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[Aug 2004] So long 2004! You served me well.---MoonBeam

Logical Fallacies Used Against HIV/AIDS Rethinkers or Dissidents

The New Medicine of Dr Hamer by Walter Last

Th1/Th2 balance: the hypothesis, its limitations, and implications for health and disease.

[Jan 2005] Subject: Michael Forrest is in jail for making and selling electromedicine devices...

[NVIC & Media Jan 2005] Eradicating chickenpox worth price?


"The fact is that sooner or later, Andrew Wakefield will be exonerated, his theory will be accepted and a vaccine-autism connection will be proven. As the New Year comes around, Wakefield's research is being duplicated in prestigious centers in the United States. In addition, viral culture results are expected soon from the National Institutes of Health laboratories. "--[letter BMJ 2005] F. Edward Yazbak,

Mind Control Programming Seminar Taught by Steve Oglevie [April 2005]

Blasting/Gifting one's own filthy corporate workplace!--Don Croft

[Dec 2004] Predator Blasting Compendium  ----Don Croft

US Secretary of Defense Reveals Earthquake and Volcano Weapons

[Media Dec 2004] India successful in using remote viewing techniques and satellite technologies for counterintelligence and strategic intelligence

[Media jan 2005] India may be the first country to explain to the world about extra-terrestrial and UFO contacts – the secret debate is on

Genocide in a vaccine: Pantheism's moral Chemistry by Suzanne Rini

[Media 1/6/2005Psychiatrist: Company hid Prozac, suicide link

Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami?

"In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he had been brainwashed. Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators, claiming they have simply been "shown the light" . . . or have been transformed in miraculous ways. --- Dick Sutphen

Robert Jay Lifton's Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism

"In the next voyage of the Mayflower, after she carried the Pilgrims, she was employed in transporting a cargo of slaves from Africa."-- Nathaniel Hawthorne

"When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box."-- Italian proverb

Hep B

Vitamin C books

What's Eating Stephen Barrett? by Burton Goldberg
In the paradox of "quackbusting," the quackbusters say they're protecting public health, but in fact, they're abandoning the public to their own suffering to protect the financial interests of conventional medicine, which has no interest in or ability to produce benefits for these conditions.

[AVN press release] Chicken pox vaccine: Unhealthy, unnecessary, useless

[Jan 2005] Wyeth whistleblower Mark Livingston describes problems at Prevnar vaccine plant

Cancer Monthly, a Unique Resource Woven from Tragedy

[media Jan 2005] Lawsuits put focus on Ibuprofen for children

Scheff, Liam

Typical NSA-induced modern hardship:--Don Croft

Vaccine-A uncovers a story of betrayal—the betrayal of the men and women who serve in the armed forces, the betrayal of medical ethics, and the betrayal of the American people by military and civilian leaders sworn to defend and protect. Veteran journalist Gary Matsumoto shows that the worst friendly-fire incident in military history came from something no soldier had any reason to think would harm him: a vaccine administered by the military's own medics. When troops went to the Middle East to fight the Gulf War in 1991 and the Iraq War in 2003, many—perhaps thousands—received an experimental anthrax vaccine instead of the FDA-approved vaccine. Without their knowledge or consent, the U. S. government used them as human guinea pigs in a massive medical experiment that went disastrously wrong.


"May the forces of


 become confused on the way to your house."

George Carlin
"Our only political party has two right wings, one called Republican, the other Democratic. But Henry Adams figured all that out back in the 1890s.'We have a single system,' he wrote, and 'in that system the only question is the price at which the proletariat is to be bought and sold, the bread and circuses.'" : Gore Vidal - The Decline and Fall of the American Empire


Coalition for Informed Patients and Doctors

They Say You're Crazy: How the World's Most Powerful Psychiatrists Decide Who's Normal by Paula Caplan

[Media, Jun 17] Better Nutrition Could Save Millions of Kids-Study
A Horrifying Example from the U.S. Eugenic's Movement

Brainwashing 101 is a provocative short film showing how universities use tools such as "speech codes" to force political views upon students. In this cutting exposé, documentary filmmakers Maloney, Browning and Greenberg shine a light on political correctness, academic bias, student censorship--even administrative cover-ups of death threats--at three schools: Bucknell University, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly).

Support the film makers by buying the hard copy online at

REBUTTAL Danish Autism Study - Madsen et al. 2003 Pediatrics

The Nazi Flu Interview With Dr. Leonard Horowitz

[Media December 13, 2004] Gene flaw may link autism, vaccine additive

Chiropractic & Autism Case Studies/Articles

Missing or suppressed research

[Media Jan 2005] Lilly Shares Fall on Report About Prozac Documents

Nailing the Prosecutor to the Wall....  --Carol Croft

Gerson documentary

FOLLOW THE MONEY - Industry shill Elizabeth Whelan claims mercury fears unfounded

Mind set of vivisectors

megadose Vit C therapy in pregnancy

[Media Dec 2004] MMR parents win legal victory
[Prozac] FDA to review "missing" drug company documents

Whistleblower speaks out - MerckVioxx & also bit on Wyeth Prevnar

"The truth may hurt for awhile - and usually does -But it heals forever - without fail"

Carol's Costa Rica Trip! ----Carol Croft


Aromatic plants kill deadly MRSA

[NVIC Dec 2004] Survey: a third of people think flu vaccine causes flu

[Mandatory anthrax shots] DOD Attempts to Violate Nuremberg Code

Most Pain Killers Deplete The Body Of The B Vitamin Folic Acid

Are American Soldiers and Marines Brainwashed? ... You Bet! by James Glaser

Time to Eliminate the National Vaccine Injury Act? By Sherri Tenpenny, DO
This year's flu vaccine was found to be contaminated with the bacteria, Serratia marcescens. And there is evidence to suggest that last year's flu vaccine may also have been contaminated and passed on to the general public. Or, is the real reason that vaccine manufacturers appear unconcerned about vaccine injuries due to the protection conferred by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act (NVICA)? 

The NVICA, a "no-fault" compensation system, was passed in 1986 to shield the pharmaceutical industry from civil litigation due to problems associated with vaccines. Under the law, families of vaccine-injured persons are required to file a petition which may be heard by a Special Master in the vaccine court. Successful claims are paid from a Trust Fund that is managed by the Department of Health and Human Services, with Justice Department attorneys acting as the legal representatives of the Fund. Sadly, it is estimated that less than 25% of those who qualify for a hearing actually receive compensation. 
    Processing a claim through the vaccine court can take up to 10 years. In the end, no blame or culpability is assigned and most families are denied of much needed financial relief. In the mean time, medical bills pile up, the daily potential for more children to be harmed goes on and the heartbreak continues, all due to government legislated protection of products that are believed by many to be the "sterling backbones" of our country's public health policy. 
    Who can parents and vaccine-injured adults hold accountable for injuries caused by vaccines? The system is designed so that no one-neither a person nor an entity-can be tagged with accountability: Not the vaccine manufacturer; not the doctor who recommended the vaccines nor the person who administered them; not the members of the Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices (ACIP) who added the vaccine to the pediatric schedule; not the IOM members (Institute of Medicine) who perpetuate the mantra "vaccines are safe and effective" and stonewall opportunities for change and improvement. No one is to blame, that is, except the "defective child" who could not tolerate the immunological onslaught caused by the vaccines.  Time to Eliminate the National Vaccine Injury Act? By Sherri Tenpenny, DO


Almost one-fifth of the Food and Drug Administration scientists surveyed two years ago as part of an official review said they had been pressured to recommend approval of a new drug despite reservations about its safety, effectiveness or quality.

Oxygen therapy comes to the rescue:
[Media Dec 1, 2004] Vapour machine beats MRSA

THE GHOST LOBBY New Labour and the Pharmaceutical Industry by Martin Walker MA

[Media Dec 004] NIH stops study due to increased heart attacks, strokes in patients taking naproxen
[Media Dec 004] $508,050 From Pfizer, but No 'Outside Positions to Note'
[Media Dec 004] The National Institutes of Health: Public Servant or Private Marketer?

[September 13, 2004] 'AIDS: A Death Cult' by John Lauritsen

Training Tips for the NSA and their minions--MoonBeam

[Media Dec 2004] Bone disease taken for child abuse 

Skip These Tests?

[Trovan] 'Lawsuit claims Pfizer hurt, killed Nigerian children'.

[Media Dec 2004] Fight to prove acne drug caused suicides.

SHADOW OF THE SWASTIKA: The Real Reason the Government Won't Debate Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization by R. William Davis

Relationship Troubles may be Caused by Commands Inserted into the Brain during Alien or Military Abduction By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc.

Cesco's Coil Cleans the Corridors---MoonBeam Dec 12, 2004

Transmitters pictures  --SovereignSpirit Aug 2004

The Wernicke's Correction By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Syd.)

[Media Dec 2004] Fight to prove acne drug caused suicides.

A zapper—any zapper—will quickly and efficiently cure cancer (I’ve never known this to take more than three weeks, even in very advanced cases) but if radiation has been applied, the zapper won’t be able to affect the cancer. I’ve been directly aware of hundreds of dramatic cancer cures by my customers who bought and used zappers over the years. I’ve also been directly aware of at least that many people who started zapping their cancer after receiving chemo and/or radiation treatments and most of these folks didn’t survive this ‘treatment’ and ‘practice’ of the serial killers. Here again, I know better than to try to prove something like this to the Pajama Folks and there’s a chance that if I were to publish the cancer cure testimonials I would be murdered or framed by the drug cartel, just like hundreds of genuine healers have as casualties of the ongoing War on Healers.
    I’ve taken a direct stand against this government for over ten years and I’ve never even gotten an email from any of these felonious federal agencies. In fact, not only do I categorically claim that anyone’s zappers easily cure cancer and AIDS (they do) but I openly challenge the jurisdiction of this evil regime in public forums, almost daily, and occasionally on internationally broadcast radio programs as a guest.
    I’m not a celebrity by popular standards, of course, so they ought to feel pretty confident about not making a lot of waves by just shooting, framing or suiciding me. The Men in Black, those ‘morticians with attitude,’ recently murdered Chuck Wallach, another pioneer in the healing trade (Donna Carrillo will be expanding on Chuck’s unique contribution to the blasting effort). He chose a riskier route than ours: dealing with large sums of money around the promotion of an expensive but very powerful and effective healing device. The feds get more alarmed over stuff like this because it’s more ‘believable’ by the PJ folks than the fact that a $2 circuit cures just about everything. See how it works?
--Don Croft

[Nov 2004] Eli Lilly’s highly touted new anti-psychotic, Zyprexa


Studies based upon the U.S. Vital Statistics for fluoridated versus non-fluoridated U.S. cities indicate a significant (greater than 99% confidence level) increase in cancer death rates occurring within the first two years of artificial fluoridation. The nine organ sites affected and their increase above the normal are:

Mouth, 15%; Oesophagus, 48%; Stomach, 22%; Large Intestine, 31%; Rectum, 51%; Kidney, 10%; Bladder and other urinary organs 22%; other organs specifically female: Breast 15%; Ovary and Fallopian Tube, 15%.

Patients having cancers of these organ sites should be advised that they should not continue to drink or cook with fluoridated city water but should substitute bottled spring water or distilled water.

