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[NVIC june 2006] Shingles Vaccine Targets Baby Boomers
In a vaccine approval frenzy putting big smiles on the faces of drug company execs, the FDA approved Zostavax, a shingles vaccine made by Merck..... the FDA approved a shingles vaccine that works half the time in people over 60. Merck really wants to market the vaccine to people 50 and older but the FDA temporarily said "No" to that idea because studies hadn't been done.     Zostavax is actually a booster dose of Merck's varicella zoster (chicken pox) vaccine. It is the equivalent of 14 doses of Merck's pediatric chicken pox vaccine. The safety of injecting a "souped up" version of the pediatric chicken pox vaccine into the often immune compromised elderly is yet another national experiment on one of the two most vulnerable segments of our society: the frail elderly. The elderly, along with children, often bear the brunt of medical science's obsession with eradicating microrganisms and the exploitation by drug companies in search of profits.   Mass use of chicken pox vaccine in American children since 1995 has caused a shingles epidemic in older Americans. Before mass chicken pox vaccine use, Americans who had recovered from chicken pox as children would have their immunity "boosted" naturally and asymptomatically by coming into contact with young children infected with chicken pox. Now, with no chicken pox around to do the boosting for older Americans, they get shingles instead. Chicken pox rarely causes severe complications or death in healthy children with 50 chickenpox related deaths in children occurring annually before mass use of chicken pox vaccine..
   Some researchers (Goldman, G., International Journal of Toxicology, 2005) estimate it will take more than 50 years of mass use of chicken pox vaccine before the shingles epidemic will begin to subside and will affect 14.6 million Americans at a cost of $4.1 billion or about $80 million in annual health care costs. Shingles cases result in 3 times as many deaths and 5 times as many hospitalizations in adults as chicken pox cases do in children.
      Bottom line: Drug companies double their profit potential when they create vaccines and drugs which create diseases and disorders that require creation and purchase of new vaccines and drugs. It gives special meaning to the phrase "a vicious circle." 

The CDC through their own studies have shown a child is much more likely to develop a neurodevelopmental delay such as Autism, ADHD, Speech Delay if given mercury containing vaccines (Thimerosal), but then marked their own research as confidential and not to release.  They later altered their own data to show no link between mercury containing vaccines and these neurological disorders. Angela's Story

Pictures right--DDT spraying:

[EW may 2006] Salva Kirr's Village Gifting Report--Southern Sudan

David A. Geier, Mark R. Geier. An assessment of downward trends in neurodevelopmental disorders in the United States following removal of thimerosal from childhood vaccines. Med Sci Monit, 2006.
The present study provides the first epidemiological evidence showing that as Thimerosal was removed
from childhood vaccines, the number of NDs has decreased in the US.


No Evidence of Measles Virus in MMR-Vaccinated Autistic Children

Ritalin - The Hidden Effects...Article by Independent Investigative Reporter Jon Rappaport

CDC, what they meant to write

The Human 'Fallout' of Depleted Uranium Munitions (April 29, 2006)
he Illuminati wants to create unbridled HATRED again the people and military forces of the United States so they can get their Middle East Armageddon style war into full gear-which will EXHAUST the American military and make the home front vulnerable to the control of Russian and Chinese troops who are already secretly billeted here."

Drawing right is the production of smallpox vaccine.  Enough said!

Donations tie drug firms and nonprofits

[NVIC May 2006] Drug Companies Manipulate Study Data
If drug companies manipulate study data on psychiatric drugs, it is a given that they manipulate study data on vaccines created for the lucrative child population in America. The CDC has never met a vaccine for children it did not want to recommend for universal use in order to guarantee drug companies a stable, assured market and big profits. The psychiatric drug business pales in comparison with the multi-billion dollar child vaccine business in America. Other than the FDA staff, nobody is independently checking the integrity of vaccine safety data provided to the FDA by drug companies when they seek licensure of a new vaccine. The public is asked to "trust" that the drug companies are telling the truth about vaccine safety. Sure they are.



