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Donald Meserlian,P.E., VOSI Chairman
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Dear Mr. Speaker
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Since 1988, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) has
been a resource for bereaved parents that suddenly were launched into the
worse nightmare of their lives, that a vaccine can harm them, mostly their
beloved children.  I have two autistic children, proven to have vaccinosis
injury.   I trusted my pediatrician to disclose to me the harms in front of
me, while balancing the argument of protection upon them.   I was a good
mother, in my estimation, to proceed with the surgery (and I say it is a
surgery).  Little did I know what fate would be in front of me.  And I will
say upfront, their is no such thing as acceptible losses in our children
when it comes to disease prevention!
However, the program you have set up, is not only alarmingly underreported,
it is also a farce.  Although, I know it was the only avenue, and blessed
avenue for many parents, I contend that there is more harm being done to
our children than the government or the pharma companies even want to
admit.   The statutes and limitations of injury are beyond ridiculous, they
are incredulous.  Who set forth these injury tables?  I would like to in
fact ask for a full disclosure of this?    I can pretty much tell you, they
are the pharmaceutical corporations, who by admission, have never tested
long term safety studies on these vaccines in our children, nor have they
studied them in non vaccinated and vaccinated populations.   This is
missing a very key fact.  The fact is, our children are suffering at the
hands of these people, and they don't care if you have a slow response to
these vaccines or not.  My child, 11 days after a DPT had high pitch
screaming, acting blind, fever and convulsions, shaking, unconsollableness,
and was "out of it" for a week.   Two weeks after this numbing blow, my
child stopped talking.    As I still trusted my pediatrician, and should
have ran away, he said, well, it must be the Pertussis portion of the shot,
therefore we should not vaccinate with P in DPT anymore.  This sounded at
the time, reasonable to me.  Then I had two kids with no reactions, and
then fate rested it's ugly hand again.  MMR did my daughter in, and within
weeks of her innoculation, diapers full of the strangest conglomeration of
sickness for days on end, and words falling by the wayside.  They say this
is not related.  I say to them, do you see the moon in the sky at night?
You have never been there, and yet you trust that indeed it is the moon?
Men have walked on it, touched it and travelled to it, yet you still have
faith that it is the moon.  What I am saying is, AUTISM is the consequence
of a child who cannot withstand the toxicity, viruses and immune collapses
it gives them, especially if they cannot clear them properly, and or deal
with it having an immune system unable to take it.  It is clear with me,
that our children have metal detox problems, hyper IGE, immune complex
problems, mitochondrial and metabolic problems, etc etc etc....let us
admit, that our children are sitting ducks, and when the needle comes into
them, they are gonners.   I would propose that they are IMMUNOINCOMPETENT,
and by that admission, they should provisally hold off on vaccinations, and
or split and or not at all.   This already, by law, they should do, but do
not.  This coupled with the admission, that they are vaccinating sick
children, without checking their immune status.
Do not shaft these children any longer!~  We are not in the mood to have
our fears downplayed by the most powerful and rich and assumptive
corporations in the US.  If we were to ASSUME that these things are harming
our children, what would be the reversal?  Could we both be doing each
other a favor by studying it and admitting to these things?   How many
millions do parents put out in the name of autism?  On average of a
lifetime of the child, 6 million dollars!  Much of this by the government
and it's programs.  I am proposing something that will change this!  Let us
test our children, with a mere 500.00 test!  FIRST OF ALL, I am forming a
task coalition, to TEST OUR CHILDREN of prepensive markers, meaning, we
want a NEWBORN SCREEN for all the children in the US (hopefully beyond
that) of the markers of SEQUALE (injury) that can happen in a prepensive
child.   WE propose and will write a standard that they should be tested on
several researched paramaters THAT ARE KNOWN, and that by this basis, we
shall quelch autism in it's tracks!   How can we look away any more?    Will
it take the presidents daughters to have autism to make this accomplished?
 Will it be every Senator, every neighbor, every congressman, every school
teacher, every blue collar worker, every one, to realize that we have done
this great evil?  Talk about the axis of evil.  The axis is this.  Disclose
the problems with vaccines, realize that not everyone can take them, treat
us not as chattle but as people who have varying immune capitals.  Such can
be accomplished within a year if we will it to be so.  I have 20
researchers on my board, and many advocates in autism who are willing to
take this to congressional committees if needs be?   All this money spent,
for autism, when the damage is done is ridiculous, and time consuming, and
I would say, not well thought out.  Let us begin with a solution in mind,
rather than ok, what do we do now?   Can you imagine the COUNTLESS lives,
and DOLLARS that would be saved?  You would not have to give millions to
NIH and CDC, rather, you would now at least pilot study the fact, that our
children are coming into the world with prepensity to injury.  Let us
reason together.  Let parents have a voice for once.  Let researchers tell
you what they are seeing in their immune systems, and when in so doing,
stop this madness.
If you are interested in what I speak of, I invite you to be on our
committe for this change!
Kathy Blanco
Chairperson for VOSI standard v50.3 "NEWBORN SCREENS FOR DETECTION OF
Oregon Chapter President of Autism Autoimmunity Project
16066 NW Ramona Dr
Beaverton, OR 97006