50 Peaceful Solutions to the Treasonous Patriot Acts

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Post 50 Peaceful Solutions to the Treasonous Patriot Acts 
1) Secession
2) Secession
3) Secession
4) Secession
5) Secession
6) Secession
7) Secession
8 ) Secession
9) Secession
10) Secession
11) Secession
12) Secession
13) Secession
14) Secession
15) Secession
16) Secession
17) Secession
18) Secession
19) Secession
20) Secession
21) Secession
22) Secession
23) Secession
24) Secession
25) Secession
26) Secession
27) Secession
28) Secession
29) Secession
30) Secession
31) Secession
32) Secession
33) Secession
34) Secession
35) Secession
36) Secession
37) Secession
38) Secession
39) Secession
40) Secession
41) Secession
42) Secession
43) Secession
44) Secession
45) Secession
46) Secession
47) Secession
48) Secession
49) Secession
50) Secession

Washington, DC, is the only constitutionally mandated possession of the federal government, though they pretent to own all of USA and well beyond it.

I think that after one state secedes the rest will quickly follow.  After that, the felonioius corporate feds might do well to consider turning the Capitol Mall into a community garden.

Maybe the first state secession will the the only significant event in the year 2012 but what a wonderful, meaningful event that would be for the entire planet, eh?


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Post Re: 50 Peaceful Solutions to the Treasonous Patriot Acts 
There are several avenues that we can use to bring down this felonious federal government but the consensus of genuine activists and research journalists have apparently chosen to focus only on the federal gov't's slaughter of thousands of innocents at the World Trade Center, seven years ago.  It's not their biggest crime against humanity but it's the most emotion-charged one at the moment.  Maybe because most of the victims were white, middle class people. I regret that the same level of concern can't be produced over the mass murder of people of color, for now (a million slain innocents in Iraq, for instance), but any viable, unorganized effort to expose the criminality of this government is worth supporting.  

Notice how hard 'some people' are trying to organize this 'Truthout 9/11' movement, by the way.  Good way to profile the corporate  infiltrators, I think.  Some of those are trying to get 'the government' to tell us the truth.  That's exactly like trying to persuade Charles Manson to provide the details of one of his happy family's murder rituals or to cajole the SS into telling us where they hid all the loot that they plundered from the Gypsies, Poles and Jews they slaughtered.  

Most intelligent people seem to understand, by now, that it's impossible, at least right now,  to form any organization that won't be subverted and castrated by infiltrators.  That's how vast the world order's personnel resources are, unfortunately, but watch how fast that paper card pyramid will fall as soon as one major cartel is exposed and neutralized.  Centralization of power has been the world order's mainstay but by now it's turning into a liability for them becuase they can't catch up wtih the grassroot paradigm shift Cool .

The culpability of the entire goverment in this debacle is so evident that it probably doesn't even warrant any genuine debate.   I only know one person who really believes that Muslims did all that and he's a beer-swilling bonehead---I don't even argue with him Wink

I can think of at least five broad avenues of enquiry:

1) The controlled demolition of the World Trade Center is the most obvious because foreign entities were clearly not involved, in spite of what the media whores and academic accomplices have insisted.

2) The treasonous Patriot Acts, for which ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS are culpable, even that little handful of 'nice ones.'  I think their institutional promotion of torture and extortion are the worst bits.

3) The gratuitous invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan (including the year of constant bombing to destroy all of Iraq's infrastructure, before the casual walk-in of troops, by the British and American air forces).

4) The international chemtrail agenda, which became widespread suddenly in the beginning of 1999.  The testing, for perhaps fifteen years, of this technology was done on American ciities so I'll assume that the US Air Force (fraternal twin of the CIA) is the main player.   At the chemtrail jet assembly line at Mojave Airfield, near Los Angeles, I only saw American and British passenger jets being turned into white, unmarked weapons of mass destruction. I think you can still see the assembly line (from many vantage points) but you'll need binoculars to read the corporate logos on the planes that are waiting to be transformed. I wonder why nobody else has mentioned this. Carol and I stopped there a couple of times in our travels.

