Comments from Alan Yurko on Belanger Shaken Baby Case


First I should say that the newspaper accounts in these cases are usually, if not always, 80% crap.  Keeping that in mind, and that I have no other knowledge of the case but what's in the articles, I have to say that many red flags jumped up for me.

Unfortunately, and quite sickeningly, people do harm their babies physically/abusingly, whether it be inadvertently or non-accidental injury (NAI).  I've read dozens of real confessions.  Chilling confessions......SBS is real.  It happens, and I believe it can kill.  I also believe, and many haven't thought of this, that the irritability and inconsolable crying that accompany many vaccinations, trigger and push parents that are near the edge - over it.  So here is a way that vaccines endanger children indirectly.  Going a step further, I believe that, and can cite many references that show vaccines and other co-existing factors, predispose children to hemorrhage, through increased capillary fragility and increased permeability of the vasculature, vasculitis, and stress on the P-450 cytochrome channel which puts the liver in overdrive and reductions of other liver functions such as clotting factor production controlled by the liver.  We know that Thrombocytopenia Purpura are a known side effect of vaccines.  This is, in essence, hemorrhaging under the skin which appears to be bruising.  We also know that many other conditions can mimic the diagnostic criteria of SBS.

Things don't look very well for the Boisbriand case and of course there's the possibility of vaccine involvement, but from what I'm reading there's a huge indicator of innocence that's being overlooked.  By far, the strongest indication of innocence in this case:  11 fractured ribs.

Now I'm not sure, but IF all these so called fractures showed up on radiology as callus formations, as is inferred by Dr. Marton, then there's a big hole in the prosecution's case.  11 fractures.  Think about it.  That's alot of ribs.  Separate times?/Separate incidents?  Babies feel pain, just like you & I.  The most painful of all fractures are rib fractures.  As well, there would be bruising.  Ribs are attached to muscle.  Break a rib - you rip muscle, you get bruising.  You might get lucky & not have any bruising once, but 11 times?  No bruising?  No pain?  These were twins....EVERYONE wants to see twins.  The mother, although in bed, still had to see them, feed them.  If you saw a bruise on your baby, would you not question it?  And 11 broken ribs, well I don't care what anyone says, that baby would be in agonizing and perpetual,excruciating pain.

There is actually a statistical argument for the impossibility of this and I challenge anyone with doubts to read this case study:

Lastly, what's more likely a diagnosis to explore in this case?  Barlows Disease and/or a coagulopathy, which will often work together.  Now - what does this have to do with vaccines?  A LOT, and the best person to tell you about it is Professor C. Alan B. Clemetson, M.D., FRSM, Tulane University School of Medicine, Emeritus:

I also want to point out that when a radiologist sees echogenicity on bone structures it is assumed that these callus formations were the result of fractures.  Granted, the majority of echogenicities seen are from fractures, but it could also be from subperiosteal hemorrhage, or bleeding beneath the bones surface, and other conditions.  There's this terrible assumption that all callus was from a fracture of physical trauma.

One other thing about the case, is that.....if this guy was gonna admit to all of this "novice father" business, why won't he admit to saying "I shook them once, but not hard" or something like that?  There's something not right in this case and if someone
can, please have Belanger or his lawyer contact me, if they want more in depth opinion.

NMW,  Alan