[Media May 2006] Finland switches rapidly from universal tuberculosis vaccination of all newborns to targeted risk group vaccination


[DM 2006] Zithromax causes Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Is Morgellons Disease Caused By Chemtrail Spraying? - FDA and Health Freedom Protection Act
The FDA censors health information. It does so to protect drugs and its drug approval process from competition.
    Between 1992 and 1996, FDA prohibited companies that sell folic acid from telling women of childbearing age that .4 mg of folic acid daily before pregnancy could reduce the incidence of neural tube defects (including spina bifida and encephaly) by 40%. FDA’s censorship contributed to a preventable 10,000 neural tube defect births.
    Between 1994 to 2000, FDA prohibited companies that sell omega-3 fatty acids from telling Americans that those fatty acids found in fish oil could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 50%. FDA’s censorship contributed to a preventable 1.8 million sudden death heart attacks.
Between 2000 and the present, FDA prohibits companies that sell saw palmetto extract (the fruit of the dwarf American palm tree) from telling Americans that saw palmetto reduces enlarged prostates and relieves related symptoms. Approximately 50% of all men age 50 and older suffer from enlarged prostates and are denied access to this information.
Between 2000 and the present, FDA prohibits companies that sell glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate from telling Americans that those dietary ingredients treat osteoarthritis and relieve osteoarthritic pain and stiffness. Approximately 20 million Americans suffer needlessly from osteoarthritis.


[2003] Sudden Withdrawal on Effexor
“I have attempted suicide 3 times now, maybe the fourth will be the charm because this life is not life, it is a tortuous hell, that leaves little to live for.”

[2003] Paxil Suicide
[2003] Another horrible Paxil story “We will never get over this horrible nightmare.”
[2004] 16-Year Old’s Suicide on Zoloft

[2003] The Tragic Death of my Friend of 25 Years Due to Prozac
[2003] Prozac and how it made me try to commit suicide

[2003] Suicide Attempts on Aropax

12-Year Old Attempts Suicide on Luvox


[DM Forum April 2006] child was a typical child...

Thimerosal quotes

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Interview of Dr. Boyd E. Haley by Teri Small:
"The vaccine contains 125,000 nanomolar level of mercury if it has Thimerosal as a preservative. That’s a huge amount. And one nanomolar levels.....they will lose their ability to eat viruses and bacteria that are in the blood that shouldn’t be there, and so Thimerosal suppresses the immune system..................I think that the biological case against Thimerosal is so dramatically overwhelming anymore that only a very foolish or a very dishonest person with the credentials to understand this research would say that Thimerosal wasn’t most likely the cause of autism......Also, it’s not only those children, but those who are on antibiotics are much more susceptible to all types of mercury toxicity, because antibiotics have been shown in experiments with rats to prevent the excretion of mercury. So, it builds up in the bodies of these children......The same thing with diets: milk diets increase the retention of mercury in the bodies of children....the diet, the antibiotics and what we call synergistic toxicity of the exposure to other heavy metals, which is rampant in this country

The American Dental Association (ADA)


Dr Jean Elmiger MD

Roberts, Janine

The RFID Hacking Underground They can steal your smartcard, lift your passport, jack your car, even clone the chip in your arm. And you won't feel a thing. 5 tales from the RFID-hacking underground.

Insulin and Its Metabolic Effect By Ron Rosedale, M.D.

[Media march 11, 2004] How the MMR experts are tied to drug firms.

Corporate Takeover of the Food Supply

Former Army Ranger Given Orders To Kill Innocents Praying In A Mosque, Including Women And Children At Point Blank Range

Pepperspray Productions Pulls Video About The Killing Of Innocents Recounted By Iraqi Veteran, Jessie Macbeth

Confession No. 5: Hunt For The Truth Behind The Jesuits Continues, as Black Pope Officially Refuses To Be Interviewed By Truth seekers

Hollywood and Illuminati Team Up in DaVinci Code To Promote Satanic Lies

[EW] Typical report from someone trying to get out of a newage cult...--Don Croft

[Media May 24, 2006] Health experts downplay risk, warn against vaccine ban

[Media 22 May 2006] Heart drugs for all to combat bad diet.

