Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

Evolution does not exist. This is really important to understand. Evolution is an interesting idea, period. But from what I've seen, it doesn't exist anywhere. It doesn't exist here, either. It's an interest­ing idea, because it's easy to see, looking back in your own thoughts, how you've evolved from being perhaps a more simple person to being a more complex, intelligent person. So it's very easy to assume, if we say something has evolved, that evolution on the physical level may also exist, too. But I can assure you, I have never seen anything to suggest that evolution according to the theory of evolution is in any way true.
"--Zoosh (Shamanic Secrets for Material Mastery p.225)

"Deer..are in their heart-feeling space all the time."---Zoosh (Shining The Light 1 p.107)

"What Carlos Castaneda writes about has nothing to do with Native Americans.  It has to do with a given point of view from one spirit who was designed, how do you say, generating more from the magical than the natural.  All of these things are designed to be ideals, they are not meant to be achieved.  To provide you with an Ideal to work towards.  The now generation is not like the previous generation.  Ideals have in many cases become achievable.  A little too much in the magical.  A Peaceful Warrior has all the attributes."--Zoosh

The Origin of the Secret Government: Atlantis, Lucifer and Light Skins. Well, if we actually take it back all the way, it started with Atlantis, because those that started Atlantis were actually working with what was then a more angelic version of Lucifer. And you could say that Lucifer, being an extraterrestrial, of course, unintentionally began the secret government because he was the first extraterrestrial who had contracts with people ...Yes, something like that is as close as we can get, allowing for the change in dimension. Yes, around then. So that was actually the first point of being, although of course Lucifer also got densified in that process. Before he knew it, he was tied in and had to become something other than what he had planned.
......all his people, who were technocrats, including Lucifer, even though they knew that he had some leanings at that time toward being corruptible or corrupting others. They couldn't afford to leave him behind, because if they had, he would have immediately organized a search party to find them. He also would have organized people to achieve technical superiority that would have been used to exploit others. They couldn't afford to leave him behind, so they took him with them.
....You had a Lemurian-type civilization where people would receive and give on the basis of color, tone, feeling, and so on. Interchange was on the basis of that totally feminine means of being. When Lucifer arrived with Jehovah, Jehovah tended to go along with that method and the whole experiment. When Lucifer left Sirius, he explored with Jehovah and many others, and he didn't like the way things were done on Lemuria.
    You must remember that Lucifer at that time was one of the rare beings who was almost totally polarized to the masculine. Lucifer was the product, in his original physical self, of a mixed marriage. This was unusual on Sirius at that time, even on a planet that was rigidly controlled. His father was from Orion, so he was an extraterrestrial in the context of Sirius. His mother was also an outcast, a product of Orion and Sirius. Thus Lucifer was born with a lot of Orion connection. So while everybody else tended to have sort of a gentleness about them (easily led and so on) even with the strident energy of that negative planet, Lucifer had a strong, strident way about him. So you can see where he'd be butting heads all the time with Jehovah.
    Lucifer came down and he didn't like Lemuria. Too passive, he said (the type of comment you'd expect from him then, but not now). He started talking to some of the people out of Lemuria, the younger people who were still young enough to be experimenting. He said he would show them another island where they could run things for themselves. They could do what they want; he would give them the tools and show them how things could be done. Well, of course, once he gave that little speech, he committed himself to them and at the same time broke ties with Jehovah. That's how Atlantis got started. And of course the human beings in Lemuria who started it initially, started very much a Lemurian situation. It took generations for them to gradually let go of creating and providing what they needed through color, tone and feeling into having to do it slowly and build with tools and use genetics and the whole business. When you have a society like that, it inevitably tends to destroy itself, usually through some innocuous, unexpected plan. Occasionally it is destroyed through what amounts to Earth's antibodies, which is essentially her weather dhanges.
    When Lucifer did that, he unintentionally started the shadow government. Here he was, clearly an extraterrestrial at a higher dimension of Earth, planting ideas that he thought were right. He wasn't saying, oh, how can I corrupt these people. At that time he wasn't like that. He just had his own way of doing things, and he wasn't satisfied with going along. (He could never go along. Now he can, but then he could not.)
