gives a list of nearly a thousand cases and deaths from the invaccination of syphilis."--- LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

This table (3) gives a terrible record of the great increase in deaths from this horrible disease following upon the compulsory infliction of vaccination on the people.    It shows that the deaths from syphilis amongst the babies increased six-fold, whilst the population only increased one-quarter, in other words, the death-rate from syphilis amongst babies was increased four-fold. Nor is it likely that this table in the least degree exaggerates the deaths from infantile syphilis. The tendency amongst medical men would rather be to name some other disease as the cause of death, if it were possible to do so with accuracy. The facts given in this table are sufficient of themselves to condemn vaccination, and, indeed, the system of vaccination which had been practised for one hundred years is now universally condemned and aban­doned in the British Isles........It is hardly possible to avoid the conclusion that this slaughter of the innocents was in a great measure due to vaccination. [1921] Vaccination and the State By Arnold Lupton MP.

"Dr. Creighton found that in 1884, more than 1,733 of the vaccinated infants DIED OF SYPHILIS!"---TM Schippell ND

"It was long denied by medical men that syphilis can be communicated by vaccination; but this is now universally admitted, and no less than 478 cases of vaccine-syphilis have already been recorded."--Alfred Wallace (1889)

"It is not now denied by the medical profession that vaccination is an exciting cause of infantile syphilis, and, according to the Registrar-General’s returns, Vaccination Mortality, No. 433, dated 1877, and Infant Mortality, No. 392, dated 1880, the increase in Infantile Syphilis, since vaccination has been compulsory, is fourfold."--William Tebb

"Smillie (1952) related how in Rialta in Italy in 1861 no fewer than 46 children and twenty nurses were infected with syphilis from a donor who formed the start of a series of arm-to-arm vaccinations."--Sir Graham Wilson (p107)

"First, that the danger of transmitting syphilis by vaccination is real and important, and cases of the kind not very uncommon; second, that inasmuch as a syphilitic vaccinifer may betray no sign of the disease, and that admixture of blood is not essential to infection, we as yet know of no safeguard against arm-to-arm infection; third, that it is possible for wholesale syphilisation by vaccination to go on "without even exciting a vaccinator's suspicions "—a fact which somewhat detracts from the value of the assurance of public vaccinators, who have vaccinated thousands and never seen a bad result, and who, as a rule, lose sight of their patients after the eighth day. ...............Mr. Hutchinson, be it understood, is a "firm advocate of compulsory vaccination," so that his evidence is the more unassailable ; yet he opines :—"there can be no doubt that the danger of transmitting syphilis is a real and very important one." His first series of cases he summarises thus:—"Twelve persons, mostly young adults, vaccinated from a healthy-looking child. Satisfactory progress of the vaccination in all. Indurated chancres on the arms of ten of the vaccinated in the eighth week. Treatment by mercury in all. Rapid disappearance of the primary sores; constitutional symptoms in four of the patients five months afterwards, the vaccinifer showing condylomata at the age of six months."  These cases, Mr. Hutchinson states, were brought to the notice of the medical officers of the Privy Council, and Dr. Seaton requested that he should investigate them. I call attention to this to disprove a widely current inaccuracy, an example of which I extract from Mr. Ernest Hart's  "Truth," to the effect that "No case of syphilis caused by vaccination has ever been discovered by the Medical Department of the State during the twenty years that it has supervised the vaccination of the kingdom."(The Truth about Vaccination," by Ernest Hart. 1880.)---William J. Collins, M.D., B.S., B.Sc. 1883

"LYMPH, a colourless nutritive fluid in animal bodies" (Chambers’ Dictionary). How misleading to apply this term to a product of disease, used to produce another disease, and now admitted to be capable of transmitting some of the most horrible diseases which afflict mankind—syphilis and leprosy!"--Alfred Wallace