5) The internatinoal weather warfare agenda, which was well established throughout the world by the late 1970s. I think the Americans and Brits are mainly culpable in this case, too, though the first HAARP facilities were evenly spread aroudn the world, including one in then-Soviet Latvia.  Sure, the corporate world order is supernational but those dried up old freaks at the top never get blood on their hands.  They apparently drink human blood in rituals Cool but if we take or scare away their henchmen these hairless old rats will be vulnerable and easy catches, finally.  

I might be the first person to publicly call for secession as a solution to this bloosthirsty horror that presumes to call itself our government, though there have recently been two public secession campaigns: an infantile effort in the Vermont Legislature by apparent Luddites* and the more serious campaign within the Lakota Nation to break away and establish diplomatic ties with other nations.

By communicating this thought publicly, I'm breaking federal alleged laws, of course. I'm committting sedition according to Congress and am liable for arrest and execution without trial.

When DB tried to get viable conspiracy guys to share CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH on their websites in 2002 they all refused, saying that it was too dangerous.  Joe Vialls was murdered shortly after he demonstrated that the US Navy detonated the H-bomb that generated the tsunami in Southeast Asia a couple of years later. Now, lots of people are doing this sort of thing with impunity, in case you haven't noticed.  Even a few whistleblowers are still breathing, though not any genuine CIA or FBI whistleblowers, of course Wink

The reason I'm not particularly worried is that I've seen, again and again, that this band of criminals is afraid to draw attention to genuine, effective activists as their rate of mass-murder failure increases.  I think we know they also don't want to draw attention to what we're doing with orgonite.

When I lived near Seattle in the early 1990s that city had established trade relations with several Pacific Rim nations.  I think all the coastal cities and some of the states also have trade ties with other nations.

Can you think of anything we need this federal government for?   Since they're the only agency on the planet who are waging war on other nations, aside from Russia's current effort to recapture Georgia, which has been part of the Russian empire for centuries, we really don't need to be concerned about foreign invasion.

Why would China, which is ostensibly the only nation that has sufficient logicstics to come over here and cover the land, lift a finger to affect their favorite cash cow?  As any con artist knows (I really wish the feds were simply con artists and not mass murderers!) that you can skin a sheep only  once but can shear it many times.  China obviously runs our economy by now.

I think the Chinese bureaucrats have all read THE ART OF WAR, and have learned enough from it to know that they can't invade a nation that's made up of an armed populace.  

The reason I think secession is a better option than rounding up the countless thousands of murderers and thieves within the federal government is because to go after even a couple of scapegoats, like Bush and Cheney, with federal mandates would be to enable the rest of the criminals to conduct business as usual.  Also, if they were in the hot seat for more than a few weeks, they'd all quietly move to Paraguay to be among friends: old SS/Vryal men and Mossadomite® mercenaries.  I don't think they'd go underground because a few earthpipes would flush them out again Cool

To secede would be to remove ALL of their ability to harm us and to harm other nations.

Notice that all of the disinformants who pretend to share conspiracy information are pointing to just Bush and Cheney as the culprits.   These guys are fooling a whole lot fo intellectually lazy people but when secession becomes a general subject of discussion on the internet, watch these and an army of CIA-programmed sociopaths attack our characters for suggesting it.   I think a lot of people are going to wake up to the obvious prominence of  disinformation, then.

Alex Jones is already assaulting the characters of people who ask him about orgonite--has been for several years, as had Rense.  At least Rense was prudent enough to stop mentioning us as soon as it became evident that his negative attention was increasing our numbers in early 2003 Wink

I still get 'Can't We All Just Get Along?' emails from people who actively and innocently promote disinformants, assuming that they're good guys just because they share a little conspiracy information.