We also believe that Stanley Kubrick, who died shortly after the release of his movie “Eyes wide shut” was also killed by radionics. We believe that his movie “2001 a space odyssey” indicated that he was in alignment with the secret powers that be. However, people change. He didn’t produce a movie for twenty years before he produced “Eyes wide shut”. This movie was kept in super secrecy until it came out. Even reviewers did not see it until the day it was released. Most people did not know what to make of it. They didn’t recognize it for what we believe it was, namely a documentary, of the kind of religious rituals that the powers that be are involved in. In the movie Tom Cruise is told towards the end something like “If you knew who those people were, you wouldn’t sleep at night”. We believe that Kubrick towards the end turned towards the good side, and wanted to get information out to the people. We believe that Kubrick was killed radionically by people who he was once aligned with. THE MARS RECORDS BOOK 2


Principles of Vaccination by Sylvie Simon

[Media Nov 2004] Safety of Entire Family of Painkillers Questioned

[Media Nov 2004] Trial finds that Prozac may stunt children's growth

Baycol - Another Fluoride Drug Bites the Dust

Ultrasound Unsound?






Stroke after varicella vaccination


Al Bielek told me (and Cisco Wheeler confirmed) that the Germans had a working time machine by 1944 and likely had early prototypes in the 1930's.[Letter] 'Time Tunnel' Programming

[Letter] 'Time Tunnel' Programming

"Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies."-----Nietzsche

Nortin Hadler says he would sue any doctor who tried to test his cholesterol. Likewise, his bone density, prostate levels, colon cells, etc. The Harvard-trained doc, now in his sixties and a rheumatologist and professor of medicine and microbiology/immunology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, says you, too, should avoid these routine tests, as well as most angioplasties, bypass surgeries and routine mammograms. That's because -- contrary to what the medical establishment tells you -- the tests and procedures don't extend most lives, he says; they just convince healthy people they're sick. Skip These Tests?

[Media, 29 Nov 2004] Witnesses for Petitioners Are Often Tough to Find
Henry Lindlahr MD

One physician in a Pittsburgh hospital asked a nurse if she knew anything better than what he was doing, because he was losing many cases.  "Yes, Doctor, stop aspirin and go down to a homeopathic pharmacy, and get homeopathic remedies." The Doctor replied: "But that is homeopathy." "I know it, but the homeopathic doctors for whom I have nursed have not lost a single case."--W.  F.  Edmundson, MD, Pittsburgh. Treatment of epidemics with Homeopathy by Julian Winston

During the last ten years, I have treated and cured all kinds of serious acute diseases without resorting to allopathic drugs. In a very extensive practice, I have not in all these years lost a single case of appendicitis (and not one of them was operated upon), of typhoid fever, diphtheria, smallpox, scarlet fever, etc., and only one case of cerebro-spinal meningitis and of lobar pneumonia. These facts may be verified from the records of the Health Department of the City of Chicago.-----Chapter 16: The Diphtheria Antitoxin (Nature Cure: Philosophy & Practice Based on the Unity of Disease & Cure by Henry Lindlahr, M.D.)

Dr. Derek Smith. A neurologist and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, Smith had been retained to testify for people with transverse myelitis, a potentially paralyzing neurological disorder. Smith said he was "highly confident" that the tetanus vaccine could trigger the ailment in certain vulnerable individuals. Officials with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program strongly disagreed.  Then Smith quit.  According to court papers and interviews, Smith decided to bail out  after complaints were lodged with his superiors by three other experts with a long history of testifying for the government in vaccine court.....Early in 2002, Smith was informed (that he)  "was ruining his reputation by his testimony  in the vaccine program," ...Wary of antagonizing people who could affect his career, Smith decided to drop out after testifying in one last case, .....Smith was told  in so many words that he was jeopardizing his access to research funding. [Media, 29 Nov 2004] Witnesses for Petitioners Are Often Tough to Find

Another time, Justice Department lawyers persuaded an expert to switch sides, helping them defeat a string of claims. The cases involved children who suffered seizures and brain damage after diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus, or DPT, vaccinations. But the children also had a congenital condition - tuberous sclerosis, or TS - that could trigger seizures by itself. The issue was whether the shot or only TS was to blame. 
Petitioners won a couple of these cases in the early 1990s, thanks to testimony by Dr. Manuel Gomez of the Mayo Clinic, described in court rulings as "the world's expert in TS."
    Facing at least two dozen similar claims, the government mounted an aggressive counterattack. It retained three experts who then published three medical journal articles that supported the government's stand, according to program records.
    And without the knowledge of petitioners, government attorneys also contacted Gomez, briefed him on the work of their other experts and retained him as a defense expert.
    Gomez was "the guru of tuberous sclerosis," said Robert Moxley, a  Wyoming lawyer for petitioners. His defection "was completely pivotal." Like Chin-Caplan, Moxley described the government's actions as witness tampering.
    In September 1997, Special Master Laura Millman issued a lengthy ruling in the government's favor - basically finding that TS, not the vaccine, is usually responsible when TS infants suffer seizures. Gomez, Millman noted, had believed otherwise, "but in light of his more thorough education in the literature (courtesy of respondent) he has changed his mind."
    Her ruling led to the defeat of most TS claims.
[Media, 29 Nov 2004] Witnesses for Petitioners Are Often Tough to Find

Americans have known, or suspected, for some time, that there has been an organized assault by a group, against companies, and practitioners, offering alternatives to the drugs/surgery paradigm. That group calls itself the "quackbusters," and they are a scam. I'm about to tell you WHY that assault was formally assembled, HOW THE SCAM works, and WHO the players are, and WHAT they're up to right now.  In my next newsletter I'll tell you WHY, right now, Wisconsin is the important battleground.----Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The House That AIDS Built by Liam Scheff


Our children are also experiencing an epidemic of autoimmune disorders – Type I diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and bowel disorders. There has been a 17-fold increase in Type I diabetes, from 1 in 7,100 children in the 1950s to 1 in 400 now. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis afflicts 300,000 American children. Twenty-five years ago this disease was so rare that public health officials did not keep any statistics on it. There has been a 4-fold increase in asthma, and bowel disorders in children are much more common now than they were 50 years ago. A User-Friendly Vaccination Schedule by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

Dr. Day Responds to her Critics

[CT scans] HOLY HIROSHIMA!  What radiologists don't tell you
[Letter Private Eye 26 Nov, 2004] Dawkins doubts

[Media, Private Eye, Nov 2004]  MMR: OH DEER OH DEER

[Media India, November 23 2004] Infants die; reaction to polio drops feared
[Media India, Nov 2004] Polio dropped from list of suspects

[Media 23 November 2004] The mast crusaders
[Media Nov 25, 2004 Letter] Fillings gave me MS

[Media Nov 22, 2004] Having all my fillings removed changed my life. Wife blames 40 years' depression on the mercury in her teeth.

Introducing the DOUBLE HELIX energy weapon!--Don Croft

Infant Mortality Rate Increase

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality" ....Michael Ellner

[Nov 2004] Issues Raised by the Sunday Times and the Channel 4 Dispatches Programme: A statement by Dr Andrew Wakefield

Carol saw her first full-on, 3D reptilian last night!--Don Croft

[Media Nov 13, 2004] Landmark ruling means there could be A PHONE MAST BY EVERY SCHOOL


German Magazine "Spiegel" Tells the Truth About Chemo Treatment

[Media16 November, 2004 BCG vaccine] Boy in intensive care after jab


Smallpox  Vaccine critics

Psychic Attacks Through Mind Towers--Highlander

The Naila-Study
Escaping the Matrix

[Media Nov 2004] Porton Down serviceman 'unlawfully killed'
 Fascism Anyone? by Laurence W. Britt

[NVIC Nov 2004] Food Allergy Vaccine

[Media Nov 2004] Merck Knew Vioxx Was Unsafe by 2000
Silicon, silicone, and breast implants - Letter to the Editor
[Nov 2004] Agent Orange Victims Sue Monsanto

[Oct 2004] Press Release: Thoughtful House scientists make important breakthrough in autism

PAUL ASHWOOD,1,5 ANDREW ANTHONY,2 FRANCO TORRENTE,1,3 and ANDREW J. WAKEFIELD4 Spontaneous Mucosal Lymphocyte Cytokine Profiles in Children with Autism and Gastrointestinal Symptoms: Mucosal Immune Activation and Reduced Counter Regulatory Interleukin-10

Booty-Bustin' In The Chat Room
[Media Nov 12, 2004] FDA Removes Panel Member From Drug Review

[Media Nov 2004] Pfizer Defends Celebrex Vs. Deaths Report

[Lancet November 5, 2004] Vioxx, the implosion of Merck, and aftershocks at the FDA

[Media Aug 28, 2004] Kissinger backed dirty war against left in Argentina

[Media Oct 21, 2004 Roaccutane] Student's suicide linked to acne drug

[Media Nov 5, 2004 Venlaflaxine] Girl died after taking one pill for depression

[Nov 11, 2004] Wanna know what we do in those group blasting sessions?--Don Croft

The real jawdropper for me, though, is that some of these pathologically benighted liberals actually thought that the warmongering traitor, Kerry, was a viable alternative . If liberals are really the intelligentsia of America, go ahead and put the zipcuffs on me because then I WANT to be decapitated in the nearest concentration camp ASAP. [Nov 11, 2004] Wanna know what we do in those group blasting sessions?--Don Croft

We are not invading Iran. No word of a lie


[Media Nov 2004] Mum to take MMR jab fight to the top

[November 11, 2004] Defense Department Embarks On Dissinformation Campaign Concerning Anthrax Vaccination Program

"Instead we have an oligopoly, where companies pretty much set the price."

[Nov 09, 2004]Two Warrior Exemplars, and Cliff Notes (long article)--Don Croft

[08 Nov 2004] CDC Meeting

NAAR should know that I was on the WHO immunology panel for 20 years and continually urged discontinuation of thimersol in vaccines. The only ones who listened were the Scandinavian countries (esp. Finland, where I hold an honorary Ph.D.). Those countries banned thimersol in 1992.-----H. Hugh Fudenberg, M.D.

The DOCTOR YOURSELF NEWSLETTER (Vol. 4, No. 24 for November 20, 2004)

There's a Persian saying, 'As your faith is, so shall your powers and blessings be. This is the standard.'

"Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave!"--Roy (Bladerunner)

"Interpretation Making conservative assumptions, we think that about 100,000 excess deaths, or more have happened since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Violence accounted for most of the excess deaths and air strikes from coalition forces accounted for most violent deaths. "

Medical radiation, received even at very low and moderate doses, is an important cause of death from Ischemic Heart Disease; the probable mechanism is radiation-induction of mutations in the coronary arteries, resulting in dysfunctional clones (mini-tumors) of smooth muscle cells.

60 Minutes
Breastfeeding protects against rheumatoid arthritis

[Nov 2004] Georgia Judge Forces Vaccination of Two Children Against Parents' Will

'I am not sure I agree with you about Theosophy' by Don Croft

Mammograms by Dr Campbell

[Nov 2004] Osafia residents will file a suit against the cellular companies
[Nov 2004] Climb Up Out of the WalMart of Worldviews!--Don Croft

FDA report links Vioxx to 27,785 heart attacks, deaths

In the Wake of Vaccines By Barbara Loe Fisher
one American child in 166
has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder...... 9 million American children under 18 have been diagnosed with asthma.......nearly 3 million children ..... learning disabled. ..... 4 million children between the ages of 3 and 17 years have been diagnosed with ADHD........206,000 Americans under the age of 20 have type 1 diabetes..... 1 in 400 to 500 American children and adolescents are now diabetic.   Today, arthritis affects one in three Americans, and about 300,000 American children have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis used to be so rare that statistics were not kept until its recent rise in children.