Review of "Evidence of Harm" wins Excellence in Journalism award

Dr Rudi Verspoor

Dr Rushidie Kayiwa
Dr. Von Peter

[The Times May 23, 2006] NHS told to abandon alternative medicine

[Media May 2006] Eli Lilly's Strattera - 130 reports of suicidality in one month
Strattera is a failed antidepressant, which Eli Lilly didn't succeed to get approved. It was recycled and used as an "ADHD medication", and marketed as the first "non stimulant medication for ADHD". As many parents, despite all published lies about the "benefits" of stimulants like Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall, don't want to give dangerous narcotic drugs to their kids, Lilly saw the chance to get a good market share for Strattera.

[Media March 2006] MHRA forbids Sweden to reveal Strattera suicide data
The British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has forbidden Swedish authorities to reveal Strattera suicide data. A release in Sweden of data about suicides and suicide attempts from Eli Lilly's Strattera is said to hurt the relations between the two countries.

"You couldn't even construct a study that shows thimerosal is safe. It's just too darn toxic. If you inject thimerosal into an animal, its brain will sicken. If you apply it to living tissue, the cells die. If you put it in a petri dish, the culture dies. Knowing these things, it would be shocking if one could inject it into an infant without causing damage." ----Dr. Boyd Haley, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Kentucky and one of the world's leading authorities on mercury toxicity

"If, as the evidence suggests, our public-health authorities knowingly allowed the pharmaceutical industry to poison an entire generation of American children, their actions arguably constitute one of the biggest scandals in the annals of American medicine." Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

 "If the epidemic is truly an artifact of poor diagnosis," scoffs Dr. Boyd Haley, one of the world's authorities on mercury toxicity, "then where are all the twenty-year-old autistics?"

(Excerpts from Deadly Immunity)

Doctors Against Research? By David Kirby on the Huffington Post blog.
In other words, Congress wants to study thimerosal -- the mercury containing vaccine preservative and possible contributor to some autism cases -- and that makes the powerful AAP very, very unhappy. "Any bill that contains any questions about vaccines, we are not going to endorse," one lobbyist informed the group. "There is absolutely no link between thimerosal and autism. Period. To endorse the bill implies that this is an open question, and it is not."  "The bottom line," the lobbyist continued, to stunned silence, "is that we don't want to look into this. It is inappropriate to waste precious research dollars on something that we know will be disproved."

[NVIC May 2006] HPV Vaccine Increases Cancer Risk Gardasil, the heavily promoted cervical cancer and genital wart vaccine that Merck, the CDC and AAP want to mandate for all 11 and 12 year old girls, will not only increase the risk of cervical cancer for some of adolescent girls but can also make them susceptible to infection from the multiple other strains of HPV. In addition, five women who got the vaccine around time of conception gave birth to babies with birth defects.

[Media May 2006] 5-in-1 jab 'made baby boy blind'

[EW May 2006] Gunderson Update--Don Croft

[1925] "Dare Doctor's Think?" Verbatim Report of the Great Meeting held at Queen's Hall, London, Fri, Feb 6, 1925. In connection with the Rex versus Hadwen manslaughter charge