I know a guy, my age (late 50s) who considers himself a left winger but is very active in the movement to get the truth out about 9/11.   I made general comments to him, like 'I think the only evil is excessively centralized power,' and 'Communism and fascism are identical twins--both born in London,' but I haven't mentioned secession to him, yet.  When I do, it's going to be in the context that if we can genuinely elect a state or local government, we can choose the form of it--even a kind of communism if that's what the majority wants.'  Burlington, Vermont, has had a commie mayor for decades, for instance--ever since Corporate America shut down all the mills, there, and moved the businesses overseas.

Most people who think they're part of one or another wing fail to recognize the obvious fact that they're supporting and enabling the same carrion-eating corporate bird Cool

In a couple of months, America will experience 'Electile Dysfunction' again.  Every time this comes around I'm astonished by how many people fail to recognize that their votes don't count any more, even in local elections, due to the secretive implementation of electronic voting many years ago.

Right after World War Two, the Rockefeller consortium established The Council of the States.  It's a huge institution, populated by bribers and extortionists who call themselves, 'lobbyists.'   Their job is to made damn sure that all state legislators will follow the corporate agenda, not their electorates' wishes and mandates.  You might (hopefully) have wondered why even your own state legislature is so manifestly corrupt and only serves the interests of predatory corporations and this is the reason. Any legislator who won't dance to the corporate piper will be drummed out of office with scandal or will be murdered.  Most politicians were happy to go along, though.  I wonder if electronic voting has put most of these extortionists and pimps out of business, since the entire process of campaigning, electioneering and voting is nothing but a show, now.  Candidates are chosen in advance, now.   Even O'Bomber apparently gave his inauguration address to Chicago's Zionists in June, when he promised to nuke Teheran for them.

Remember when the American gov't sent people to Haiti to monitor their elections?  Shall we call for Haitians to come here and monitor ours, now? I'd certainly trust those Haiitians more than I'd trust even my local election officials Wink

When we start to cast real votes it's possible that we'll stop choosing politicians to represent us in all forms of  government. I believe that the current, massive scale corporate conspiracy that calls itself our local, county, state and federal government will be so thoroughly exposed that even the Pajama People will feel revulsion toward people who are desperate for leadershp. Imagine what that will do to religious and academic hierarchies, too Cool  .  Those parasites are intimately tied into this world odor, too.

 Gary Allen wrote and published  a book about the Rockefellers and their Council of the States right before his untimely death in the 1980s. He's the author of NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, which is an outstanding primer for understanding how this old parasitic world order operates.  He wrote the latter in the 1970s and, in spite of the book and author having been promoted by the (Rockefeller-spawned) John  Birch Society a lot of us cut our teeth on this fine book, then found more and more good, reliable authors over the years.

Watch the disinformants commence to noisily pimp the pipe dream that we can reform this treasonous government and all of the similar puppet regimes throughout the world.  Watch them attack the characters of people who express the need for us to return to democratically elected, locally empowered representative government.   Can you imagine how sore these federal criminals will be to lose all that 'public land' that they pretend to own?  There's another good incentive to just disband that faceless corporate hierarchy, of course.  Not even the feds have enough mercenaries to withstand thousands and thousands of elected Sherriffs and their deputies in this case, as the Sherriff of Nye County, Nevada, and a few others demonstrated in the last decade.

Some feel that the US Army may be induced to throw down this regime if they're ordered into Iran.  Notice how the federal gov't has failed to implement the draft for the past three years, since they started rattling a saber at Persia.  The cakewalk and essentially unopposed baby-shooting spree that has been called 'The Invasion of Iraq' would absolutely NOT be repeated in that case because the Persians are well armed, trained, relatively prosperous, and the treasonous air forces of UK and US haven't bombed them back to the stone age, as they did in Iraq.  I bet that even the top treasonous Army generals are afraid of getting 'fragged' if they send hundreds of thousands of soldiers into that meat grinder Cool .  In the Vietnam conflict, overzealous American officers usually got shot (fragged) with impunity by their own men.   I suppose that's a kind of democracy.