[Oct 2004] Sixty Minutes Response from NVIC

Propaganda Techniques

Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper. ---George Orwell

He was an embittered atheist, the sort of atheist who does not so much disbelieve in God as personally dislike Him. ---George Orwell

Treatment of vaccine victims

Betraying the values my party stood for By ROY HATTERSLEY
[Media Oct 2004] Gambling boom that no one wants
[Media Oct 2004] Hundreds of thousands face gambling addiction

Saving Us From Ourselves - CODEX by Chris Gupta

The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself... Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable. - H. L. Mencken


[Media 10/17/2004] The perilous experiment: Four survivors of the military’s anthrax vaccine

[NVIC Oct 2004] CDC Uses Fear To Promote Flu Vaccine
A top spokesman from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last April told doctors that emphasizing "alarm" and "dire outcomes" from the flu increased demand for flu shots, according to an outline of his presentation reviewed by United Press International. That official -- outlining for doctors what he called a "recipe" for increasing demand -- said that "heightened concern, anxiety and worry" drove demand for flu shots......The recipe includes "framing of the flu season in terms that motivate behavior (e.g., as 'very severe,' 'more severe than last or past years,' 'deadly')."

More Bernard...

In an exclusive to, Jonathan Eisen reveals that the now-famous "Norwegian parent vaccine" from which the New Zealand meningococcal vaccine was "derived" and which has been used to justify claims of "safety" and "efficacy"... was not even released in Norway, after scientists rejected it on the ground that it was only marginally effective, and that the meningitis epidemic in Norway had tapered off without the vaccine. MENZbvaccine

Is the flu vaccine the next bad drug? by Dr. Madeline Behrendt,

Fearful pilots reluctant to speak out. Many would be grounded if military knew the extent of their ailments

Makers 'ghost' drugs reviews
My understanding of the safety of anthrax vaccine and its role in GWS ---Meryl Nass MD


U.S. drug companies spent $3.8 billion last year on advertising aimed directly at consumers -a practice that was illegal until the mid-1990s but now is upheld as some sacred "consumers' right to know." The Flu Vaccine Question By FRED GARDNER

Neurological Complications of Vaccinations  By Charles M. Poser MD FRCP

[October 16, 2004] Thousands line up for flu shots. One woman dies after collapsing from exhaustion

From:  Boyd Haley  October 11, 2004 RE:  The statement from the website that "We abhor
Dr. Haley's likening of autistic children to 'Mad Cows'"


Designing experiments to show antioxidants have no benefit by Dr Steve Hcikey

"How to design an experiment to show antioxidants provide no advantage. It is quite easy to bias the experiments but just in case any medical researcher missed it, we state the main rules here." - Dr. Steve Hickey

BOOK: The Healing Factor: Vitamin C Against Disease By Irwin Stone

Three hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.—Napoleon Bonaparte

Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one. —A. J. Liebling

Information Control For Social Manipulation by David B. Deserano, MS

Death by Doctoring ----Steven Ransom


"Every year in the United States, on average.......approximately 36,000 people die from flu."  CDC October 6, 2004

Number of flu deaths 753 (2002) CDC


Soothing Mother Earth and then CUTting to the Chase in Paradise Valley From Don Croft

[Media Oct 2004] Castle insists on response from military, Pentagon asserts vaccine program safe to continue

Article VacLib put in the Idaho Observor Oct 2004

The confirmation for us is that we've been under extraordinary attack since then. The worst of that was two evenings ago, when Carol was walking in the cemetery. It was just after sunset and there was a bright flash all around her. As she looked to her left she saw a patch of green grass immediately turn yellow (I saw the spot yesterday--pretty bizarre and obvious) and in that instant there was an auto accident on the highway right beside the cemetery, apparently caused when a driver got blinded or distracted by the soundless flash. Carol was pretty stunned but credits the HP with deflecting most the blast, which apparently came from an antigrav craft that was out of sight to the south.

"Given the choice between intersecting with a monetary system that leaves a detailed electronic trail of all one's financial activities, and a parallel system that ensures anonymity and privacy, people will opt for the latter. Moreover, they will demand the latter, because the current monetary system is being turned into the principal instrument of surveillance and control by tyrannical elements in Western governments."
- J. Orlin Grabbe

"The role of the media in a democratic society is to train the minds of the people to a virtuous attachment to their government and to the arrangements of the social, economic and political order more generally."--- Noam Chomsky

[Letter BMJ 25 September 2004] MMR - SCIENCE AND FICTION": the Richard Horton story 

[Oct 2004] Letter to the British Medical Journal by Harold E Buttram, MD,

There have never been any safety studies done for any vaccine in use today that would meet the criteria of scientific proof. All we have are epidemiologic studies, which are indicators but not proof in and of themselves. [Oct 2004] Letter to the British Medical Journal by Harold E Buttram, MD,

[Letter BMJ Oct 2004] Hilary Butler, Re: The demise of common sense, and logical immunity

[Oct 2004] Annual Number of flu deaths: it’s a guess By Sherri Tenpenny, DO

[Oct  2004] The Flu Season Campaign Begins by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

[October 2003] Risks of FluMist Vaccine An Investigation By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

[Letter BMJ Oct 2004] So what else happened in Denmark? 1 October 2004 ----F. Edward Yazbak,

Childhood epileptic seizures and cerebral palsy induced by hepatitis B vaccines: Case report
[Media Oct 2004] MMR report 'not denial of autism link'. Crucial child study missed many cases, claim US experts
The Media Culpability for Iraq By John Pilger
[Media Oct 2004] US officials 'knew of Vioxx threat'
[Media Oct 2004, sodium valproate] PARENTS SUE MAKERS OF 'THE NEW THALIDOMIDE'

VITAL research into the potential dangers of taking Vioxx, the arthritis drug withdrawn because it can cause heart attacks and strokes, was kept under wraps by US government regulators, according to a whistleblower.  It has also emerged that senior officials at the US Food and Drug Administration, which regulates the sale of medicines, sought to work with Merck, the US manufacturer of Vioxx, to minimise and sort out the damage that the research would inevitably cause. [Media Oct 2004] US officials 'knew of Vioxx threat'


Steve Hickey, PhD, co-author of Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C was

"[A] skeptical, retired surgeon, has...been on vitamin C for about 20 years,
since having a heart bypass operation. I think he started it as a placebo,
as supplementing was easier
than dealing with the repeated suggestions that he needed it! However, from
a recent scan, his arteries are clear and, now he has read the book, he is
starting to think there might be something in it after all."
--Steve Hickey, PhD, co-author of Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C.
DOCTOR YOURSELF NEWSLETTER (Vol. 4, No. 22, for October 20, 2004)

The Flu Scare Game by John Keller

But that's the whole point of corporatism: to try and remove the public from making decisions over their own fate, to limit the public arena, to control opinion, to make sure that the fundamental decisions that determine how the world is going to be run —which include production, commerce, distribution, thought, social policy, foreign policy, everything—are not in the hands of the public, but rather in the hands of highly concentrated private power. In effect, tyranny unaccountable to the public.— Professor Noam Chomsky, interviewed in Corporate Watch

We live in a dirty and dangerous world things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn't.   I believe democracy   flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows. — The late Katharine Graham, owner of the Washington Post

Faith means to believe that there are answers and to continue pressing on until answers arrive or are discovered. Cisco Wheeler. PART 2. HOW HELP COMES ABOUT FOR MINDCONTROL VICTIMS

Empirical confirmations are essential! Here's a good example

[Inquiry into Gulf War illnesses - London, July - September 2004] Symptoms and effects on veterans

[Inquiry into Gulf War illnesses - London, July - September 2004] Vaccinations, organophosphates, NAPS, burnt-oil smoke, blowing up of Iraqi chemical weapon depots

[Inquiry into Gulf War illnesses - London, July - September 2004] The medical profession

In 2001, Cesarean section is still the most common OB/GYN surgical procedure. Approximately 4 million births occur annually, with a 24% C-Section rate, i.e., 960,000 operations. In the Netherlands only 8% of babies are delivered by Cesarean section. Assuming human babies are similar in the U.S. and in the Netherlands, we are performing 640,000 unnecessary C-Sections in the U.S. with its three to four times higher mortality and 20 times greater morbidity than vaginal delivery.  The Cesarean section rate was only 4.5% in the U.S. in 1965. By 1986 it had climbed to 24.1%. The author states that obviously an “uncontrolled pandemic of medically unnecessary Cesarean births is occurring.”106 VanHam reported a Cesarean section postpartum hemorrhage rate of 7%, a hematoma formation rate of 3.5%, a urinary tract infection rate of 3%, and a combined postoperative morbidity rate of 35.7% in a high-risk population undergoing Cesarean section. Death by Medicine----Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Martin Feldman, MD, Gary Null, PhD, Debora Rasio, MD (2003/4)

cesco  Oct 08, 2004     Post subject: diplomats and hyperactive beings

Letter From Israel A Call to Gifting & A Historical Review By Don Croft

"Pharmaceutical companies spent $2 billion on over 314,000 events that doctors 1991 the drug industry "gave" $2.1 billion million to colleges and universities for research."   Death by Medicine----Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Martin Feldman, MD, Gary Null, PhD, Debora Rasio, MD (2003/4)

The total number of iatrogenic deaths shown in the following table is 783,936. It is evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States.Death by Medicine----Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Martin Feldman, MD, Gary Null, PhD, Debora Rasio, MD (2003/4)

"An analysis by Wald & Shojan [2001] found that only 1.5% of all adverse events result in an incident report, and only 6% of adverse drug events are identified properly....The Psychiatric Times noted that the AMA is strongly opposed to mandatory reporting of medical errors...Dr Jay Cohen, who has extensively researched adeverse drug reactions, commented that because only 5% of ADRs are being reported, there are in reality, 5 million medications reactions each year." Death by Medicine----Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Martin Feldman, MD, Gary Null, PhD, Debora Rasio, MD (2003/4)

Death by Medicine----Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Martin Feldman, MD, Gary Null, PhD, Debora Rasio, MD (2003/4)

Mainstream medical journals, like Pediatrics and The New England Journal of Medicine, only publish studies that claim thimerosal is safe. And it turns out that these articles are written in large part by researchers in the pay of vaccine makers, as the Coalition for Safe Minds (Sensible Action For Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders), a private nonprofit organization, has shown. Editors of these journals will not publish studies that show a link between thimerosal and autism like "Thimerosal in Childhood Vaccines, Neurodevelopment Disorders, and Heart Disease in the United States" by Mark and David Geier, which documents a strong association between the amounts of mercury injected in vaccines and autism. Such articles can only find acceptance in alternative (i.e., "politically incorrect") journals like the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, where this one was published. Mercury on the Mind by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

Mercury on the Mind by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

[The Devil's Punch Bowl Tale by Ryan McGinty]. Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 12:02 am    Post subject: Gifting the west coast 7-28-04 thru 8-10-04
[Aug 10, 2004] Juicing at the Devil's Punchbowl, Part 2 by Don Croft
[August 6, 2004] Count 'I Ain't' Saint Germaine and The Rattlesnake. Juicing at the Devil's Punchbowl, Part 1 by Don Croft

"Medicines watchdog 'under fire'", BBC News, October 3, 2004,
HIDDEN FROM HISTORY The Canadian Holocaust by Rev. Kevin D. Annett, MA, MDiv

Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs. -- Maxwell Maltz

Evidence For The Microsoft WinXP Pro Bugging Device By Mark McCarron

The only thing that parasites fear is exposure to the host. Don Croft

"I'll be able to affect the behavior of 80 per cent of the people in this town without their knowing it"


 "It is weakness rather than wickedness which renders men unfit to be trusted with unlimited power." -- John Adams, 1788

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.  - H.L. Mencken 

"One man with courage makes a majority." -- Andrew Jackson, 1832

"Tyranny is always better organized than freedom." -- Charles Peguy.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.   "Thomas Jefferson

"Personal responsibility is the price of liberty." -- Michael Cloud

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to democracies as against despots. What is it? Distrust." -- Demosthenes: Philippic 2, sect. 24

"What the government is good at is collecting taxes, taking away your freedoms and killing people.  It's not good at much else." -- Tom Clancy on Kudlow and Cramer 9/2/03

"It's important to realize that whenever you give power to politicians or bureaucrats, it will be used for what they want, not for what you want."-- Harry Browne

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you." -- Pericles, 430 B.C.

