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Don Croft
WakeUp! is now available from Dr von Peters---here's my promo piece from WWP.com: - December 17, 2006 19:34

Chances are good that if you’re reading this, you’re a discernment junkie and have discovered how much fun it is to uncover and implement simple truths, even when they challenge our own perceptions.

Really, we can track our individual and specie progress by looking at the succession of simple truths that have been assimilated and applied to every day life. For instance, in Dr Reich’s day, fascism was the fashionable mindset of the dominant Western cultures and, by now, people are simply growing weary of excessively-centralized political, intellectual, ecclesiastical and economic power.

That has been coming about in very small stages, despite the World Odor’s best efforts to stop that progression. Their main tool is disinformation, which is why scores of witless media personalities (the World Odor’s charismatic mouthpieces and exemplars) make more money than heads of states or corporate moguls earn.

Who can say that he/she knows all of the conditions in our world that lead to increasing human awareness? It may be better to avoid speculating about that, since there isn’t a lot of factual evidence, yet, but it’s clear that human progress has been accelerating in recent generations.

Dr Reich had the misfortune of being on a sort of cusp; a transition point between rampant institutional domination and individual freedom, which will be ultimately expressed, perhaps, by dynamic global unity and prosperity within a minimally-centralized planetary commonwealth. Many people have seen that coming, in fact, and there’s no reason at all why national frontiers should be any more significant than the borders between provinces are.

Europe is sure demonstrating the feasibility of that concept, at least, and as recently as Reich’s day some of those countries were still tearing each other apart, as they’d been doing for centuries. One of the World Odor’s Big Lies has been that humanity are naturally contentious, belligerent and even bloodthirsty but we know, by now, that most people only ever want peace, prosperity and to get along with each other.

FDR, the primary destroyer of the US Constitution, had to eventually arrange the slaughter of thousands in Hawaii in order to scam Americans into WWII, more than two years after it got started. His sponsors in London also sponsored Hitler and the Japanese war machine, so the latter weren’t the primary threats to ‘freedom’ in the world; they were middlemen for the families in London and Europe who facilitate the World Odor.  This has been  abundantly documented in public record for the past century and a half or so.

FDR got elected on the strident promise to keep us out of that arranged conflict, of course. The Depression Babies, who were brought up to worship FDR, didn’t have to be convinced at all to send their children to invade Vietnam, on the other hand, but that may be seen as a historical fluke. Shortly after that, Russia’s Depression Babies sent their children to invade Afghanistan, of course, and the Russians then got so fed up with communism that they simply rejected it soon afterward in a mostly bloodless coup.

All of the old and newer fascist ideologies, including the fundamentalist Persian church state, national-socialism and communism, have been proven to be impractical and even repugnant by now. Even the financial and petroleum cartels are losing humanity’s support. Note the series of failed attempts to crash the world’s stock markets over the past twenty years and the open discussion, even on the What To Think Network, of magnet-powered engines as a workable alternative to petroleum and nuclear power.

Notice, also, that the inventors of free-energy technology are not being murdered as frequently these days. All of this shows the increasing erosion of centralized authority in our world. I’ve dared to consider that the downfall of the World Odor, itself, may be bloodless and fairly trauma-free, except to the sewer rats of the World Odor.

The internet has been the catalyst for the more recent stage of humanity’s liberation and maturation process. No matter how many disinformants and doomsayers that the World Odor throws at the internet they will continue to fail and, by now, more and more people are seeing the saboteurs, themselves, as evident signs of progress.

There’s a specie-wide groundswell of desire to live more from our hearts and less in the realm of the manipulable brain.  For many of us, by now, there’s a constant desire to integrate the mind and heart and maybe this is what WakeUp mainly facilitates.  If you’re interested in taking larger bites of reality you probably know that there’s a risk of going insane, though, due to having our personal paradigms challenged well beyond comfort.. We’ve all got limits to how much we’re able to assimilate at one sitting, of course, and taking  too much in at one sitting would blow us away, so the balanced person has well-functioning, built-in safeguards. Since WWII, the Tavistock (initiated under Freud‘s supervision, apparently) and Langley branches of the world odor have become adept at disabling the safeguards so that their millions of programmed, non-paid assets operate in the world with dissociative (schizophrenic) personalities.