Remember when we had a big army?  That was before the US Government reduced its own army by attrition (bioweaponry) immediately after their first easy incursion in the Mideast, 1990.

The fact that there has been no effective patriotic resistance to the world order's invasion of Iraq points up the fact that Islam is not a cohesive entity of force, as the liars have tried to convince us that they are. Saddam hated Al Qaeda even more than the fake president pretends to do, for instance, and the 'Osama bin Laden' who appeared in the 'confession' video is obviously not the same one you see in photos--not even close.  Doc Batiibwe in Uganda told me that our mutual friend, Mr Kizira the witch doctor, who had once been a guerrilla fighter against the British puppet regime and was raised a Muslim, was approached by a recruiter who was looking for experienced Africans to fight (as mercenaries) the Americans in Iraq but of course he wasn't interested.  If there was a viable guerrilla campaign in Iraq there would be tens of thousands of dead American soldiers by now, not only 5,000, if one believes the official count.

What do you reckon would happen if any army invaded America?  ....Exactly: nobody is stupid enough to invade a country where the populace is armed and determined to resist.  I bought my wife a fine, lever action .45 Marlin rifle this week, by the way Wink and those bullets are BIG.    

Russia continues to fail to subdue even little Chechnya, for instance, and America is taking a turn at failure to subdue Afghanistan, which is so sparsely populated and barren that it should technically be easy to prevail, there. Nor are the American baby-killers winning in Iraq, of course.

I think the seventh anniversary of the demolition of the World Trade Center is going to create a lot of momentum against the federal government and I'm not seeing any signs that any of this will be violent. I'm very encouraged by this because after the feds killed all those families outside of Waco, Texas, a movement sprang up to spontaneously form constitutionally-mandated unorganized state militias for the first time since before the Civil War.   Exactly a year later, after the feds had massively infiltrated most of these state militias the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fierarms attempted to bring down the Murrah Federal Building in order to implicate the militias (via the patsy, MacVeigh) and propel the Pajama People into enough paranoia to accept overt tyranny.

Remember how that backfired on them?  The Talking Heads, right after the feds blew up that building,  showed us concentration camps and guillotines, probably assuming that we'd feel grateful that the feds had a way to deal with these 'dangerous people.'   HOllywood made a lot of movies depicting militia guys as arch villans, then, and the media, mainly through the auspices of the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai Brith, cleverly tied in this grassroot patriotic, Constitution-based movement with the Aryan Nation.

I got a good laugh when my wife told me that she took census around here, where the Aryan Nation was headquartered. That was in 1999,  before their grand poobah expired and they quietly disbanded.  Nobody in the crew wanted to come to this area on account of the skinheads but she found out that they're all hermits in a walled compound and that they're  afraid of everyone.  Most of the people around here simply don't trust the federal government and a lot of them opted not to talk to her, which was perfectly alright with Carol.  She got a new car with the money she earned, after all.  The gov't took big hunks of tax money out of her paychecks but she didn't ask for any of it back in the following April.  She knew, even then, that if you 'file' you're essentially saying that you're their corporate property, which they can do whatever they want with. She's never filed and has never heard from the federal extortionists, either.

That's another problem that will go away when secession gets going: the Internal Revenue Service, which is a militant  corporation that breaks legs for the parasitic Federal Reserve Corporation, which pretends to be noble Wink .

