Dr. Glenn A. Warner, M.D. (1919-2000)

The revocation of Glen Warner's licence 

"We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison."—Glen Warner, M.D. oncologist.

The Philosophy of Dr. Glenn A. Warner, M.D. (1919-2000)

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"I learned many lessons during my years of practice, the most important being:
* Cancer is a carcinogenic process within the body that can be reversed,
* The healing process is entirely up to you,
* Reversing the carcinogenic process and becoming a long term survivor requires you to take control of your life, make informed choices about treatment, and select the therapies best suited to your healing process."


"Self empowerment is the key to a healthy life. Simply put, it means you must take charge of the things you do in your life in order to create and maintain the health you want. If you suffer a life threatening illness, you are fully capable of making the choices and changes necessary to help your body heal. It's up to you and you alone; no one else can do it for you. Healing and maintaining your health is your responsibility, not the doctor's. The doctors job is to help you buy time to heal." Use this time well and begin planning now what you want your life to be after you recover!

What do we know about cancer?

The majority, if not all of us, live with cancer cells in our bodies all the time. Our immune system keeps these cells under control until events occur in our lives that prevent it from doing its job of keeping cancer cells at bay. The process of degeneration usually starts with a trauma to the body, mind or emotions. In my clinical practice I found it takes 10-15 years for cancer to develop to a stage where it becomes a problem for the individual. Toward the end of this period a key event or trigger in the individual's life will accelerate the cancer growth; usually one year prior to the develop-ment of the malignant stage.

What do we know about the immune system?

* It's your body's primary cancer fighter, it can be strengthened.
* Depression, fear, anxiety and stress suppress it.
* Chemotherapy and radiation can destroy it.
* Raw natural foods strengthen it.
* Poor quality foods and malnutrition are the main causes of immune system deficiency (example: sugar can shut off the immune system and inactivates white blood cells for up to 24 hours after ingestion). ^ top^


1-Take control

Do not rush to treatment; it's no time to panic.
- Learn everything about your disease
- Understand how you heal from illness
- Research all therapies available
- Research treatment clinics and doctors
- Research support groups
Find a doctor to work with you (2-4 opinions)
- Who has an immuno therapy background
- Who will answer all your questions
- Who communicates well
- Who welcomes your input and offers hope
- Who will give 5 referrals of 5 year survivors
Explore your reasons and purpose to live
- Ask questions about your life and future
- Ask what lifestyle changes you must make

2-Build immune system

Work with a physician and naturopath
Ensure high quality Nutrition
- Juice raw vegetables and fruits
- Eliminate sugar, alcohol, and caffeine
- Eliminate red meat
- Use high quality vitamins and minerals
Detoxify your Body
- Test for and eliminate toxins in the body
- Replace dental amalgams and root canals
- Keep blood pH levels alkaline
Lose weight if overweight
Eliminate Stress
- Simplify your life
- Eliminate negative environments/thoughts
- Develop a positive attitude
- Explore art, music, and meditation
- At least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week
- 5-6 hours before bedtime
Sleep a minimum of 8 "quality" hours nightly
- Consult a sleep clinic if you have problems

3-Aggressive theraphy

Immuno Therapy Proven Safest-Most Effective
Evaluate merits of chemotherapy and radiation
- Can suppress or destroy your immune system
- Reduces quality of life and longevity
- Recovery can take years
- Use fractional doses as a last resort
Use minimal surgery to reduce/eliminate tumor
Pursue your choice of therapy aggressively
- Combination of treatments most effective
- Choose a program that fits your beliefs
- Believe in the program you choose
Make body a hostile environment for disease
- Totally eliminate stress; get plenty of rest
- Juice, detox, exercise, and meditate
Believe in your body's ability to heal itself
- Learn to visualize your body as healthy
- Explore and develop your spiritual nature
- Believe in the power of prayer
- Dedicate everything you do to wellness

4-Maintain health

Maintain total control of your healing process
Change your lifestyle to support your healing
Ensure regular checkups and tests
Continue learning about your disease
Maintain a strong immune system
Continue spiritual development
Continue developing a positive attitude
Avoid stress, resolve conflict, and meditate
Maintain quality rest and sleep cycles
Maintain a high quality nutritional program
Maintain a detoxification program
Continue daily exercise program
Attend support group meetings
Trust the healing process and "Live Life Well!" ^ top^


If you are reading these words, you are looking for a way to better health and overcoming disease. Dr. Warner's approach to cancer therapy developed over 40 years of observing what he saw as the failure of conventional medical treatments (chemotherapy and radiation) to prolong life or provide quality of life.

Surviving cancer and living life well is a process of:
* Taking Control of Your Life
* Building Your Immune System
* Aggressive Therapy
* Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

It's our birthright to live life free of disease. We come into this world with the physical blueprint to live 150 years. What we do to ourselves cuts this time in half and, for many, much more. Through lifestyle modification you, with a supportive physician, can reverse the carcinogenic process. It can be as simple as changing your diet or as complex as a combination of selective surgery, immunotherapy, diet and exercise. Your personal belief system will determine the choices you make. With knowledge and the right attitude you can make the choices necessary to improve your condition and live the healthy life you want. Success however, is based on two fundamental questions you must answer: Are you willing to accept responsibility for your healing? Will you put into practice the choices you make in order to create a positive outcome? ^ top^
// The information about Dr. Warner' Philosophy on Cancer Support and Wellness is taken from Brochure created by Rob Sandstrom. //