"Give government the weapons to fight your enemy and it will use them against you." -- Harry Browne

"Give a good man great powers and crooks grab his job." -- Rick Gaber

"Overload the police with victimless crimes and other minutiae and eventually only creeps and bullies remain cops." -- Rick Gaber

"Power draws the corrupted; absolute power would draw the absolutely corrupted." -- Colin Barth

"The more prohibitions there are, the poorer the people will be. The more laws are promulgated, the more thieves and bandits there will be." -- Lao-tzu, The Tao Te Ching (believed written in China, 6th century BC).

"An oppressive government is much worse than a man-eating tiger." -- Kong Fu-Dzuh ("Confucious")

"The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws." -- Tacitus, Roman senator and historian (A.D. c.56-c.115)

"A moderate is  either someone who has no moral code  of  his own, or if he  does, then he's  someone who  doesn't have the  guts to take sides between good and evil."  -- Rick Gaber

"Intellect annuls Fate. So far as a man thinks, he is free....The revelation of Thought takes man out of servitude into freedom." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Fate"

"Democracy is defended in 3 stages.  Ballot Box, Jury Box, Cartridge Box." -- Ambrose Bierce

"Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a
result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all." --Frederic Bastiat, ca. 1837 

"The State is the coldest of all cold monsters, and coldly it tells lies, and this lie drones on from its mouth: 'I, the State, am the people'." -- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus spoke Zarathustra, 1883

"People constantly speak of  'the government' doing this or that, as they might speak of God doing it. But the government is really nothing but a group of men, and usually they are very inferior men." -- H.L. Mencken

"Government, when it is examined, turns out to be nothing more nor less than a group of fallible men with the political force to act as though they were infallible." -- Robert LeFevre, in his essay, Aggression is Wrong

[Media 24 Sep 2004] FDA Told Its Analyst to Censor Data on Antidepressants

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D

Barry Lynes

What They Don’t Tell You About Vaccination Dangers Can Kill You or Ruin Your Life By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.
The web has helped consumers turn tables on the drug giants, says Cheryll Barron
Romanian Cloudbuster! 


The reason they said Thimerosal is beneficial can be found in the Acknowledgments
Advice on Paracetamol is Unscientific and Unsafe

The Pentagon's New Map: Our Government's Hellish Vision of Endless War Against Hapless Third-Worlders

Here's another gardner who uses orgonite, folks!

Cod Liver Oil to Heal Autism (Vaccinations) By Mary Megson, MD

Orgonite tutorials

[Media September 20, 2004] Meningitis vaccinations 'blamed' for rise in deaths

'Cure' a 4-Letter Word for Cancer Doctors

Dr. Wakefield Responds To British Study Clearing MMR Vaccines

In 1963 Dr Robert Becker explored effects of external magnetic-fields on brainwaves showing a relationship between psychiatric admissions and solar magnetic storms. He exposed volunteers to pulsed magnetic-fields similar to magnetic-storms, and found a similar response. US 60 Hz electric power ELF waves vibrate at the same frequency as the human brain. UK 50 Hz electricity emissions depress the thyroid.Total Control by Nicholas Jones

"The covert operators that I ran with would blow up a 747 with 300
people to kill one person. They are total sociopaths with no
conscience whatsoever."
-- Former Pentagon CID Investigator Gene Wheaton

[Sept 2004] Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks
[Media March 2001] Fresh pylon link to child cancer

[PROVE Sept 2004] Manipulating Flu Numbers

GLOBAL RELEASE   - ASPARTAME TOXICITY Forwarded by Diana Buckland by request of Dr. Betty Martini

[TEAC Press Release 8th Sept 2004] Childhood leukaemia risk doubles within 100 metres of high voltage power lines - damning results known for 3 years.

Childhood leukaemia risk doubles within 100 metres of HV powerlines

Total Control by Nicholas Jones

Most Media Coverage of Drugs Highly Biased
[Media Sept 2004 Anthrax vaccine] The shots of war

Mobile Phone Adverse Health Concerns by Alasdair Philips

World's Largest Media Source Controlled by World's Largest Drug Company By Dr. Joseph Mercola


Racketeering (RICO) Charges Filed Against NutraSweet, Dr. Robert Moser of NS, American Diabetes Assoc and Monsanto - Press Conf, Sacramento, 9/16   

When the great Tao is forgotten, 
   goodness and piety appear. 
When the body's intelligence declines, 
   cleverness and knowledge step forth. 
When there is no peace in the family, 
   filial piety begins. 
When the country falls into chaos, 
   patriotism is born.

Tao Te Ching
Lao-tzu (abt.551-479 BCE)

TETRA (police) & GSM (cell phone) masts

[Media 31aug04] More Cancer Risk Seen in Full-Body CT Scans

The Psycho State by Ron Paul, M.D.,

"Rabbits will likely be accepted by the U.S. Food and DrugAdministration
(FDA) as an animal model for anthrax under the AnimalRule, which allows marketing
approval based on proof of protective efficacy in two animal models and both
safety and immunogenicity in humans."

[Letter BMJ,13 September 2004, Clifford G. Miller] DO VACCINES KILL BEFORE MEASLES CAN? 


[Web media Sept. 13, 2004] Hepatitis B Vaccination Increases Multiple Sclerosis Risk

"It is also in the interests of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion."- Aristotle in Politics, J. Sinclair translation, pg. 226, 1962

[Media July 2004] Radiation risk ‘underplayed’ to avoid compensation payouts

[Sept 2004 Letter BMJ by Viera Scheibner] Re: History repeats itself because people forget historyBlair's Britain

[Media 04 July 2004] Radiation risk ‘underplayed’ to avoid compensation payouts Baverstock, now advising the UK government as a member of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, delivered a fierce attack on government scientists. He accused the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) of “misusing” science in their studies of nuclear test veterans.“Politics, aided and abetted by some in the scientific community, has poisoned the well which sustains democratic decision-making,” he told a conference on low-level radiation in Edinburgh yesterday. 

[Media 04 July 2004] Radiation risk ‘underplayed’ to avoid compensation payouts
Baverstock, now advising the UK government as a member of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, delivered a fierce attack on government scientists. He accused the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) of “misusing” science in their studies of nuclear test veterans.

[Media 2002] MOD Sprayed Millions Of Brits With BioWar Germs


Thousands of men may have unnecessarily undergone an invasive operation to remove their prostate, sometimes suffering impotence and incontinence as a result, because of a screening test which was yesterday written off as all but useless. [Media Sept 2004] Prostate test 'all but useless'

MMR AND AUTISM:  The link really has been established (WDDTY Sept 2004)

Malignant melanoma of the skin - not a sunshine story

Silencing experts over nuclear health risks

Effects of low power microwaves on the local cerebral blood flow of
conscious rats


Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence

Chechen Separatists Say “Third Force” Behind Terrorist Attacks

[September 03, 2004] Rothschild Targets Putin and Bush-Cheney By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Embedded Code Broken? Next 911 On September 27? From Eric May

[10 September 2004] New Book: Senator Wellstone Was Murdered

[Media September 9, 2004] Study links antibiotic use, heart attack

James Bowen, M.D.

Aspartame is supposedly a "diet"  sweetener, keeps you slim.  OMRF has patented it for "appetite enhancement".  It keeps you thin by making you crave carbohydrates, as we explained 12 years ago: If you want to be fat, NutraSweet is where its at! Murdering Blacks with Aspartame!  Tuskegee Syphilis experiments were Chickenfeed compared to boosting Sickle Cell Crisis! BY  JAMES BOWEN, M.D.

[Media10 Sept 2004] Most tonsil operations 'needless'


Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society by David G. Guyatt

COMING - THE MIND READING MACHINES (excerpts) by William Hamilton © 1980

Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects by Val Valerian

ELF-Electromagnetic Disease Transmission by C.B. Baker

HAARP'S Covert Agendas by John A. Quinn


Invisibility Technology by Alexander Strang Fraser

Milligauss Readings and Health Issues

Weather Warfare: The Invisible U.S. Military Offensives in Weather Weaponry by Keith Harmon Snow

Wargames Were Cover For the Operational Execution of 9/11

An Investigation of the Association Between MMR Vaccination and Autism in Denmark

Operation Pique

Non-Lethality: John B. Alexander, the Pentagon's Penguin by Armen Victorian

How Exposure to GSM & TETRA Base-station Radiation can Adversely Affect Humans by G J Hyland

[Media, January 14 2001] Scientists link eye cancer to mobile phones

My investigation proves that biological agents were not only developed and used in the Persian Gulf war, but that they are in fact part of the Global 2000 population downsizing program..........the information that I want to get out to the American people is that the Gulf War illnesses are actually communicable diseases. The microbes will live almost indefinitely, but for a minimum of seven years. It's on the gas masks, the clothing, the weapons -- any of the materials brought back from the Gulf War. I have reports from several different states where civilians that bought some of the clothing went home and wore them, and now the entire family is in wheel chairs; there have been some deaths as a result of this. The Resnick Interview with Peter Kawaja and Ex-NSA Agent Joe Jordan

TETRA: A Critical Overview into the death of Officer Neil Dring
Confidential Report on TETRA for the Police of England and Wales by B Trower

  • Peter Kawaja
  • [Media 2004] "SWAZILAND: Devastating impact of nutrient deficiencies"

  • The Bush Betrayal by James Bovard
  • [Media Sept 2004] Pharmaceutical Industry Political Spending
  • Michael Rupper 08/31/04 speech - US was behind 911
  • Microwaving children

    Bhubaneswar, India : Seventy-nine schoolchildren in Orissa have fallen ill, 11 of them critically, after they were given tetanus and diphtheria vaccination shots that are part of the state's immunisation programme. Officials said 47 students at the Kodakana primary school in Kendrapada district were given the tetanus toxide shots and 32 were given the diphtheria toxide vaccination on Aug 26 in the school premises by local paramedical staff. After three days, all the students complained of skin irritation, viral fever and vomiting. Eleven of them are critically ill and have been admitted to the local government hospital. One of them, a 10-year-old girl called Minirani Khatua, has blood oozing from her nose and mouth, said a district health official. [Media Sept 2004] India News: 79 schoolchildren ill after vaccinations

    "To win 100 victories in 100 battles is not the highest skill. To Subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill"