The intense discomforft of being the first scientist to recognize and chart the new realm of reality characterized by orgone is is one of the issues that Dr Reich personally struggled with, as you can imagine.  Many thousands of people are now following along in the trail he blazed but when he was still alive almost nobody could comprehend or even consider it.

Any time we find a truth that lies far outside the What To Think Network paradigm it’s a challenge for us to assimilate it, let alone discuss it openly, and we’re no longer even living under the overt, obtuse, armored fascist conditions that Dr Reich had to deal with every day in which the populace eagerly policed each other on behalf of Big Brother. Well, in a couple of generations maybe our progeny will feel shocked to consider how restricted our freedom is today, so I suppose that’s a relative consideration. I’m sure that in another thousand years people will still recognize that the journey’s progress in the moment is more significant than the goal is.

Dr Reich literally overturned institutional, materialistic science in the fields of psychology, biology, physics, astrophysics and maybe even mathematics and he made a lot of bitter, high profile enemies in the process, including Freud, the dangerous US Government (he was railroaded into prison on false charges, then murdered the day before his sentence ended)
and Einstein. I think that Reich’s ultimate vindication will be the introduction and distribution of free energy tech, which will also signal the end of this parasitic World Odor, perhaps sooner than we dare to realize.

All of that technology is run by orgone and implosion, similar to the way that most of the current technology is run by electricity and combustion. There’s a wide variety of technologies involved with how these inventions operate, though, and Reich apparently invented one based on orgone-driven rotation on a vertical axis.

Here’s how Dr Reich characterizes the difference between insanity and genius: Insanity (schizophrenia) is a knowledge of unarmored life which lacks the courage to bear that knowledge. ‘Genius’ is knowledge of unarmored life plus the courage which that knowledge produces.

Since you’re reading this you probably have the courage to ‘drop your defenses’ and assimilate real information. Life must be hell, these days, for fearful people. It’s clearly less risky, socially, to talk openly about simple truths, now, than it was in Reich’s day, but it’s still risky, politically, because one has to contend with the World Odor’s omnipresent but hidden surveillance and interference by untold millions of paid and/or thoroughly programmed sewer rats in the developed countries.

In his day, the white people, themselves, were the thought police. Reich adored ‘Negroes,’ on account of their instinctively un-armored lives, but he had very little contact with anyone but Europoids, much to his dismay. Society in America was quite polarized in those days, of course, and I think that if America had ever exemplified ‘the equality of all men,’ as guaranteed by the US Constitution, the world would have been a much better place by now because the force of example is the most powerful one there is.

If you doubt my assessment of the Depression Babies in Europoid countries, watch how most of them behave when they get together: loud, deaf, drunk, intolerant and self-gratifying. That’s the schizophrenic generation who happily sold their own children as cannon fodder in Vietnam, Southern Africa and Afghanistan in exchange for prosperity and ’security’ under National-Socialism. Those are also the ones who gathered around the public book burnings that followed Wilhelm Reich’s kangaroo-court conviction in 1955. ‘Duck and cover,’ indeed.

Aren’t you glad that they’re no longer in control of our collective destiny? I surely am. Look at how their numbers are quickly and needlessly being decimated by degenerative diseases, too; a direct consequence of their unquestioning devotion to serial killers (MDs) with their cornucopia of chemical weaponry.  They’re dropping like flies right now from M.D.s’ ministrations.  We know that ‘aging’ is not an illness.

We haven’t arrived at a state of functional, widespread intellectual freedom in the world, yet, so our partner in healing, Dr William von Peters, has developed a homeopathic product that may be useful for any of us when we’re in the process of acquiring new realizations through sincere effort and legwork, including reading books (you won’t  find what you need on the internet because genuine research journalists need to be paid for what they offer).  If  you still subscribe to non-conspiracy theory, by the way, you can get a free copy of the late Gary Allen’s  primer, NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, after a simple online search.

The Doc is calling it ‘WakeUp!’ and I’ve lately found it useful during times when I’ve felt challenged by new information.

Discernment is a constant struggle that might only end for each of us on our deathbeds, of course, and the process is the entire point in this life, I feel certain. If WakeUp! can make the process a little smoother, more pleasant and less traumatic for you it will be well worth $35, in my opinion.