    Lucifer essentially initiated Atlantis. He encouraged people to think. They didn't know how to think, so he initiated the idea of people thinking and accomplishing things through thought. No one had done that in Lemuria before because they didn't need to. They could think, but it was something for entertainment. So he got them started. He started working with them after he was outcast from Jehovah and Jehovah's ship. They gave him a small ship to take with him, and small ships have quite a bit of stuff. He showed them how they could create what they needed through science. Of course, being the godfather of these people, he became their leader during his lifetime. He showed them all he knew about science, which was considerable, but of course he could not teach them moral principles he had been taught. For one thing, he wasn't comfortable with them, and when he tried to teach it, his anger and discomfort with these moral principles would come through stronger than the words. And with moral principles. So they, being essentially blank slates, are going to feel that moral principles do not apply to science. And that science is its own wondrous thing and needs to have no restrictions placed on it whatsoever.
    You can see where this could lead to trouble, mischief. It did. They created a whole race of beings to do their labor for them. Why should we go dig, pick up stuff, when we could create these beings? How will we keep them happy? How do we keep them from revolting? Oh, let's see, maybe we can drug them. Give them some kind of drug they will like. It will make them work hard and they won't live very long, but for a reward we'll give them some other drugs, keep them drugged and happy. We'll give them whatever kind of food they want to eat. If they die young, it's okay because after all, we created them, so they're not really people.
....That's how science became godless. Before that, science was sacred. All these things Lucifer started inadvertently. And when he died an old man, after his life Jehovah had a little talk with him. They had not seen each other in a long time. Jehovah said, "My friend, see what you have wrought?" Jehovah showed him the future, and Lucifer was genuinely sorry. He said, "I didn't realize that I was feeling that strongly rebellious against moral principles." Jehovah said, "I know that. But now you must stay to the end. And I, loving you like a brother, will stay with you. We won't live in the same places, but we will visit from time to time and talk. And I will show you the future so you can see it. For I will give you this much," Jehovah said, "I will give you my glimpse of the future so that when you are dragged down and must serve people's subconscious desires, which you unintentionally put on them, I will always show you the future. No matter how cynical or depraved you might become as a result of what you have begun here unintentionally, you must still live the consequences of your act; and I will show you the future. Sometimes the things I show you you won't like, and you will feel bad. You know that you will be in the middle of it and will have to be something you are not. But I will also show you the far future where things get better. If you can just get through these hard times, then things will be resolved and you will be the wiser for it." Lucifer said
    Jehovah took some responsibility too, because he remembered that he had brought Lucifer with him for his own reasons. He could not afford to leave him behind. So Jehovah took responsibility for his actions and that is why he, Jehovah, stayed.
......So again they prayed. They didn't realize their power. Being the students and descendants of Lucifer, who was still around, their prayers were relayed through Lucifer. Lucifer, being at least three-fourths associated with Orion, put it out there to his own sources.
    Yes. Lucifer went to the third dimension, but he was in spirit. Remember, Jehovah said Lucifer had to stay with him through the whole thing.
      He's there in spirit to help his children, as it were, and he's relaying the message to the only source that he knows can help them, which all gods-in-training do. Of course, here was a god-in-training who didn't realize he was going to be a negative god, as it were. He'd had a glimpse from Jehovah, but he was resisting it, so he went and passed the prayers on up the line. The message went to Orion, which sent a big ship. Another sidelight: The big ship arrived in two weeks, and Lucifer immediately went to the main deck. Although he was in spirit, he hoped that they could see him, identify him, and return his spirit to Orion so he could escape this terrible duty where he had to become, essentially, Satan. He hoped to escape.
    But they did not see him. They were not that spiritually evolved, you understand. When he had asked for the Orion ship to come, it was not only to help his descendants, as it were, but himself. When they couldn't see him, Lucifer became angry. That's when he really got angry with Jehovah, became disappointed, and that's when he started feeling spiteful for the first time in his life. That's what "helped" him to descend to the level of Satan, his dark side—for Satan is Lucifer's dark side. You must understand that; Lucifer does have a light side.
---Zoosh (Shining The Light 1 p.107)