  • [Media 3 March, 2004] Radio mast battle continues
  • TETRA quotes

    My response to such articles as teenagers getting mumps is where's the beef? So what? Pertussis is making a comeback, and I have not heard one death ensue-vaccines simply don't work on many people. What I hear more of, and see more of, is damaged children, from Minimal Brain Dysfunction, to ADD, to Epilepsy, to Autism. The NIH alarm for autism is now 1/166 children. One in 6, now have a developmental psychological problem. What a lovely world we are leaving to these people? Talk about a holocaust or terrorism. [Letter BMJ 19 July 2004] Cathy Blanco

    Recently, my VACCINATED DPT autistic child came down with PERTUSSIS (which he lived through just fine). While in the ER, I came across four other nurses with a child with autism, who in secret meetings to me between doctors and tests, revealed that they too felt their children were vaccine induced autistic. [Letter BMJ 19 July 2004] Cathy Blanco

    We could well be wasting vast amounts of NHS resources on vaccinations without appreciating the true scale of serious illnesses that vaccinations are causing without being recognised as the cause. Even putting to one side the disturbing figures for the autism spectrum disorder ('ASD') epidemic, there are numbers of illnesses which are suspected as consequences of vaccination but which mainstream medicine dismisses. So we may be overlooking many other areas. Take as just one example the 1500 deaths per annum from the asthma epidemic (9). This outstrips the alleged 100 annual UK childhood deaths from measles which it is alleged would occur in the absence of vaccination. And this simply does not also count the numbers of our citizens who do not die but are debilitated by asthma, the corresponding loss to the economy, the drain on the public purse and NHS resources.  Even the 400 or so Sudden Infant Deaths ('SIDS') cases annually, which have been linked to vaccinations, beat the alleged projected measles deaths by a factor of 400%. [Letter BMJ 19 July 2004] Clifford G. Miller,

    [Letter BMJ 19 July 2004] Clifford G. Miller,


  • "A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime. . . . Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there."- William E. Dodd, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, 1937, from Facts and Fascism, George Seldes, p. 122, and Trading with the Enemy, Charles Higham, p. 167
     "You know, gentlemen, that I do not owe any personal income tax. But nevertheless, I send a small check, now and then, to the Internal Revenue Service out of the kindness of my heart."- David Rockefeller, before a Congressional committee
  • [Media Aug 2004] "Cancer survivors face other battles"
  • [Media August 27, 2004] Judge overturns conviction for man accused of killing baby
  • [August 28, 2004] Company Is Investigating Possible Vaccine Problems in Brazil
  • University Lab Test Confirms Orgone Generators Absorb Microwave Radiation

    [Media August 31, 2004] "Full body scans raise cancer risk -- study"

  • From: "David Marr"
    Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 12:03 AM
    Subject: Psychosomatic Deprogamming Technique
  • "They decide who they're going to hit. The advertising agency writes up the stories that are going to be distributed to their "letter writing brigade," the "testifying whores." The letter writers, following the guidelines, then write to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, to set a basis for the complaint. Then the ad agency writes stories, getting quotes from the likes of Barrett, Baratz, etc., on the victim. The stories are sent out to the media in which the advertising agency's drug clients advertise. The stories are printed in the media as though they were true. Once the stories hit the press, a second wave of letters goes out to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, to put pressure on upper management to act. Then more media is generated, this time with quotes from the quackbuster insider FTC employees to make it sound official that the FTC is interested. Once this happens, letters and phone calls go out from supposedly "irate consumers (quackbusters)," once again to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All upper management, demanding to know why they aren't doing something.
        Then, letters and phone calls go out from supposedly "irate consumers (quackbusters)" to certain members of Congress demanding to know why the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, aren't doing something.
        Within days, upper management of the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, are deluged with questions from more media, and Congress. They see the issue as important, and act against the victim - even if their is little or no evidence..." Big Pharma Tactics on Electro Med etc.

    TETRA: A Critical Overview into the death of Officer Neil Dring

    Suspect Zero - Suspected Social Engineering (Demonizing Remote Viewing)

    Mind Control In Films And Computer Games By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc.

    YOU can Stop Alien & Military Abduction!


    The first new study, by Dr Samy Suissa, an epidemiologist at McGill University, Montreal, who looked at the same data the Danish doctors used, concludes that children  who received the triple jab were 45 per cent more likely to develop autism than those who were not given it. A second piece of research - by Dr Fouad Yazbak, an American paediatrician - shows a  400 per cent rise in autism after the introduction of MMR in Denmark, even after taking into account greater awareness of the condition. And a third study by Dr Andrew Wakefield, who first made the link between MMR  and autism in 1998, and Dr Carol Stott of Cambridge University, shows autism cases in Denmark have increased by 14.8 per cent each year since MMR was introduced. [Media 29 August 2004] There IS a link between the MMR jab and autism, claims new research

    "However, when I asked questions about the cocktail of drugs within the vaccines I was told some were classified under the Official Secrets Act." He claims his findings developed even more significance when the MoD admitted to him that 72 per cent of veterans' medical records had gone missing since the war ended. [Media Aug 2004] Top-selling author says flawed vaccinations caused disease. Scientist blasts MoD over Gulf War Syndrome

    "Some people claim Saddam's chemical and biological weapons are to blame for the condition while others say it's down to depleted uranium," adds Dr McClure. "Yet the first group I looked at were French troops who would have been exposed to those. None of them came down with Gulf War Syndrome. "They did not receive the vaccine prior to going out because their commander-in-chief did not trust it. So what does that suggest? "I also studied a second control group that included a considerable number of soldiers who'd been given vaccines but did not go out. They did develop GWS symptoms.[Media Aug 2004] Top-selling author says flawed vaccinations caused disease. Scientist blasts MoD over Gulf War Syndrome

    [Media Aug 2004] Top-selling author says flawed vaccinations caused disease. Scientist blasts MoD over Gulf War Syndrome

    [Media 29 August 2004] There IS a link between the MMR jab and autism, claims new research

    The Aquarian Conspiracy by Executive Intelligence Review


    Government Research into ESP & Mind Control By Tom Porter

    The removal of funds left the parents high and dry, without any proper legal advice about the consequences of continuing or abandoning their five-year-old claims against the three defendant drug companies.....It emerged that they were damned if they did continue and damned if they didn't. If they battled on without legal aid, they risked losing their homes in costs to the drug companies should the case ultimately fail. But if they abandoned the struggle, they not only forfeited the chance to appeal the withdrawal of legal aid, they could also be liable for the hefty costs bill clocked up since their certificates were revoked in June. Worse, from their point of view, they may face insurmountable legal barriers to ever resurrecting their claims, should a new piece of scientific evidence come to light or public funding be restored.  [Media Aug 2004] MMR: Keith and smiles?  (Private Eye 6 Aug 2004)

    McVeigh: The Manchurian Candidate by David Hoffman

    The Network of Stolen Consciousness by Beth Goobie

    The Heartland Initiative - promotes the use of the Core Integrity Model for healing extensive trauma (Valerie Wolf achieved great success with this approach).  Have your therapist contact them for training
    Truth Be Known - Dr. Ellen Lachter's ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control website
    Knox, Marion

    Patton, Ron


    Happiness is a function of accepting what is.
    Love is a function of communication.
    Health is a function of participation.
    Self Expression is a function of responsibility. ---Werner Erhard

    Life is a ripoff when you expect to get what you want.
    Life works when you choose what you got.
    Actually what you got is what you chose.
    To move on, choose it. ----Werner Erhard

    Conversations With Research Scientists


    [Media Aug 2004] Baby dies after Pulse Polio injection  
    [Media Aug 2004]
    'Mr. Botox' Case Raises Some Brows
    [Narco News Dec 2002]
    Coca in the Cola



    Michael and Stephanie Relfe

    The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

    Interview by Surfing The Apocalypse

    Mind Control In Films And Computer Games By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc.

    An astonishing journal paper.   1  November, 1993. FASEB Journal, volume 7, pp.1381-1385. Authors—Stephan Dirnhofer et al. Dirnhofer is from the Institute for Biomedical Aging Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.  A quote from the paper: "Our study provides insights into possible modes of action of the birth control vaccine promoted by the Task Force on Birth Control Vaccines of the WHO (World Health Organization)."A birth control vaccine?  What? Yes. A vaccine whose purpose is to achieve non-pregnancy where it ordinarily could occur.Sterilization? This particular vaccine is apparently just one of several anti-fertility vaccines the Task Force is promoting. Yes. There is a Task Force on Birth Control Vaccines at WHO. This journal paper focuses on a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin B (hCG). There is a heading in the paper (p.1382) called "Ability of antibodies to neutralize the biological activity of hCG." The authors are trying to discover whether a state of no-fertility can be achieved by blocking the normal activity of hCG. They state, "We conclude from our results that both the efficacy and safety of the WHO vaccine are not yet ensured."
        Another journal paper. The British Medical Bulletin, volume 49,1993. "Contraceptive Vaccines" is the title of the paper. The authors—RJ Aitken et al. From the MRC Reproductive  Biology Unit, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.
        "Three major approaches to contraceptive vaccine development are being pursued at the present time. The most advanced approach, which has already reached the stage of phase 2 clinical trials [human trials testing efficacy], involves the induction of immunity against human chorionic gonadotro-phin (hCG). Vaccines are being engineered ... incorporating tetanus or diptheria toxoid linked to a variety of hCG-based peptides... Clinical trials have revealed that such preparations are capable of stimulating the production of anti-hCG anti­bodies. However, the long-term consequences of such immu nity in terms of safety or efficacy are, as yet, unknown...The authors are talking about creating an immune response against a female hormone....The authors state, "The fundamental principle behind this approach to contraceptive vaccine development is to prevent the maternal recognition of pregnancy by inducing a state of immunity against hGC, the hormone mat signals the presence of the embryo to the maternal endocrine system."...... Rappoport, Jon  (Ownership of All Life p66)

    [2002] Sensation: Cities Found on the Moon!

    The American Medical Association, since 1975, has channelled somewhere in the vicinity of $75 million into its own political action committee, the American Medical Political Action Committee (AMPAC). This money is funnelled through to favored candidates who run for office all over the US. The federal watchdog agency whose job it is to keep PACs like AMPAC honest is the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The FEC has its Washington offices in a building at 999 E Street, NW. The building is owned by the American Medical Association.  Rappoport, Jon  (Ownership of All Life)

    Deliverance is a gift from the Lord Jesus Christ for HIS people. It is NOT for the unbelieving public at large. The Bible refers to deliverance as the "Children's Bread". In 1983 when I was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I believed in God but was not living a Christian life and did not have a close walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. In one of my newsletters that exposed the Illuminati, the author had a couple of tapes on offer by a preacher named Win Worley. One was titled, "Mass Deliverance". This tape was a recording of a group deliverance service at a small Baptist church near Chicago. When listening to this tape, I was unprepared for what happened. I listened to the sermon and explanation of terms. I participated in the prayers that the preacher led the group through. I felt that "something" happened but I did not know what. Then the preacher started calling a list of names of demons (lust, jealousy, hatred, etc. there were many of them) and ordered them to leave the people. Immediately I felt VERY strange and "things" started leaving me. Burping, belching, tears, coughing, dry heaves, etc. I just kept participating and praying in my head for anything "bad" to leave me. This went on for about an hour. By the time the tape was over I felt VERY different. The initial session (and many more after) enabled me to get free enough from the holds of the enemy to start walking a Christian life.....IF YOU AREN'T FIGHTING DEMONS, YOU AREN'T FIGHTING MIND CONTROL. The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