More Americans should get flu shot: experts

Joe Vialls

Zapper quotes
I am one of the biggest advocates of zappers you will meet.  It has turned me into a much healthier person, even though I never considered myself to be unhealthy really in the first place.  I have, however, had asthma since a very young age, induced by exercise, stress, and allergies.  Along with the asthma, I’ve always tended to get bouts of bronchitis, the flu, colds, etc. at least once a month or so.  There were always certain times of the year, such as December and March, when I could pretty much count on being debilitated by my asthma and bronchitis.  It was a regular occurance, and had just become natural to me. 
    I started wearing a zapper in April of last year, after finally ordering the standard orgone zapper from orgonize-africa.  I had been reading about it for some time, and decided it was finally time to try it out.  Since then, I have been convinced that the zapper is one of the greatest inventions we will ever see.  I have not actually used any asthma medicine or had any attacks since February of last year, and haven’t had bronchitis or a cold or anything in about the same length of time.  It’s so nice not getting sick every month anymore!  I can actually make plans for St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas without having to worry about whether or not I will need to bring my Nebulizer machine so that I can breathe.  It’s really great, and I owe Georg from orgonize-africa big time. 
    Another thing I noticed was that on the first day I started wearing my zapper, I lost 5 pounds!  At the time, I was not dieting, was not exercising, and had actually eaten quite an unhealthy selection that day, including a big piece of chocolate cake for breakfast!  There is absolutely no reason that I should have lost weight that day.  I even took the batteries out of my scale and replaced them with new ones to be sure, but it was not a mistake.  I weigh myself every morning and I lost 5 pounds in one day, just from wearing the zapper.  I’m not sure if it increased my metabolism, or if it was 5 pounds of parasites dying off!  Either way, I kept the weight off and have remained healthy ever since.  The zapper is indeed one of the greatest inventions of our time.  Peace and love always,------Rocky J  [May 2006]

[Media May 2006] U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world, report says

[Media 2006] More Americans should get flu shot: experts

[1881] PASTEUR AND JENNER. An Example and a Warning. BY J.  J.  GARTH   WILKINSON.

 The evidence that fluoride is harmful is overwhelming ---Dr. Limeback

'Conspiracy theory'

[Forum] Dangerous Medicines

The Cloud Appreciation Society

Marco Lillini

That since Vaccination has been rendered obligatory, infantile syphilis (under one year old) has been increased in England, according to a Parliamentary return, dated February 25th, 1880, from 472 per million of births in 1847, to 1,736 per million in 1877, or fourfold; and that other inoculable diseases, such as pyaemia, scrofula, erysipelas, and bronchitis, were also augmented in infants. In England, the increase of inoculable diseases was 20 per cent., notwithstanding an expenditure of 200 millions sterling since 1850 in sanitary works. Another Parliamentary return (No. 443, Session 1877) demonstrates that 25,000 babies are yearly sacrificed by diseases excited by Vaccination.  International Anti-Vaccination League points against vaccination 1880

Dehydration and high blood pressure
A little over a year ago, we found my husband had high blood pressure. The initial response was for him to take Hyzaar. Mike, after finding information you had on your web site about water and hypertension being a result of constantly being dehydrated the house lights went on for me as my Mike, just does not drink water, or very many fluids at all. After much nagging and finally resorting to bribery (he’s allowed to spend the money we used to spend on Hyzaar for further restoration of his 1958 Chevy Apache) I did get him to finally start drinking water – lots of it! I am happy to report that he no longer takes medication and his blood pressure is NORMAL! Very Happy
He would regularly be over 140/90 and now stays in the 120/80 range. We still find that if he has a day that he just doesn't drink enough water; the blood pressure will want to creap up over the 120/80 - like 135/87 - drink water - down it comes again.

'Sham' Saddam's 'Sham' Lawyer Slams Trial 'Sham'

In Court Documents, Federal Attorney Admits CIA Targeted Innocent Texas Citizen Who Is Also Being Targeted With Deadly Electronic Weapons

Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy

Brittle bones and child abuse
[Media May 2006] Experts probe pill link to bone disease
[Media, May 14, 2006] Our son broke his leg, so social workers took our three children away...then had them adopted
[Media May 2006] Brittle bone parents suspected of abuse

[Media May 15, 2006] Children 'should sleep with parents until five'

Zapper quotes - Orgonite Information, Links and Resources
Free of the conspiracy stuff.

Thomas S. Cowan, M.D.

Mike Adams
Lying with statistics: How conventional medicine confuses the public with absolute risk vs. relative risk by Mike Adams
Natural Health

"I have endeavoured to show that there is no real service of humanity in the profession [of medicine] and that it is injurious to mankind."--Mahatma Gandhi

The American Heart Association logo. It's just another marketing symbol for sale, and companies pay the AHA for the right to use it! Fact: The AHA logo appears in food items made with refined sugar! ----Mike Adams

Documentary Film on Autism Stuns Internet Viewers. "Autism Every Day" produced for Autism Speaks.