Some months ago, I asked for and received a dozen of the one-ounce bottles to distribute to other experimenters for some field research and to gauge the consistent effects and here are some of the reports I’ve gotten, mostly from people whom Carol and I have worked with and come to trust.

 Hello Don,

The WakeUp is great! Here is what it is doing:

1) Assisting in the fast discernment and assimilation of new information being more neutral minded and open minded about receiving new information;
2) being more willing to engage in new projects without fears or worries;
3) better digestion and nutrient absorption and
4) it seems to work in harmony with the Chembuster, enhancing its properties!

So far, this is what has been happening. Will keep you updated.

Thanks, Cheers and Blessings,


I almost forgot to report on how it is going with the Awake. Each night before I sleep I am seeing more and more faces and scenes and my sleep is filled with constructive healing and learning dreams.

Work is getting to be more and more of a drag.



Hi, Don,

Well I have been on the wake-up formula now since last Wednesday. I put 6 drops as instructed on the bottle twice a day into some bottled water in my cup. 

I do feel that my intuition and feelings have become a little sharper. I am not the best at feeling energy or sensing just yet anyway, but when I take the wake-up it's like my body loves it--it resonates with me! That's the only way I can describe it. Also more aware of subtle sounds in my environ.

I have not yet decided if it has upped my metabolism. I do know I seem to be getting more or less the same zing with 1-2 cokes and lots of water instead of 6 - 8 cokes and less water during the work day. My job requires me to work balls-to-the-wall, flat out more or less 9.5 hours straight. I used to have to have upwards of 8 cokes just to cope.

Outside the window at work is a flaming maple. At one point today gazing on the crimson red of the leaves blowing in the wind was so visually intense it almost made me cringe. It was almost a visual sensory overload. I believe it has to do with the heightened visual acuity.



I was up at 6:30AM, sitting outside reading your book, watching for [spew-]planes to blast, watching the squirrels strip the neighbor’s tree to build a nest, etc. There were no spew planes, clear blue skies only, no clouds. After the sun finally got high enough in the sky to start warming me I was wondering why no clouds, why were there not at least Sylphs?

Within minutes a series of Sylphs started forming where I was beaming from my heart for them. As they would drift in the wind they would fade out and new ones would take their place close overhead where they were forming. It was very nice to see them come and make their presence known. Not sure if that is a WU report or not.


Hi Don,

I just wanted to check in and tell you that I don't know what it is BUT: this is the 3rd day that I have taken the wake-up now. Last night I could see white orbs in the living room and kitchen. I don't know what they were but I took them for angels, maybe. The babies [cats] weren't afraid of them so that was good.


Hi Don,

I just wanted to tell you that since I have been taking Wake-Up, I have some really vivid dreams.  This is strange for me because I have not had any dreams in years that I could remember. I have tried a couple of things since I have been with you and Carol but nothing has worked. I even lay down for a nap in the afternoon sometimes and dream. This is awesome stuff.



In the first day I received the bottle I began to take 6 drops by day, then after some days I began to take 12 drops a day, approximately. Some days between I took none. I also added WakeUp! to some water and shook the water.

It has really wakened me. I am more sure of myself, I am more firm in my ideas. I'm an artist and I have a lot more of inspiration. I feel when someone is good or bad. At work, I'm more firm also and people respect me more. More precise and effective in my work (computer programming). I say what I think. I'm more proud of myself, of who I am, of what I do. I feel more love for my woman. Even if I love her a lot. Same thing for my son.

I want to do many many things. I'm more sure of myself when I gift (Even if there are people around, I can get outta my car and throw a TB, with people seeing me but I don't care). I feel more precisely how the mood of people is, and what they think. When I talk with people, even if I disagree with them, I pay attention not to shock them.

I feel the bad people of my peer group and  I feel that I must not stay near them. I feel that since a long time but now I feel that I must stop communicating with them or seeing them. I feel the bad people with bad spirits, I feel them more clearly, totally clearly.

I would say, simply, that it has awakened me :) This really works. Hard to believe, but this really wakes up people :)


Hi Don,

Just to let you know that I enjoy taking the wake-up and feel that it is doing me good. In fact the last week I have been seeing through stuff and realising things that have given a jolt to my otherwise 'normal life'. It's like I am listening to people talk around me and hearing between the words and becoming more in-tune!