    The preliminary tests were done and I was subject to certain drugs to enhance my talent. These drugs can kill and cause permanent damage so they are done slowly over a period of weeks. I believe these drugs made permanent changes in the brain and "opened up" certain energy channels, circuits, etc. After surviving the drugs, more tests are given to see the results of the drugs. Then different speed learning techniques are used to program a lot of information in a short period of time. Then training moves on to "the machines". These machines are amplifiers of Psi abilities. There was some type of surgically inserted "interface" device implanted in my "third eye" area to allow connection to these machines. There is constant training with the machines as well as calibrations, exercises and tests.......Trauma is old technology. The machines and techniques these people have are hundreds of years beyond that. The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

    We then used the "Wernicke's correction" to remove them. It is generally known that research has shown that words are stored in a specific area of the brain. What is not so well known is that there is an equivalent area in the right half of the brain which is also involved with language. Both these areas are called the Wernicke's area.
        Experiments have shown that if the Wernicke's area in the left half of the brain is electrically stimulated during speech, it will interfere with the ability to talk properly, almost halting speech. The same type of stimulation to the Wernicke's area in the right brain, however, causes a person to hear "voices" or "commands". These are usually of an authoritarian or dictatorial nature, and can be identified as the voice of one who was feared, admired or looked up to by the person being stimulated. The "authorities" who might have put commands into this mind are anyone that we might have looked up to at sometimes. These can include parents, teachers, peers, politicians, and doctors-and aliens. Have you ever been told to "grow-up", "shut-up", "forget that" or "give up"? Have you ever been told "you're mad", "you're bad", "you're stupid" or "you'll never make it"?
        If somebody you thought was powerful or important said "you're too fat", "you'll never change", "you'll forget", "don't trust anyone", "you're not good enough", "you'll go to hell" etc., then they may have made an "entry" in your right Wernickes's area, an implanted command, which is still influencing you to this day!
    In the case of people who have suffered an abduction experience, the commands have often been implanted INTENTIONALLY with force or drugs to lock them in more securely. Commands such as "you will forget", and "this never happened" and "you dreamed all this" are reasons why the victims have no conscious memory of the event. Booby traps are commands such as "you will have a heart attack if you remember." The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

    We have received psychic attacks fairly often since The Mars Records were released. These attacks take the form of surveillance, monitoring and blocking of clearing sessions, energy "drains" being hooked into each of us, offensive attacks meant to hurt us using radionics, psychotronics and various "death signal" devices as well as RV and psychic attacks while sleeping. The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

    In addition, during the monthly "medical check-up" abductions different techniques are tried to discourage us. Such as multiple layers to mind control commands, multiple layers of drugs as well as a new thing, putting the equivalent drug directly into the "etheric" body. This is especially bad, as most people don't' even know they have energy bodies! The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

    The preliminary tests were done and I was subject to certain drugs to enhance my talent. These drugs can kill and cause permanent damage so they are done slowly over a period of weeks. I believe these drugs made permanent changes in the brain and "opened up" certain energy channels, circuits, etc. After surviving the drugs, more tests are given to see the results of the drugs. Then different speed learning techniques are used to program a lot of information in a short period of time. Then training moves on to "the machines". These machines are amplifiers of Psi abilities. There was some type of surgically inserted "interface" device implanted in my "third eye" area to allow connection to these machines. There is constant training with the machines as well as calibrations, exercises and tests.......Trauma is old technology. The machines and techniques these people have are hundreds of years beyond that. The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

    I remember the Greys as doctors or technicians. I believe the Reptilians stay camouflaged (cloaked) most of the time. They prefer to appear human because they are naturally fierce looking. The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

    Here I am, an ex-operative for these people, with in the field combat experience utilizing Remote Viewing for tactical operations. I have a high Psi efficiency, "raw horsepower" if you will, so much so that my final target termination count was 70 terminations. Some of these were reptilians. And I survived those operations. When operational, I was VERY good at my job. NONE of the so-called "big name" remote viewers would last a microsecond against me. And that's a fact. The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

    [2004] A review of practices in hospitals in the UK has found that 850,000 errors occur every year, resulting in 40,000 deaths, although the rate could be as high as 72,000 deaths a year. NURSE, THE SCREENS:  Hospitals are killing too many patients (WDDTY)

    Every year in the United States, physicians perform 15 million unnecessary surgeries. Every year, 60,000 people die from those unnecessary surgeries Rappoport, Jon  (Ownership of All Life)

    In 1987, journalist Robert Lederer wrote about a vaccine against hog cholera. The serum was developed from pig blood which turned out to be tainted with African Swine Fever (ASF). "Thus," Lederer suggests, "during mass [pig] vaccination programs, the tainted vaccine prevented hog cholera but also induced ASF on a mass scale."
        Ben Dupuy, editor of New York's Haiti Progress, told Lederer he believed the hog cholera vaccine was intentionally introduced into Haiti to blast the poor-peasant infrastructure. With the death of their pigs during the ensuing ASF epidemic of 1979, Dupuy maintains peasants were forced to pay $100 apiece for new pigs brought in from the US. Of course, they couldn't afford this. The idea was to drive peasants off their land into low-paying urban jobs and, from the outside, establish a new Haitian economy (US controlled) of huge farms and factories.
        In this regard, Lederer also cites an article from the New York Native, December 17,1984, in which Jane Teas (Harvard School of Public Health) remarks that ASF first broke out in Haiti in a well-populated valley that was due to be flooded, as part of a hydroelectric dam project. Rappoport, Jon  (Ownership of All Life p86)

    [Media July 2004] Are your pills good for you - or your GP? by Dr Desmond Spence

    [Media c2003] Wombless women challenge 'scalpel happy surgeons'

    [Media 6 June 2004] Patients to sue over drug (Sabril) they say blinded them

    [Media June 2004] Twenty months in hospital...Simone Katzenberg thought her bone marrow cancer could be swiftly dealt with. Here, she describes the continuing, agonising battle

    [Aug 2004] Now We Know For Sure They Lied About 911 By John Kaminski

    Fluoridation: No Benefit, Another Study Shows

    [Media 2004] Medical blunders could leave the NHS with a £6bn bill

    [Media Dec 14, 1999] Cannabis 'cure' for brain injury

    [Media Feb 28, 2004] Morning-after pill was to blame for the death of my daughter, says tycoon's wife

    A victim of the Spanish "toxic oil syndrome" disaster, interviewed on the admirable Yorkshire Television documentary Poisoned Lives in 1991 expressed her disillusion: When I hear the word 'scientist', it's as if I get an allergic reaction. And the word 'expert', well, I go cold whenever someone says 'an expert says this', I worry that it is not true. It's something that was said in the interests of some economic pressure group. I think science is a fine thing, it's a shame that it can be corrupted like this."[Media Aug 21, 1993] Poisoning the wells of science. Pesticides may be behind many ailments, but the government will not investigate

    "Pediatrics, the AAP's magazine, published an attack on a previous mercury-in-vaccine/autism study that was not peer reviewed, then they refused to publish a scientific refutation of that unfounded attack," Blaxill explained as one example of this growing bias.  "It is hard to fathom why Pediatrics would perpetuate research that has been scientifically proven faulty." [Aug 2004] Medical Journal Editorial Bias Deceives Doctors, Leads to Bad Medicine


    [Aug 2004] Reichminister Ashcroft & The Internet Wiretap System

    B12 Deficiency From Drugs



    A military policeman posted mainly at an airfield in Saudi Arabia, Brad, along with 150,000 other American soldiers, took a vaccine--on his commander's orders--against weapon-borne anthrax. A second vaccine, against botulism, was administered to 8,000 soldiers. A staff report issued last December by the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs concluded that "Persian Gulf veterans were . . . ordered under threat of Article 15 or court-martial, to discuss their vaccinations with no one, not even with medical professionals needing the information to treat adverse reactions from the vaccine." The Senate report noted that the particular botulinum toxoid issued "was not approved by FDA." Other details from the survey: Of responding veterans who had taken the anthrax vaccine, 85 percent were told they could not refuse it, and 43 percent experienced immediate side effects. Only one fourth of the women to whom it was administered were warned of any risks to pregnancy. Of all responding personnel who had taken the antibotulism medicine, 88 percent were told not to turn it down and 35 percent suffered side effects. None of the women given botulinum toxoid were told of pregnancy risks. "Anthrax vaccine should continue to be considered as a potential cause for undiagnosed illnesses in Persian Gulf military personnel," said the report in one of its summations. And in another: "[The botulism vaccine's] safety remains unknown." [Media Aug 2004] THE TINY VICTIMS OF DESERT STORM

    Prof Simon Wessely said a series of studies by his team at King's College, London, pointed to the vaccinations given to those who served in the 1991 Gulf War as a major factor in the illnesses they subsequently suffered. "The more vaccines you received, the more likely you were to suffer ill-health," he told the public inquiry in Gulf war illnesses. "Those who had the most vaccinations were nearly twice as likely to get ill. We still haven't got that right. We're still getting problems with anthrax vaccinations now."........Prof Wessely said troops given the combination of whooping cough vaccine and anthrax vaccines were 40 per cent more likely to suffer the symptoms attributed to the so-called Gulf War Syndrome. [Media Aug 11, 2004] Gulf war vaccine still a problem, leading scientist tells inquiry

    [Media Aug 11, 2004] Gulf war vaccine still a problem, leading scientist tells inquiry

    The chairman of the government committee that approved the inoculation is receiving financial support for his work from a com­pany involved in its manufacture.Professor Michael Langman, who heads the Joint Commit­tee on Vaccination and Immunisation, gets funding from Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD) for his medical research at Birmingham University. [Media Aug 16, 2004] Five-in-one jab adviser has links to vaccine firm

    [Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI)] Vaccines Are Not Mercury Free

    The only reported study that comes close to investigating an holistic approach involves the Gerson therapy.  In an evaluation of five-year survival rates of 153 melanoma patients. Here, 100% of Gerson therapy patients with Stage 1 & 2 cancers survived, but only 79% survive had conventional therapy. With Stage 3 cancers (regional metastases), the figures respectively were 70% and 41%; with Stage 4a (distant metastases), 39% with Gerson and 6% with conventional therapy survived. How Scientific are Orthodox Cancer Treatments? by Walter Last

    [Book 2004] Mercury : The Winged Messenger by Courtney L. Zietzke 

    [Book Feb 2005] "EVIDENCE  OF  HARM" by New York Times writer David Kirby

    Edda West from VRAN (Canada) on 5 in 1 vaccine (Pentacel)

    Who owns CNN? or MSNBC? ABC?

    Daniel Fertig, Ph.D., a teacher of Life Sciences at East Los Angeles Community College, was threatened by the College administrators for several years that he would receive unsatisfactory notices, which could result in a loss of his job, if he continued playing an audio tape entitled The Politics of Cancer Therapy for his students. Corruption of History for Propaganda by Chris Gupta

    How Scientific are Orthodox Cancer Treatments? by Walter Last

    CIA oversees "war" on AIDS by Dr. Len Horowitz

    [Media Aug 2004] Drug Firm Fights Ban on Vaccine Preservative

    [Back pain] Root canals can reportedly cause a severe immune dysfunction, causing as much damage as mercury amalgams

    [Media 7/2004] Seizure risk with MMR vaccine slight, temporary

    President Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health has set off aggressive "screening for mental illness" initiatives that are nothing short of an assault on personal dignity and legal rights. The target population of forced mental health "screening" are America's children and pregnant women. If allowed to go forth, these programs will create a totalitarian Orwellian nightmare.....A child over the age of 12  will be provided two mental health sessions without parental consent." This is not science fiction! [ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION (AHRP)] Government sanctioned Assault on Children and Pregnant Women_

    [Media August 09, 2004] Mother (Julie Ferris) is cleared of murdering her babies

    "Canada is a perfect test market for pharmaceutical companies testing new vaccines because there is no mandatory reporting of vaccine reactions in this country, and it is left up to the individual doctor's opinion whether a child's adverse reaction is vaccine related, and furthermore, there is no way to access government or pharmaceutical data bases for independent inquiries as to reactions that are being reported - so it's very easy to manipulate information and make sweeping statements that the 5 in 1 vaccine has been proven safe after 7 years of if injection into Canadian children."