ProQuad vaccine

"The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that men may become robots" - Erich Fromm

[EW May 15, 2006 Free energy] From a Gifting Buddhist Monk...--Don Croft

[2006 pdf Book] Magnesium For Life by Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

[Media MAY 14 2006] ALERT OVER NEW 5-IN-1 BABY JABS (Pediacel )
Evidence from the vaccine's manufacturers, Sanofi Pasteur, shows that in clinical trials 64 per cent of 451 babies given the Pediacel jab experienced bad reactions. Ten per cent of these were "moderate to severe".

[Media, May 13, 2006] Contamination suspected in child vaccination death

[May 2006] Bush Uses FDA To Shield Big Pharma From Lawsuits

All of the Age of Autism series can be found at

[EW May 12, 2006] Death Towers: 'The Emperor has no Clothes!'--Don Croft

[EW May 10, 2006] Carol Bests Fu Manchu's Boy--in the Air ;-) by Don Croft

Autism-mercury link documented
In Katie Wedell's article, "A matter of understanding/Parents question role of mercury in rising number of Autism cases," she states, "Mercury is commonly used as a preservative in vaccines in a small amount." She goes on to say, "There is no proven link between  the small amounts of mercury found in vaccinations and autism."
Thimerosal (50 percent mercury) is added to vaccines at a  concentration of 1:10,000. This is equivalent to a concentration of  100,000 parts per billion (ppb). This puts the concentration of mercury in the vaccine vial at 50,000 ppb. To put this in  perspective, liquid waste that exceeds 200 ppb of mercury must be disposed of in a special hazardous waste landfill. Drinking water cannot exceed 2 ppb mercury. "Small" would probably be the last word to use when describing the amount of mercury in vaccines. Michael Wagnitz, Madison, Wis.

"In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he had been brainwashed. Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators. Dick Sutphen

[Media May 2006 MMR vaccine] GSK says Priorix involvement in Vietnam death unconfirmed

[Allopath bloggers Tara C. Smith Recommendation from Orac.]
One of my colleagues always says, "Don't stop to stone the devil's dogs." But every once in a while it's amusing to indulge in the same caustic, self-serving posturing some substitute for medical dialogue.- Nancy Hokkanen

Dr. George Lucier, toxicologist and former director of the Environmental Toxicology Program, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences says, "Thimerosal contains organic mercury. Organic mercury is a known developmental neurotoxin and the fetus and infants are at special risk. Public health policies should not allow infants to be purposely injected with organic mercury."

[May 2006] Whistleblower Mark Livingston Battles Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Sodium cyanide is used in the Prevnar manufacturing process, but trace amounts remain in the vaccine itself, according to Livingston. There are in fact, he says, many toxic substances in vaccines. "Mercury, lead, aluminum, cyanide, it's not a pretty picture," Livingston warns, "for a child's immune system, for unsuspecting parents and caregivers, who are never told about the presence of these chemicals, and for employees who have to keep their mouths shut or face losing employment," he adds."

[May 206 Surveillance] Reach Out and Track Someone
If you are one of the more than 200 million Americans with a cell phone nestled in your pocket, authorities may be able to find you any time day or night--even if you never make or receive a call.....A lesser-known fact: Cell phone companies can locate you any time you are in range of a tower and your phone is on.