They controlled governments and they had influence. Although they were not 100% in control, they had about 80% control and were the significant influence in the U.S. government at that time. But they were not totally in control.
    The U.S. government has always been a little easier to manipulate, but they had, at that time in the 1890s, about 20% control in China. This is not to say that other people were manipulated in the government in China, but that particular organization had about 20% in China. They had about 3% in India. Not much. They couldn't get a lot of control in India in the early days. And they had —let's see where else would you be interested in? They had about 17% in France.
    Interestingly enough, France and India were the ones they had the most trouble with. India just has spirit energy, essentially, and it is hard for them to maintain control; even to this day they do not have 100% control in India. But France was also difficult because the people have an innate sense of going their own way, and this has benefited France greatly. At that time they also had about 40% influence in Great Britain, which was a significant colonial power then — definitely Great Britain.
     As long as the white man has been here (USA), this has always been a country in search of someone to look up to. That is part of the reason that the Christian religion—let's say the Judeo-Christian, but primarily the Christian religion—has taken root so strongly here; because the Christian religion by its very nature gives you more than one someone to look up to. There's someone for everyone in the family to look up to. It is less true with the Jewish religion, but it's there.
    The Buddhist religion has not taken over this country and it never will. There will always be people who will follow it, but the Buddhist religion is not trying to give you leaders with absolute. ---Zoosh (Shining The Light 1)

"Luciferwas someone, a person; he was embodied. He came to Earth with that original Sirian crowd. He didn't really want to participate in their genetic experiment because he felt that that crowd was trying to get the people on the planet to be beholden to them in some way. They would look after them only as long as the people would treat them with a degree of reverence. Lucifer didn't like that. His way was to give the people tools. Nobody on the ship from Sirius under­stood that those beings they were attempting to save were fully realized. ....    Lucifer thought he would break away from the rest of them and give these people tools. He was slightly mistaken, since he did not know that these people were beyond the need for any tools. So recognize the source of Lucifer.
    I will not dispute you when you suggest that Lucifer is confused with the energy of so-called Satan. The energy of Satan and the devil, which is ascribed to the idea of evil, is simply a result of the construct that had to take place here on Earth so that you would have motivation to get past that. In other words, it is the idea of "evil" that is the heart of conflict. (A little joke.) Recognize that it is the heart, albeit the black heart, of conflict.
    So I would say, to answer your question, that it depends how you look at it, because the inheritance of the Luciferian energy was to create...... and the body over the emotions and the spirit. Thus one might say that Lucifer was masculine. Now of course, he no longer exists embodied, but he has become somewhat associated with the energy that is the polarized version of the angelic kingdom —in that sense, the dark angel. This is how I choose to answer that question: The energy of Lucifer is from the negative Sirian influence.

....The negative emotions are a result of residual karmic influence from Orion and Sirius as well as the leftover residual experience of the attempt to induce negativity on five other planets. The inherited karmic influence of these unresolved difficulties, referred to as Orion and Sirius, goes with the territory when incarnating on this planet. Therefore, it is an oversimplification to say that the negative emotions are strictly a result of your past lives. The positive emotions and the meld between the negative and the positive are a portion of Earth life and a portion of the Creator, a portion of the divine.; And positive emotions would be that which conducts the soul inspiration into the body, mind, and the rest of your world. Recently there seem to have been numerous waves of negative energy, or enough negativity that the light seems to be in real contrast with the shadow. It's showing up in me and a lot of people emotionally -wanting to give up, wanting to go ahead, can't understand what's going on. Can you tell us anything about that?

Thank you. Good question. That negative energy is specifically related to an increased pressure by that Sirian influence in an attempt to slow down your process toward the fourth dimension. You understand' that it is not simply because they are the bad guys. Since they do not have any direct conscious knowledge and understanding of their souls; they think that all religion is foolishness. The only thing they find to be real is the material —what they can touch, smell, feel, taste. What can be proved is to them real. Anything that must be imagined or is a result of faith is foolishness to them.

So for them the shift that is taking place between the second and third dimensions (and yours is from the third to the fourth) feels to them like death. Their experience of afterlife/heaven does not exist in their consciousness even though it exists in reality when they die. They feel that they are fighting for their very lives and the survival of their race by attempting to slow down the shift in the universe. So when they attempt to broadcast negative energies through certain subversive activa­tes to slow you down, they feel they are fighting for their lives. They do "tot understand that when they shift from the second to the third rUnension they will continue. Rather than thinking of them solely as 1116 enemy, understand that they are much, much more occluded from (Explorer Race p138)