    "Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge the original trials did not monitor reactions in children beyond 72 hours (see attached pdf blurb), nor did they test the vaccine in children who have existing or evolving neurological disorders or other undiagnosed health problems." West, Edda 

    [Media 7/23/2004] Air Force veteran claims smallpox vaccine made him sick

    [Book] Mercury : The Winged Messenger by Courtney L. Zietzke

    Dr Duffy on WNV

    VAERS-217 Deaths from Prevnar since May2000



    [ 7 aug 2004] Secret US report surfaces on antidepressants in children

    [Media July 24, 2004] Flu shots linked to asthma attacks
    [Media. 01 August 2004] Parents angry at vaccine pressure
    THE SOVIET ART OF BRAINWASHING. A synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics

    Epidemiologic Evidence Is Insufficient To Prove There Is No Link Between The MMR Vaccine And Autism By Clifford G. Miller


    Terziski, Vladimir

    The only thing the other side can’t survive is exposure


    Brain Washing, A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics

    Media Campaign Pumps West Nile Virus 'Outbreak' Hysteria to Justify Malathion Spraying in California

    Seek out " the leaders in the country's future, and educate them into the belief of the animalistic nature of Man. This must be made fashionable. They must be taught to frown upon ideas, upon individual endeavour. They must be taught, above all things that the salvation of Man is to be found only by his adjusting thoroughly to this environment. ...Nations, which have high ethical tone, are difficult to conquer. ("The Soviet Art of Brainwashing,"II-8) [Aug 2004] John Kerry and the Art of Brainwashing By Henry Makow Ph.D.

    Holy Smoke and Mirrors The Vatican Conspiracy by David G. Guyatt [2000]

    HIDDEN FROM HISTORY The Canadian Holocaust by Rev. Kevin D. Annett, MA, MDiv

    Part 1 | Part 2
    - by Harold D. Foster

    A STATE OF TERROR by Ben C. Vidgen

    The Yin & Yang of HIV by Valendar F. Turner

    Decloaking Pathogens With Low-Frequency Sound by Sharry Edwards, MEd

    One informant in the publishing industry told us that since the mid-1990s, major publishers would not accept cookbooks unless they included canola in the recipes.The Great Con-ola by Sally Fallon

    The Great Con-ola by Sally Fallon

    The Phoney War on Terrorism By Ted Gunderson

    Jon Whale interview on Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP)

    The total ineffectiveness of vaccines

    microwaved food increases electrical sensitivity

    [Media July 2004] MoD gags Gulf war research


    More on Statins (cholesterol) & Drug Cos

    Statin Insanity by Randall Neustaedter OMD

    Lymph therapy

    [NVIC] Can DPT/DTaP Alter Immune Function?

    David R. Cowan

    ANCIENT ENERGIES OF THE EARTH HIJACKED Book review and observations by Lifetraveller

    [April 2004] Area 51 Microbiologist Ready to Talk

    [Media July 2004] Police radio system (TETRA) led to officer's fatal cancer, family fears

    The most important factor for improving your health: Your body tries to manifest what you expect! 

    Bats, Mosquitoes and Dollars By Dr. Charles A. R. Campbell

    Torture Jailer: 'I Was Supported by Rumsfeld'


    Big Oil and the War on Drugs and Terrorism by Siegfried E. Tischler, PhD

    [July 2004] MMR and Acquired Autism (Autistic Enterocolitis) - A Briefing Note by David Thrower

    Our Deadly Diabetes Deception by Thomas Smith

    Health Freedom articles by Owen R Fonorow


    [July 2004] The Untold Dangers of GM Crops By Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

    Mobile phones
    Mobile phone masts

    GM foods

    The Junk food conspiracy

    The Mind Control Conspiracy
    The Depopulation  Conspiracy
    The Chemtrail Conspiracy

    The Cholesterol Hoax

    [July 8, 2004, 04:59] Cheney Faces Criminal Indictments; Other Illegal Actions Raise Warning Flags at White House

    Nutrapoison by Alex Constantine 
    [July 9, 2004] Cancer-causing contamination of polio vaccine

    Stanley Kops.....has produced proof positive that the oral polio vaccine (including the one which is used in Australia) has always been contaminated with SV-40. Since 1963, we have been assured that polio vaccines have not contained this deadly contaminant. Stanley Kops shows that not only is this not the case, but that the vaccine regulators who are charged with keeping our families safe, have known all along that SV-40 was never removed from vaccines. [July 9, 2004] Cancer-causing contamination of polio vaccine

    It appears that government has no real desire to reduce violence or admit the relationship between TV, video games and violence or drugs, chemicals and violence. Why? Because government policies actually promote violence as if it's critical to some perverse national security interest. Pentagon, media conspire to produce legions of killers by Don Harkins

    Water cure

    Bob Butts believes that if people would simply drink enough water each day they could rid themselves of most ailments, including asthma, allergies, depression, cancer, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. The Water Cure: It really is that simple by Richard Rieben

    100 Years of Medical Robbery by Dale Steinreich

    CA: native guinea pigs & vaccines - enforced pharmaceuticals

    [Media April 2004] U.S. Adds Flu Shots to List of Childhood Jabs

    Grains and Disease by Chris Gupta

    [Media 4/2004] Dental X-Rays Might Lead to Small Babies

    [Media Feb 29 2004] MMR docs' links with drugs firms

    Dr Vincent Marks

    Thoughts on breastmilk and vitamin contents by Hilary Butler

    Gary Goldman, PhD - Exposing Problems with Chickenpox Vaccine
    April 7, 2004Ethics Complaint Cites Frist's Work On Medical Malpractice Legislation

    [Media April 6, 2004] DID MMR GIVE MY SON EPILEPSY?

    Depopulation Of A Planet

    The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976



    A woman surrenders her power, in trust. This is how a woman expresses her love: by trusting. In this way, women actually empower men. If a man betrays this trust, he loses his power. In return for her power, a woman gets what she really wants: a man's power expressed as his intense, undivided love. He includes her in his sphere of self-interest: this is how two people become one. Her happiness is his happiness. He can't hurt her without hurting himself.  Teaching women to seek masculine power prevents them from getting what they really want.

    Pediatr Int. 2004 Failure of inactivated influenza A vaccine to protect healthy children aged 6-24 months.

    [Media April 05, 2004] Orphans used for (Glaxo) HIV trials

    Ed McCabe Blasts Miami AIDS Pharma Propagandathon

    [Media April 3, 2004] Rabies vaccines recalled

    [Media March 2004 Seroxat] Why I resigned over this disgraceful "happy pill" cover-up

    "The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation Agency found from information that had been in its possession for more than a decade that high doses of the anti-depressant can lead to aggression and thoughts of suicide. But instead of revealing the truth to the 17,000 people taking high doses and the other half-million Britons on a safer dose, the MHRA sat on its findings. Astonishingly, I was actually threatened with legal action by Professor Kent Woods, chief executive of the MHRA, if I revealed this."---RICHARD BROOK

    [Media March 2004--Whooping cough] I had to video my son to prove he was very ill

    Aspartame: Slow Death by Slim Fast  by DR. BETTY MARTINI

    BMJ  2004Patterns of presentation of the shaken baby syndrome Four types of inflicted brain injury predominate
    BMJ  2004 Shaken baby syndrome Pathological diagnosis rests on the combined triad, not on individual injuries
    BMJ  2004 Parents as well as children need protection
    BMJ  2004 The evidence base for shaken baby syndrome; We need to question the diagnostic criteria
    BMJ  2004 Patterns of presentation of the shaken baby syndrome Subdural and retinal haemorrhages are not necessarily signs of abuse
    [Media Friday, 26 March, 2004] Doubt over shaken baby diagnosis

    False information in DeStefano/Rhodes response to M. Geier 24 March 2004
    [Media March 2004] Growing Doubts On Vaccine In Military
    Chicken pox vax ineffective - but let's use it anyway

    Varcel & paralysis

    "     Goldman also reports that shortly after communicating on authorship issues with health officials associated with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) concerning the shingles data and analysis, he was threatened with legal action if he published the manuscript in the medical literature. He said, "Whenever research data and information concerning potential adverse effects associated with a vaccine used in a human population are suppressed and/or misrepresented by health authorities, not only is this most disturbing, it goes against all accepted scientific norms and dangerously compromises professional ethics."" ATA REVEALS THREAT OF SHINGLES EPIDEMIC FROM VACCINE USE Health Officials Threaten Legal Action Against Researcher 

    ATA REVEALS THREAT OF SHINGLES EPIDEMIC FROM VACCINE USE Health Officials Threaten Legal Action Against Researcher 
    October 2003 STUDY REVEALS IMPORTANT SIDE EFFECT OF MASS VARICELLA VACCINATION OF HEALTHY CHILDREN: Reduction in chickenpox may increase incidence of shingles. 

    [Letter BMJ --MMR] Re: When will this pantomime end? 19 March 2004 --John Daniel Stone,
    [Letter BMJ--SBS] Will anyone listen now? 26 March 2004 ---s m latta,

    [Letter BMJ] Re: UNRELIABILITY OF SCIENTIFIC PAPERS AS EVIDENCE 17 March 2004 --F. Edward Yazbak,


    [Media 2004] MMR CASH FIGHT BLOW
    Wyeth May Leave MedImmune Holding the FluMist Bag
    [Media March 2004] US FDA says Wyeth made false claims about Effexor
    [Media March 2004] Wyeth Announces Discontinuation of Operations in Marietta, PA

    [Media March 2004] Flu vaccine may be linked with asthma in infants

    In the same year, the Washington Post (3) published the fact that Ritalin which is prescribed to very young children had never been tested on that age group (under 6's) and yet, between 150,000 - 200,000 children between the ages of 2 and 4 were prescribed Ritalin. Hilary Butler letter to BMJ 2004

    It seems that the media just doesn't "get it". By and large, they tow the "party line". Whatever that is. Right now, is "bash anything to do with vaccine alerts"  The reason that the media got on the Andrew Wakefield bandwaggon, was that at the time, he looked like "part of the party". And being part of the party, surely the issue had some validity. And great eye-catching, "caring" headlines, implying that "we the media, love our children". This looked to the media like "win/win journalism". Which means that the issue wins, and the media gets to look good, and sell lots of papers. The media hates "lose/lose" journalism. Which is why people like me know not to go to the media. And which is now why most are bagging Andrew Wakefield. He is "costing" them too much, in the eyes of the medical profession. Again, the "party" matters most. Hilary Butler letter to BMJ 2004

    And if, as Professor Boyd Haley has shown, some babies can NOT get rid of mercury, ...what then?  It seems to be conveniently dismissed as if neonates "are just small adults". They are not. Neonates of all species have very different biochemistry and immune systems to adults, and that is an issue and problem that the pharmaceutical industry has yet to either admit or grapple with.  Hilary Butler letter to BMJ 2004