"He has lied to himself, and perhaps also to others, and believed his lie." ---Secret, Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by Carla Emery p.221

Spurious cowpox

Calling the Shots "Immunizations." Numerous studies indicate that vaccines cannot be relied upon to boost the immune system and protect an individual from contracting the disease the vaccines were designed to offset. ..... According to Dr. Sandra Huffman, head of Nurture: The Center to Prevent Childhood Malnutrition, "Increasing Americans' breastfeeding rate would prevent more childhood diseases-and deaths-than [vaccination programs endorsed by the government]." A distinction must therefore be made: breastfed babies are immunized; children who are injected with germs and other toxic substances are vaccinated.----Immunization Ploys-Are Parents Being Manipulated?by Neil Z. Miller

Calling the shots "preventive medicine" is deceptive as well. According to Dr. Kenneth Cooper, pioneering author of Aerobics, "My concept of preventive medicine is trying to prevent the things that kill us. Infectious disease is way down the list." (Dr. Cooper was ostracized from the medical community for promoting exercise to improve health!) Immunization Ploys-Are Parents Being Manipulated?by Neil Z. Miller

[Media, May 11, 2006] Two doses of MMR 'may not protect from mumps'

[pdf March 2006] MMR Vaccine, Thimerosal and Regressive or Late Onset Autism A Review of the Evidence for a Link Between Vaccination and Regressive Autism--David Thrower  Thrower, David 
I would also be particularly interested to learn of any documented cases of completely unvaccinated children who have later dramatically and inexplicably regressed into autism after a normal infancy. To date, no such case has ever been identified to me.

We Are Alone

[2001] Depleted Uranium & the Fallon cancer cluster. Story provided by Jerry Smith

Discounted casualties - the human cost of depleted uranium
During the Gulf War in 1991, US and UK forces used a new weapon against Iraq. This new weapon, the depleted uranium (DU) projectile, is radioactive. Unlike atomic or hydrogen bombs, it involves no nuclear fusion or fission, but nine years after the end of the war, adverse health effects from DU exposure continue to manifest among military personnel and civilians in Iraq where the fighting took place, and among US and British veterans and their families. As I traveled through the US, UK, and Iraq to cover this story, I was confronted at every turn by the sad and frightening spectre of "discounted casualties,"- people exposed to depleted uranium and other toxic substances, and now tormented by leukemia and a whole array of chronic disorders.
(Akira Tashiro, senior staff writer )

Auschwitz & the Dialysis Industry by Frank Brown
More than 35,000 people are dying unnecessarily every year in a government subsidized and monitored program.

[Aug 5, 1993] Oversight Hearing. Lyme Disease: A Diagnostic and Treatment Dilemma, Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources

ME-CFS Politics in a Nutshell UK

The situation here in France for autistic children and their family, is catastrophic.

03.05.06: Steve Bell on Blair and the Labour turmoil

Andrew J. Wakefielda, FRCS FRCPath; Carol Stottb, PhD; and Kirsten Limbc, BSc
Gastrointestinal comorbidity, autistic regression and Measles-containing vaccines: positive re-challenge and biological gradient

Article-in-press; Medical Veritas: The Journal of Medical Truth; Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2006.
Medical Veritas is the journal of Medical Veritas International (MVI);

[NVIC May 2006] $1 Billion In Flu Vaccine Contracts
If the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services has given $1 billion dollars out of the taxpayers pocketbook to drug companies to create new flu vaccines, you can bet that when those flu vaccines are ready to be sold to a public they have conditioned to live in abject fear of a case of the flu, government health officials will be lobbying states to pass laws mandating that every citizen get a flu shot every year. How else will those drug companies make big bucks after they get a big handout from Uncle Sam for creating vaccines that public health officials persuade politicians to force everybody to use? ..... there is always money to be made in developing drugs to try to counteract the problems too much vaccination creates.

[NVIC May 2006] Threat of bioterrorism  
In what amounts to a catfight between drug companies competing for the same government contract, Michigan's Bioport and the politicians that back the company have secured more cash from taxpayers to prepare for a theoretical bioterrorism attack on U.S. civilians. Yet, there is not one scintilla of solid evidence that has been provided to the public since Sept. 11, 2001 by the U.S. government that any terrorist group in the world has the scientific expertise and capability to weaponize anthrax, smallpox or any other microorganism and successfully deliver it in lethal form to large numbers of civilians on the mainland.
          This lack of evidence, however, does not deter the fear mongers and profiteers, who continue to frighten the people into believing a bioterrorism attack is imminent. And so large sums of taxpayer money is handed over to drug companies to produce bioterrorism vaccines which can be forced upon the people in order to recoup production expenses and generate more profit for vaccine makers.