The feds did such a poor job of blowing up their own Oklahoma City building with fulminate of mercury that Controlled Demolitions, Inc., was apparentlyy called in to carry out the demolition of World Trade Center buildings 1,2, and 7.  They did a nearlyy perfect job, wiht thousands of computer-controlled radio detonations of charges in the concrete floors and at 24 feet intervals along the lengths of the hundreds of massive steel support columns, which they, themselves, quickly loaded onto trucks, then onto waiting  ships bound for China and other Asian ports.   That could be called progress, I suppose Wink

Murrah was made of reinforced concrete; WTC was mainly steel with concrete floors.  Both sites were quickly 'cleaned up' in spite of being crime scenes.  The Waco site was also quickly cleared away after the feds killed all those people.  All of the concrete in the WTC was turned to powder in the orchestrated blasts; that's how pervasive the untold thousands of radio controlled explosive charges were above the ceiling tiles in the floor trusses and ducts.  A little brother of the fake president was in charge of security in those buildings at the time the charges were put in place and his security company is an American/Kuwaiti corporation.  I think the Arabs have to be masons in order to get invited to  that orgy.

All of this and much more is well documented and easy to find on the web.  I think all of those genuinely informative sites will gain prominence in coming weeks, FINALLY!!!  Eat your hearts out, Jones, Rense, and the entire host of nattering Chicken Littles on the web and on air Wink

Trying to 'fix' this cancerous behemoth will only guarantee its survival until enough people wake up to the fact that a society of mass murderers probably won't become public servants just because we're nice to him.   Part of the problem originated when FDR and the US Congress turned my grandparents' generation and their hungry kids into flagwaving  beggars with NationalSocialism in the mid-1930s, which is coincidentally when Hitler did exactly the same thing Cool

After the mass murder at Waco and the subsequent mass murder in Oklahoma City the feds, who had deftly infiltrated the militias, tried their best to incite violence. I think they failed except in a couple of cases but even in those cases all that happened, if memory serves, is that a courthouse or two was damaged with home-made explosives and nobody was hurt.

Now, the militias apparently operate and train more efficiently as cells, which is the only way it can work.  Ethericwarriors.com is a cell, for instance, especially the chatblast function Cool

Imagine how different things would now be if the feds had succeeded in committing more mayhem over the past seven years!  As you know, they've entirely failed, even though they had 'warned us' to expect even worse attacks than the WTC event.  Preventing mass murder has been the primary aim of our chatblast sessions, of course, for the past six years and there are other cells around the world who are also employing etheric methods, sometimes more traditional ones, to undermine this horrible world order and to prevent them from achieving their goals of genocide and global  enslavement..  

Isn't it amazing that we're doing all of this without violence?  I doubt we could get much done if it weren't for all that orgonite that thousands of people have been spontaneously distributing in the world.   The healing, vitalizing effects of  simple, humble orgonite on the environment and populace is apparently speeding up the awakening process that our species are enjoying.  At this point, if the criminal Americans, Russians, Chinese, Brits and Mossadomites® actually succeed with another false-flag mass murder event it seems likely that they'll simply be hastening their own exposure and demise in the face of this wonderful, rising awareness.  I hope to God they'll continue to fail, though.  It really hurts when I see those people in the World Trade Center film footage.  Our main effort, for the past three years, has been to prevent the world odor (mainly their favorite baby-killers: BushSr and the Mossadomites®) from nuking Persia.

Look at how easy it was for Roosevelt to light the fire of paranoia in the American populace when he set up the attack on Pearl Harbor!  The day before, only sixteen percent of Americans favored going to war (though the 'military-industrial complex' had been working around the clock to get ready for it since 1936 Wink ) and on December 7, 1941, most Americans were suddenly frothing at the mouth with the desire to get at the Japanese and Germans; a miraculous disappearance of sanity and intelligence in that case.

I think the parasites who own the world pine for those 'good old days,' when ordinary,  managed conflicts were successfully turned into patriotic causes by their clever minions.  It sure hasn't worked well for them since WWII, of course, and they're falling farther and farther behind with their agenda.  Right now, their puppet regimes are like clusterf#%ks and the mid-level sewer rats like Cheney and BushSr are constantly shuffling their lesser players around.


*A Luddite is someone who hates technology.  The only Luddites I've met are militant myopic (nationalsocialist) environmentalists and bleary-eyed potheads, all of whom drive cars and use electricity, of course.  Sure, all you really need is a sharp stick and a loincloth but who really wants to live that way?