I have been in contact with Dooney  [ dooney@bluemarbleimages.com is ethericwarriors.com ‘s online blasting coach.  ~Don] and soon I will set up an appointment when she will help me.  I find her advice to be straight to the point and very helpful. I agree about gifting and helping humanity and not to be spinning my wheels…

I just read your article on newage dogma and realise that I, too, am spouting some of this $#!+ and don't even know it! [Dooney told me that this young fellow in Ireland is the strongest natural blaster she‘s encountered.  ~Don]...

Thanks for everything…have a blast of heart energy from me..



I have been using the WakeUp! Product  for about two months. I’ve noticed a marked increase in dream lucidity and dream recall.  I have not noticed any other changes.

As this bottle is almost empty I was wondering how I can get another one.

I appreciate the map you and Carol dowsed and marked of the Salt Lake area for the installation of earth pipes.  I continue to make progress which should help along with the 3-4,000 Tbs I have distributed over the past 2+ years.

Keep up the good work…also, great book you wrote!


For more information and to order WakeUp!, go to:

Being Aware of the Subtler Destructive Effects of Language http://www.ethericwarriors.com/main/index.php?page=forums&action=topic&t=618&late=1

Don Croft
Being Aware of the Subtler Destructive Effects of Language - December 19, 2006 13:23
I'm posting the following observations from one of our zapper customers (we don't sell WakeUp! but a new link on our site directs people to Doc von Peters to get it) who agreed to field test a bottle of WakeUp! in exchange for feedback--my response follows his notes:



Dear D,
I wanted to let you know more of my experiences with WakeUp and related 

I decided, after using half the bottle, to try an experiement.  I put the 
WakeUp down, to see what would happen.  I wanted to see if the effects would 
last, and I was particularly interested in the effects the WakeUp had in the 
mental and emotional arenas; namely, the effects of becoming more 
open-minded, and taking a more proactive approach to new information.  The 
WakeUp also had the effect of a lessening of fear and resistance to actually 
diving in and really examining new concepts.  I wanted to see if these 
effects were only active while one was taking the WakeUp, or if they would 
last if one stopped it.

I am very happy to report that the effects have certainly lasted; the WakeUp 
is, therefore, at least for me, a toatlly non-addictive item!

My personal experience in this regard has been most rewarding.  I believe 
WakeUp is something that has the most beneficial effect of strengthening the 
discernment of one who takes it.  It has the effect (for me) of actually 
enhancing one's ability to listen to one's intuition!  So, one can take it 
when one knows it is time, and put it down when it is time.  It enhances 
one's sense of what is appropriate, when it is appropriate, and the why of 
the matter, if one wishes for it to, does eventually make itself known.

This was an area of concern for me since I had heard of various substances 
which seemed to work wonders, (the monotomic gold comes to mind) but then it 
was found that one had to either a) increase the dosage of the substance or 
b) the effects would last for a comparatively short period of time and then 
reverse themselves or c)both a) and b).  The WakeUp does not do that, nor 
does it erode any of the reasoning processes.  If anything, it enhances the 
head and the heart to work together.

The effect of the increased discernment has led me to some rather 
unpleasant, but needed, discoveries.  I cannot speak for everyone who takes 
the WakeUp, but by speaking of my experiences I am wanting to assist others 
in some of their discoveries.

When my discernment abilities began to be awakened (WakeUp is appropriately 
named!) and I started to trust my observations more, rather than doubting 
myself so much, (which I think we have all been trained to do) I started to 
pay much closer attention to people's use of language, and I started to 
really pay attention to what I say and how I say it.

One thing I have noticed is the phrase, "...part of me...". One of my 
acquaintances had started using this phrase repeatedly in her speech.  We 
would be talking about something, and she would say, "Well, part of me 
thinks that...".  After the fourth time I heard her use this phrase in as 
many days, I asked her, as gently as I could, "Janie, (not her real name) 
um, why do you use that phrase, "part of me"?  I am always interested in 
people's use of language, and I'm thinking about taking some language 
classes, so I'm paying attention to speech patterns."  I was always tempted 
to ask her, "Which part of you is thinking what, Janie?  What do you do when 
your left foot says the opposite of what your right foot says?  Do you get 
paralyzed and unable to walk?"  Happily I never said that- it might have 
been nastily amusing at the time, but would not accomplish anything really 

I did not want her to feel like I was attacking her.  I did not want her to 
become defensive, because then I would not get the reason why she was 
choosing those words.  She explained that her use of the phrase came from 
Gerdjieff (sp?) studies.

