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"33" Dead Columbine Style - Monday, 17:53
I had a hunch, premonition, psychic vision that the predators would

orchestrate some sort of ritual murder plot on the anniversary of Columbine, Waco and Oklahoma City.

Besides, the timing of the deadly college shootout the death toll stands

at 33 !!!! Can there be anymore of a connection/coincidence to the masons and their puppet masters to this tragedy than having 33 people die ?




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Blasting request. - Monday, 23:53
I think that a mid-week chat-blast would be appropiate to deal with the organizers of this ritual sacrifice. It could be a good oportunity to stop any possible associated plots and perhaps expose the true perpetrators in public and use the media attention against them. Its hard to feel sorry for the guy that did the shootings, but he was obviously a mind-controlled Monarch-asset, a "crazy loner" and being played like a puppet, just like those two kids in Columbine. The characteristics of both shootings are identical. This could back-fire on the rats bigtime. I think we messed up by not dealing with this yesterday in the chatblast when Eric suggested something bad was going to happen this week.
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No Subject - 2 Days Ago, 12:23
Hi Everyone,

I was a student at VA Tech for 5 years 1980 to 1985.  This hits really close to home.  This town is really a very peaceful place, at least when I was there.  When I attended there was never anything like this at all.  There are many unanswered questions about this shooting.  It comes at a really convenient time for Bush!!!  I.E. second amendment 

The people responsible for this should be sought out in the next chat blast session and dealt with.


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No Subject - Today, 07:57
It's obvious the Virginia Tech massacre was planned as part an occultic, ritual symbolism sacrifice by the New World Order.

Since the star Aldebaran is symbolic of Death/Treachery/Murder based on the ancient Egyptian mythological parable of the evil god Seth(Aldebaran) murdering Osiris(Alnitak/Alnilam/Mintaka), the celestial alignments of Aldebaran in Washington D.C when the shooting started and in Blacksburg.