From Life Extension Magazine February 2003:


"This coming December, it will be 32 years since the War on Cancer was
declared.  It was back in 1971 that President Richard Nixon signed
bipartisan legislation into law after the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly
passed it.  Since then, approximately $2 trillion has been spent on
conventional cancer treatment and research.  One would think that,
after almost a third of a century and such an astronomical investment,
it would be easy to determine if significant progress has been made in
combatting the nation's number two cause of death.  This has not been
the case.

"Cancer statistics have turned into an obscure and politicized arena.
Over the decades, the government and the private sector have worked
closely to put a positive face on cancer survival rates.  The latest
statistics, however, show more Americans dying from common cancers
than ever before.  For the past 23 years, The Life Extention
Foundation has been a virtual lone voice in challenging the party line
and warning of the growing cancer epidemic.

"Today's enormous cancer "establishment" includes federal agencies,
private charities, academia and drug companies, all who have an
interest in pretending that progress is being made.  The grim
realitites paint an opposite picture and mandate that individuals take
agressive steps to personally reduce their risk of contracting

Just for fun and comparison, I found that the cost of the Vietnam War
was a mere $346.7.  Of course, that was 30 years ago when a billion
was a lot of money.  (:->)  The American deaths in the Vietnam War was
47,369.  I wonder how many people have died of cancer and cancer
treatments since the beginning of the War on Cancer because the Cancer
Establishment is so hysterically antagonistic against any therapy that
does not put money in their pockets and does not fit inside of their