Evidently her parents were among the sixties hippies who wanted to "buck the 
Establishment", ran away to the Northwest to grow and smoke pot and study 
esoteric religions.  They got sucked into the mire that is Gerdjieff, and 
according to Janie's explanation, we all have several "I"s.  I asked her to 
explain just what Gerdjieff meant by that.  She said that we are one way 
when interacting with say, a parent, another way when interacting with an 
employer, another way when interacting with a sibling, and so on and so 

She really believes the stuff, and her language reflects it.  She offered to 
lend me one of his books. If you have ever attempted to read all the way 
through the gobbledegook that is Letters To Beelzebub, you would well 
remember how long that sentence was!  The entire book is one long sentence.  
I could only get through two pages and returned the book to her, saying that 
I didn't want to lose it, and that I just could not make the time to read it 
right then.

The book probably has some items worth noting in it, but I value my time 
immensely, and do not want to squander it slogging through a huge book only 
to find a few grains of worthy information.

I do not agree with Gerdjieff's idea that we all have several "I"'s; the 
latest I have been given to understand is that if an individual has several 
"I"s that individual suffers from a multiple personality -or 
split-personality- disorder, usually brought on by horrible circumstances in 
early childhood.

It does lead one to wonder if Gerdjieff was promoting a multiple-personality 

Janie is not, however, the only individual I have heard use that phrase, 
"part of me".  I have heard it used by people who have not studied the 
Gerdjieff books.  They come from all over the country, but they do share 
some common traits in their backgrounds.

They are often interested in alternative forms of healing.  Almost every 
single one of them is in favor of the legalization of pot.  If you attempt 
to get them to be very specific in their explanations of something 
(anything!) that could be viewed as a controversial subject, such as the 
requirements for certifications for yoga teachers, they almost always 
verbally founder; contradicting themselves several times in the same 

You can tell them a plain fact (usually something they do not wish to hear) 
several times, on different days,  and each time you tell them they appear 
to not remember that you have told them this item before.  It can be 
disturbing, to say the least.

Such observations have led me to think that the way we use language, and the 
ways we have been taught to use language, shapes our thinking processes much 
more profoundly than was previously explored.  As you speak, therefore you 

Before using the WakeUp I had never thought to explore this arena very much 
at all.  Now I am finding it very important for me.  It has helped me 
understand some of the things people say and do, and to be more 
compassionate and less judgmental of them.  At the same time, interestingly 
enough, it has also helped me to be firm in my resolve, and not give in on 
someone else's whim.

For example, if I have planned to go do one thing, and someone calls me and 
says, "Let's do this.", I no longer give in to their wishes which would 
interfere with my plans.  I can politely say "No, I have other plans at the 
moment.  Let's get together next week- do you have your calendar handy?  
Let's make a date for it now."  Gradually people are starting to realize 
that trying to do impulsive planning does not work with me, and they are 
starting to plan in advance as well.

It has been an unpleasant discovery to see how many people are so vague in 
their language and in the day to day aspects of their lives.  I have decided 
to try to be as gracefull with these people as I can, but still put my foot 
down with some force, if needed.  I think that when people are this vague in 
their thoughts, then they can be rather easily led to think anything someone 
would wish for them to think.

I am hoping WakeUp will assist others in their quest for discernment, and 
that it will spark a desire for becoming more discerning in their day to day 
lives.  Wen they start doing that, they will be much more encouraged in 
taking responsibility for their lives.