    Unfortunately for some of us, the media used Wakefield to derail the real issue. To those who really know the A - Z of the issue, MMR is simply, for some children, the straw that breaks the two-humped camel's back. Other children don't need an MMR to get vaccine-provoked disintegrative disorders. The real issue is that vaccination in the first few months of neonate"hood", increases mercury levels in the blood of infants (1) Hilary Butler letter to BMJ 2004

    In a page no longer available, but which I printed out, the BBC reported on 13 February 2001, under the heading "Newborns 'face higher drug risks' "that""A missing gut chemical (cytochrome P450) means babies are at far higher risks of side-effects from drugs designed for use in adults or children. The research, at Sheffield Univerisyt adds weight to arguments for fuller testing of adult medicines before they are declared suitable for much younger children. ... currently 40% of drugs used to test children are not licenced for that purpose - while 65% of those used on babies are being prescribed outside the terms of their licence, or ar not licenced at all."  Hilary Butler letter to BMJ 2004


    [Media Feb 29 2004] MMR docs' links with drugs firms

    Lancet editor takes seven years to act on Wakefield's declaration of Legal Aid Board involvement

    We need help for our son, Eric who has autism

    Acid-Base Balance of Diets Which Produce Immunity to Dental Caries Among the South Sea Islanders and Other Primite Races by Weston A. Price, DDS, MS, FACD

    The Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry by Dr Rath MD

    A Bio-Medical Treatment Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Including Heavy Metal Detoxification By JAQUELYN McCANDLESS, M.D

    Epidemiological studies cannot be relied upon

    [Media February 27, 2004] Scientists suspect health threat from GM maize


    The Case against Inducing Labor

    Ultrasound Unsound? (Collection of info)

    'Our Polio Test Was Conclusive' - DR Haruna Kaita

    [Media March 2004] Father Murdered Baby after Series of Attacks, Court Told

    Letter to BMJ - MMR/Wakefield  by Hilary Butler.
    About 45 companies, including the American Sugar Refining Company, Coca-Cola, General Foods, General Mills, Nestles, and Pet Milk have as their "front organization" a group called The Nutrition Foundation.

    REFINED SUGAR The Sweetest Poison of All by William Dufty

    THE MARGARINE HOAX  by Dane A. Roubos, D.C.

    "Despite changes in the law, only one out of 171 cases succeeded in 2000 and the following year just two out of 176 were successful. Claims jumped to 406 in 2002 but only eight families received pay­ments, while of the 183 families....Kay Stait is still fighting for compensation for her son Ben, who developed epilepsy after a three-in-one jab in 1994 and has fits every day,' she said. 'He needs 24-hour care and has been in and out of hospital for years. Yet he was a perfect baby, just beautiful. I feel bitter and terribly cheated but we won't stop trying.'"--Media 2004

    "Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity."- Marshall McLuhan

    [pdf] Geier D, Geier M. The true story of pertussis vaccination: a sordid legacy? J Hist Med Allied Sci. 2002 Jul;57(3):249-84.

    [Media 27 February, 2004] Parents refused aid to fight MMR

    FURTHER STATEMENT by A WAKEFIELD [NVIC] The Smearing Of Andrew Wakefield

    [Feb 2004 AVN press release] Wakefield learns that honesty is not necessarily the best policy in medicine
    MMR Studies that Count, Studies that Don't - F.E. Yazbak, MD, FAAP

    [Feb 2004] Statement from Dr Andrew Wakefield
    Mc Donald's diet ruins mans health in 30 days.

    Response to:  Autism and Vaccines , WSJ, Monday, February 16, 2004

    Dr. Neruda: "There are many organizations that have noble exteriors and secret interiors. In other words, they may have external agendas that they promote to their employees, members, and the media, but there is also a secret and well-hidden agenda that only the inner core of the organization is aware of. The outer rings or protective membership as they're sometimes referred to, are simply window dressing to cover-up the real agenda of the organization.
        "The IMF, Foreign Relations Committee, NSA, KGB, CIA, World Bank, and the Federal Reserve are all examples of these organizational structures. Their inner core is knitted together to form an elitist, secret society, with its own culture, economy, and communication system. These are the powerful and wealthy who have joined forces in order to manipulate world political, economic, and social systems to facilitate their personal agenda.
        "The agenda, as I know it, is primarily concerned with control of the world economy and its vital resources -- oil, gold, gas reserves, platinum, diamonds, etc. This secret network has utilized technology from the ACIO for the purpose of securing control of the world economy. They're well into the process of designing an integrated world economy based on a digital equivalent of paper currency. This infrastructure is in place, but it is taking more time than expected to implement because of the resistance of competitive forces who don't understand the exact nature of this secret network, but intuitively sense its existence.

    Dr. Neruda: “There are certain keywords that are monitored in e-mail and phone communications – especially within academia. The ACIO simply taps into this technology that was developed by the NSA, and can intercept e-mails and phone calls anywhere in the world that relate to key words that it monitors.”


    Blue Grid 

    The Megalithic Portal and Megalith Map

    Lying Is Good Government': Blair`s New WMD Inquiry Chief

    "In my view, this is not a scientific issue. This is about as proven an issue as you’re ever going to see, and what’s occurring here is a cover up under the guise of protecting the vaccine program. And I’m for the vaccine program. You keep covering it up and your not going to have a vaccine program," Geier

    GULF WAR SYNDROME Biological Black Magic by David G. Guyatt

    "If ignorance is truly bliss, then why do so many Americans need Prozac?"

    The Bird Flu Vaccine An Attempt to Create That Which We Fear By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone



    Why Bush & the CIA Had John Lennon Killed

    Vaccine Exemption Forms and Information, USA

    Dirty Tricks, Inc.: The DynCorp-Government Connection by Uri Dowbenko

    "Within the last two decades a potential has emerged which was improbable but which is now marginally feasible. This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species without mediation through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed." Persinger, Ludwig, & Ossenkopp, 1973

    Three Reasons Why Those Who Supported the Use of Fluoride Say No to Fluoridation Today 


    "An old saying ....
    lies are half way around the world, while truth is still getting its boots on ...

    Rule By Secrecy, The Biggest Secret, Tales From the Time Loop, Illuminati Bloodlines, read them all. peace

    Know your enemy
    Fight the big lie
    Receive all of your news from alternative Internet sources.
    And get the fuck off your knees.


    The Washington Child Sex Ring Coverup

    global drug-running and money-laundering operations by David G. Guyatt

    Deserting Our Troops 

    Childhood Immunizations and Abrupt-Onset Apnea:  An Unresolved Issue in Shaken Baby Syndrome by Harold E. Buttram, MD & Alan R. Yurko

    [2003 meningococcal and tetanus vaccines] Vaccinations turn into parents' nightmare

    Veterans Administration Report and Analyses

    September 10, 2002 -
    VA confirms 159,230 veterans (out of 572,833 veterans) who were in the Gulf War Conflict have service connected disabilities, as of May, 2002. Another 62,264 soldiers who served in the war's theater area have been granted disability claims. Of veterans in the conflict, 8,013 have died from service connected causes.

    Analysis of VA Report by Denise Nichols, a Gulf War veteran and retired U.S. Air Force Reserve major, is Vice Chairman of the National Vietnam Veteran and Gulf War Veterans Coalition. She can be reached at

    Commentary by Doug Rokke.






    The New Medicine of Dr Hamer by Walter Last   
    Dr Hamer English website
      German website



    [Media 2003] Hep B vaccine challenge launched

    [Media Feb 2004] Gulf war syndrome: the legal case collapses

    Newborn Vitamin K administration linked to higher cancer rate for 1-6 year old children

    SHOULD YOU GET THE FLU SHOT? By Dr Sherri Tenpenny

    Where's the Virus? The Fujian Fairy Tale by Jon Rappoport

    Tetanus: the disease versus the vaccine By Ingri Cassel 

    [Media 12/2003 Anthrax vaccine, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia] LOCAL SOLDIER GIVEN ANTHRAX VACCINE 

    [Media Jan 2004] The Calgary Sun: Flu shot suspect in death


    [Media Nov 2003 Anthrax/military vaccines] U.S. Soldier's Death Is Tied To Vaccines

    Mind Control

    PDF file of Dr. Singh's latest research

    [Feb 2004] Army won't review medication (Larium) in suicides

    Jan 2004

    The Truth About the Rockefeller Drug Empire: The Drug Story By Hans Ruesch

      Letter to IOM
    accompanying below document

    Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder

    [2004] The Shameful Treatment of the Autism Epidemic by the NIH, CDC, FDA and IOM---Letter to the President and Congress

    [Vaccine LIES!] thimerosal, was eliminated from flu vaccines after 1999,(CDC spokesperson) -- Diabetes Can be Cured

    [2002] Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation Declaration of Members' Interests

    [Media 2003.  Laetrile] I was told I had only six months to live.  But 17 years later I am alive and kicking thanks to vitamins, cyanide and (ouch!) coffee enemas

    [Media 2003 MMR---autism and bowel problems] My beautiful boy's life has been blighted
    [Media 2003 MMR] Will my coma girl ever recover from MMR jab?

    [Daily Mail March 11, 2003] How the MMR experts are tied to the drug firms 

    [Media Sept 2003 Pakistan] 3 babies die after 'measles vaccine'

    [Media 10/03] Hep B vaccine introduction UK] HEPATITIS B VACCINE 
    [Media 6/2002 Hep B vaccine] MUM FOUND BABY DEAD IN HER BED

    The Path With A Heart
    [Media 2003] Garlic linked to cancer cure

    Magnesium as first line therapy in the management of tetanus: a prospective study of 40 patients.
    [Media Dec 2003 Benlate fungicide] Eyeless children championed by Observer win $7m test case
    Tetanus by Dr Alec Burton, ND, DO, DC.

    PRIVATE EYE 17 October - 30 October 2003

    Document on the Dangers of EMF’s

    Dr. Stefan Lanka Ph.D.
    Interview in Zengers Magazine
    Virologist, with experience in marine biology, biochemistry, and evolutionary biology. Says Aids should be called Acquired Energy Deficiency Syndrome -AEDS--because it's a breakdown in the delivery of oxygen in the body.

    [media april 2003] Sugar industry threatens to scupper WHO

    Green Tea, Fluoride & the Thyroid

    A website by a pro-fluoridation infant medical group lists a cup of black tea to contain 7.8 mgs of fluoride (7), which is roughly the same amount as if one were to drink 7.8 litres of water in an area fluoridated at 1ppm. It is well known that fluoride in tea gets absorbed by the body similarly as the fluoride in drinking water (1,8).

    Drinbest of intentions, acheive the same end through childhood vaccination programs king a cup of tea with fluoride content as mentioned above (7.8mg) would mean a fluoride intake much higher(!) than amounts which were actually given as medication to treat hyperthyroidism (-> over-functioning thyroid) for numerous decades - in several countries - specifically to reduce thyroid activity! [(2 -10 mg NaF/day => 0.9mg - 4.5mg F-)] (19,20,21,22)

    "A major cause of the Roman Empire's decline, after six centuries of world dominance was its replacement of stone aqueducts by lead pipes for the transport and supply of drinking water. Roman engineers, the best in the world, turned their fellow citizens into cripples. Today our own "best and brightest," with the best of intentions, achieve the same end through childhood vaccination programmes yielding the modern scourges of hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism, appetite disorders, and impulsive violence."--Harris Coulter

    SARS & AIDS are political creatures