[EW May 2006] Heaven and Earth by Laozu
In the summer of 2003 these observations led to the discovery of what I have come to call vortices, though this is a specialized use of the general term, and different people use that term for different phenomena. What I have since come to view as the typical vortex of this type occurs on the earth's surface, often at a place of high altitude relative to the surrounding area, where qi from below ground comes up and concentrates. This qi contacts the surface at a few points, and if TBs or HHGs are placed at those points, positive qi comes up through the surface and swirls upward in the the shape of an inverted cone. The first example of such was at Steptoe Butte, and I published the events connected with the "opening" of that vortex on the cloudbuster forum. Several other vortices were opened that summer and fall, including Moscow Mountain, but it wasn't until the next summer (2004) that I began instill some order into the process and began to get a better idea of its significance.

Why I Quit HIV by Rebecca V. Culshaw

E mail May 2006 Re Hysterectomy

[May 2006] Autism Costs $35 Billion Per Year to U.S.

[May 2006] CDC Report Ignores Autism-Mercury Link Despite New Data by J.T. Thorn

[Media Aug 1, 2004] Experts fall out over nuclear plant risks
They claim that previous methods of calculating the effects of emissions on people living near nuclear installations have underestimated the risk by a factor of up to 300.  If correct, the study could explain the clusters of cancer and leukaemia cases found close to nuclear installations in north Wales and Essex and near Sellafield in Cumbria.....Lawyers at Defra, the environment ministry, have sent letters to all 12 members of the committee warning them that they could be sued for defamation if they include Bramhall and Busby's minority report.....Busby and Bramhall say that since Meacher was sacked the committee has been taken over by people with pro-nuclear views who have done their best to suppress opposing opinions.  "The basis of these calculations is completely wrong and as a consequence people living near Sellafield and other installations have been suffering elevated rates of cancers and all sorts of other diseases," Busby said.

[Media Agent Orange]
What it did, according to the Hanoi government, is cause up to 500,000 children to be born with congenital defects......Of the 60 to 100 births that take place every day at the hospital, at least one or two are stillborn......The number of births of so-called Agent Orange babies peaked in 1985, but there are still more than 300 children born with birth defects at Tu Du Hospital every year.

[1997 Lecture series on the vaccine cause of AIDS] The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot By Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D.

Doubleday, Jock

[Schafer Autism Report--Pediatrics article May 2006] The Obfuscation of The Iatrogenic Autism Epidemic
As a pediatrician, who has been in practice for over two decades, I find it more than a little insulting as well as disturbing to have someone say that these children were always there. ..... For years the vaccine division at the CDC and others have said the reason for the dramatic increase in autism is due to "better diagnosing" and "greater awareness." They have encouraged those like Paul Shattuck to manufacture uncertainty. .... There are no studies that have found the previously undiagnosed or misdiagnosed autistic individuals among older Americans. They simply aren't there.  We need to address the real reason for the alarming autism rate. No more secrets or truth-spinning. This is not a faux epidemiological epidemic, nor an infectious epidemic, nor a genetic epidemic (as there are no genetic epidemics). That leaves an epidemic linked to some sort of exposure.

Chapter 74 - You don't want your baby's umbilical cord cut too soon [from Jock Doubleday's eBook, "Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital, volume 2.]

[Media May 2006] Vaccine makers helped write Frist-backed shield law

G. M. Morley, MB ChB FACOG  August 29, 2001 To Whom It May Concern:
I AM WILLING TO TESTIFY AND OFFER PROOF that immediate cord clamping at birth causes attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, mental retardation, respiratory distress syndrome, and intraventricular hemorrhage, and cerebral palsy.

[Media May 2006] Pfizer accused of testing drug on children
Pfizer's experiment was "an illegal trial of an unregistered drug", the Nigerian panel concluded, and a "clear case of exploitation of the ignorant".