I am looking forward to more insights with WakeUp and shall keep you posted.
Meanwhile, keep up the great work you all are doing, do well, and be well!
Cheers and Blessings, 
Kulwant, the folks who most adamantly claim that language isn't important, I think, are the ones who are
voluntarily under the influence of mind control protocols.
Gurdjieff was perhaps Crowley's Russian counterpart, and he offered some very interesting
information, for instance his discourses on the significance of musical notes, along with a whole lot of 
programming. I wasn't aware of the institutional schizophrenia aspect, thanks, but you probably see 
that this is also the basis of Monarch programming (CIA's vast, international mind control program
that's based on childhood  sexual trauma-induced dissociative behavior among millions of victims).  The CIA has 
set up and runs evcery conceivable cult, including most of the 'new' fundamentalist Christian ones, for reinforcing
the programming and as fronts. Before the CIA, masonic organizations set up a large number of churchy cults in the 
1800s in the US as a way of mounting the wave of new religious fervor in those days and the next explosion of 
Christian religious cultism in the West in the late 1960s (that's the 'other shoe' that dropped in those days) was 
apparently built on that past effort and the new Monarch Program.
It seems obvious to me that these cults mainly attract people who have
already been dissociative-programmed as children. The explosion of Day Care in the late sixties is another 
feature of the expansion of Monarch since then, according to a lot of documented evidence collected in the last
three decades. 
The use of language is important in these cases because programming is based largely on redefining common 
language terms.  This used to annoy the hell out of me in the sixties because millions of lockstep-programmed 
drones had the appearance of being capable of discussing the bigger realm intelligently but turned out to be mere 
ideologues, parroting clever, new mind control triggers. I spent my highschool years abroad during the time they
were programmed with all that happy hippie horse$#!+.  So I didn't see the dark underbelly of the movement right 
away and all I knew about pot was what my ex-cop/CIA stepfather told me about it from his days on the street in 
the 1940s, which wasn't much. He was in the intel-gathering business in my highschool days in the  Western Pacific, 
which was pretty remote in those days before the internet and even live TV. 
If you have the misfortune of knowing mostly people who are still programmed that way, my heart goes out to you 
but I'm happy to say that these don't represent the entire human specie and, thanks to the internet, we can all 
personally connect with substantive people now.  Maybe they don't live nearby but it's a comfort to know that there 
are a few.
I'm not above spiking a city's reservoir with healing remedies--I once did that with flower essences in Ashland,
Oregon and got some interesting results.  I don't know if that would affect these hardcore hippie types in a positive 
way, though. There's just something about proselytes that is so off-balance that I'm disinclined to help them, 
personally.  i consider avoidance of this sort to be a blessing and I think it's a disfavor to humanity in general to 
even allow them an audience.  YOu might see them as poor unfortunates but that doesn't mean that they're 
not also wolves in sheep clothing. Nobody twists their arms to preach that crap, after all.
It might seem harsh to some, but my approach to their activity has been to explicitly expose it and to not condone 
it. I rarely point at individuals, of course, because 1) it distracts from what I'm trying to communicate and, 2) it 
victimizes the  predator, which is counterproductive. We all want to support a victim's side, after all.
Holding proselytes accountable for their speech and actions is a favor to them, in my view, and an act of real 
friendship. It's best done privately, I think,  unless the proselyte is doing a lot of damage, socially, or posting that 
crap on a public forum.  They well know that if they're not challenged their actions and beliefs will be perceived as 
representing everyone on the board.   That's how the programming has been designed and engineered and it's 
worked pretty well until lately.
Contrast their approach with someone who says, 'I believe this because of that,' and who doesn't insult our 
intelligence with formulaic slogans. See how inoffensive an honest, heartfule expression of belief is? See the 
contrast between that and all the tired, tiring tirades by religious fundamenatlists and other cultists?
In this genuinely new age we're all more accountable than before, not less as the programmers want us to 
believe. I don't feel that predators who use language as social poison should ever be presented as victims. 
Lots of us washed out of Monarch programming, after all, because we chose not
to be predators on any level for the world odor. We won't be caught using mind control formulas in discussions.
I don't think WakeUp' is intended to cause us to have intellectual integrity and I doubt it would have an effect 
on proselytes, other than to cause them to avoid taking WakeUp! altogether. I could be wrong, though. 
One wouldn't be breaking any real laws to spike a town reservoir with any homeopathic or flower essence remedy, 
of course, becuase it's harmless stuff. The behavior effects I noticed in Ashland during the days following that 
pre-orgonite clandestine gifting sortie in 1998 were very gentle, by the way.  It kind of reminds me of how the town 
of MOscow, Idaho (a hotbed of Monarch programming) was distinctly nicer during the time my faster motor was 
working in the kinetic radionics device in the backyard, three years ago.
Part of WakeUp!'s MakeUp, though, is herbal and I doubt that lends itself to expanding the effect by putting it 
in a body of water the way homeopathic and flower essence remedies might.
I think guerrilla warfare tactics have now found their higher expression in littering.