9/11, An Act of Ritual Murder and Post Scripted Thoughts

April 2, 2004

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Sorry this took so long to respond to, I agree this is far from just a murder. That's why I've been writing about this as a series of articles. Later today the current chapter of "The Contessa of Lies" is far more specific than the lead-up articles have been - maybe later today. . .

It was more than just murder my friend, it was a "ritual alignment event" something that NASA plans and pulls off all the time... Here's a former NASA consultant and CBC space news correspondent, and award winning Scientist Richard C. Hoagland on the subject and PROOF - http://www.enterprisemission.com/tower2.htm

Remember, they do this kind of thing all the time in "ceremonial" events in the U.S. and here's the history of it - Masonic Rituals - Like clockwork - Major historical events were timed to astronomical events, 33 and 19.5 degrees are repeated throughout history. http://www.enterprisemission.com/table_of_coincidence.htm

It goes back to Skull and Bones and the mysteries my friend... ritual murder... get it right, not just "murder", but ritual murder... an act of ceremonial magic.

Russian Woman & Occult

What a fool would I be not to educate the Russian woman on the obsession Our Fearless Leader George W. Bush has with the occult? Would not the lovely lady to be want to know about this great mystery?

Shhh... It's a secret






O.k. There's the proof. I feel that as an American Citizen (for now) introducing a potential new bride into America, she should have the knowledge of the mysteries, as Our Fearless Brother In Christ George W. Bush does, and holds true to the end of time. 322 Baby...

And wouldn't I as Newbie, want to get your guy's opinion about educating the Russian Woman to our culture?

I mean, doesn't she need to "know" and "understand" reality, or should I bullsh*t her?

Opinions please?

She's gonna LOVE this place!

P.S. what I feel is going on here

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Subject: P.S. what I feel is going on here

It always helps me to *know* when my new SBC ISP forces me to enter my email password in a *pop* up for future court case, so that *they* can prove it was *me* at the computer of the time of sent emails...

I am sure that since my work against the mafia with Missouri State Highway Patrol (MHP), they have kept their ears on....

I have nothing to hide, and hey, I'm nutz anyway right? I get money since my disability, bipolar disorder.... but it's a VIRUS so there is HOPE and a CURE probably.. (Doc Sutherland has found it) so far... so good.... My posts at Curezone have pissed them off.. to the point they put up shills and propagandists, and agent provacuteurs to throw me off, entrap, and bait me... even to the point of having an investigator incognito calling me.... what idiot bastards these people are -

I will call you with these surveillance issues in mind

I was planning a trip to Russia, and now have issue with the No Fly list - we will discover this Monday as I go to K.C.I {Kansas City International airport] or M.C.I.

I honestly think this has to do with the visions and *delusions* I saw which was a sensing of what will become of Mystery Babylon Amerika... (coming cashless system implemented via homeland defense, in tandem with foreign troops patroling and policing,,, aftermath of nuclear events on American soil... economic collapse and fallout and disease forcing everyone to take the card,, which will move to the mark... see Dr. Coleman's latest report on this, or I'll send for it, and after I read it, I'll send it to you in the mail....)

I also think and believe that it was as the medical intuitives said, and astrologers, and personality tests have all affirmed... a very high sense of intuition, and of course my former training in remote viewing (sensing) and magic for two years (daily exercises) would have indeed rendered this ability...

You know what's coming, and I believe I've seen it....

I can give you the number to a provate investigator Confidential .Informant who has COURT room admissable evidence of Russian and Chinese Military equipment on American Soil... he's very , very legit.....

Sometime after we STRIKE SYRIA and SMASH Damascus, ,,,,, I think things will accelerate.....

Now that there's a federal case and libel suit going on, and current investigation over website chat rooms and bulletins boards that I've posted too... I am sure without a doubt the U.S. Federal Governement has full surviellance on me.... and my former confidential informant work with the Missouri State Highway Patrol into Mafia murders here, and drug cases is still probably ongoing, even though they *dismissed* me long ago, with NO arrests made on the 3 dealers set up,,,, the cocaine goes back to the Russians and Chinese,,, at least that's what John explained via surveilled lines when I discussed the matter with him.... do you think the Missouri State Highway Patrol could handle that kind of heat? Obviously not.. Palestinian drug money launderers,,, local strip clubs..way, way too much for them to handle.... you know the story... if you remember,, I called.. and it's on the net... I have no fear....

It doesn't help that I pissed off Anastasia over a disputed call that I know is fraud... they have a lot of power, and are connected heavily to the Russian mafia.... and I posted some wild stuff both in seriousness, and jest, and there happens to be an ongoing Federal case and investigation over the matter... hey, it's nothing new to me,,, 2 other sites have gone down, one in particular (Hard Truth Wake Up America) and Cloak and Dagger out of Canada where I have posted my *research*. I was banned from Russian Women's Guide where this ongoing federal investigation is taking place most likely.....

When I was working with the MHP as C.I. I was running my own parallel investigation into the Russian and Chinese foreign troop presence here in America, and personally speaking with former U.S. Pentagon Joint Cheifs of Staff Al Cuppet, and P.I. C.I. John Moore out of St. Louis..... which revealed things that the *government* didn't want a public court documented record to reveal... in the course of our *joint* investigation... they tried to order me to do it *there* way... even ordering me to *back off the mob* but I never did.... and no arrests have EVER been made in over a years time now... very interesting hey... particularly when I put MY LIFE on the line. There's way more....

I'll call you soon