Real reasons for early cord clamping?

ACOG recommends and teaches immediate amputation of the placenta at birth to obtain cord blood studies for medico-legal documentation; the results have no bearing on child care.  B138 was first published in 1993.  Every cesarean section baby, every depressed child, every premie, and every child born with a neonatal team in the delivery room has its cord clamped immediately to facilitate the panicked rush to the resuscitation table.  The current epidemic of immediate cord clamping coincides with an epidemic of autism..........For the trial lawyers, it is essential that the “true genesis” of cerebral palsy remains unknown, because that “true genesis” (ACOG Practice Bulletin 138 (B138)  is a standard of medico-legal care; thus, no obstetrical fault exists; the medico-legal professions are at fault. A Refutation of ACOG’s Report on Cerebral Palsy By George Malcolm Morley, MB ChB FACOG

[7 May 2006] But What if no one's out there at all?

[March 2006 VRAN] Aftermath of Hepatitis B Shots (CFS) By Lucia Morgan
It's been nearly three years since I became chronically ill. I can tell you the day and the hour it began. It was shortly after I received my second hepatitis B shot. I had recently completed a master's degree. Six months after the shot, I could barely read.

March 2006 Idaho Observer: FOWL! Bird flu—What it’s really all about

Arrest on Sight - Ariel Sharon, Sociopath

[Media 2004] Running rings around the victims

[August 19, 2004 Israel ] Ringworm and Radiation
Every Sephardi child was to be given 35,000 times the maximum dose of x-rays through his head. For doing so, the American government paid the Israeli government 300 million Israeli liras a year. The entire Health budget was 60 million liras. The money paid by the Americans is equivalent to billions of dollars today. To fool the parents of the victims, the children were taken away on "school trips" and their parents were later told the x-rays were a treatment for the scourge of scalpal ringworm. 6,000 of the children died shortly after their doses were given, while many of the rest developed cancers that killed thousands over time and are still killing them now. While living, the victims suffered from disorders such as epilepsy, amnesia, Alzheimer's disease, chronic headaches and psychosis. ......The film presents a historian who first gives a potted history of the eugenics movement. In a later sound bite, he declares that the ringworm operation was a eugenics program aimed at weeding out the perceived weak strains of society.

[PROVE may 2006] Flu Vaccine Fails to Reduce Cases

[EW May 2006] Dolphin hyperdimensional physics displays...--Don Croft
One of the gifters in the Seattle area is a construction supervisor who manages a half dozen, large commercial sites at a time.  Before he started gifting he had to spend a lot of time troubleshooting at the sites but, now, he simply gifts the areas thoroughly before construction begins and is rarely needed after that because things run smoothly. The workers show up more regularly, get along with each other and their bosses better and everyone can maintain their concentration and energy levels more easily, thanks to the orgonite. .......The dolphin began swimming very fast around the tank, then swam suddenly toward Gentry, came out of the water and held his hand in her teeth while looking into his eyes. He was overwhelmed with a dark future vision in that instant and was suspended in time while a vision of the self-destruction of humanity played out.  Then she let go, dropped back into the water and swam away from him.

[2006-March-09 ] BIRD-FLU UPDATE BECAUSE IT'S TIME by John Rappoport



[Book] Four Women Against Cancer by Alan Cantwell  ISBN 0917211332 Aries Rising Press

[1921] Vaccination and the State By Arnold Lupton MP.
Finished.  Published by the National Anti-Vaccination Society, and one of the best documents on smallpox vaccination.

Sunday Confession No. 2: Are The Jesuits The Spiritual Controllers Of The New World Order? Jesuit General Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach Turns Down Interview Request.

Hollywood Profits Off 911 Misery And Death With Flight 93 Movie, Failing To Question Bogus Government Story

[Media 1996] Joanna was given weeks to live, her body wracked by chemotherapy. The truth is she didn't have cancer at all.

[Media 1996] Doctor sheds some light on a quick cure for skin cancer

MF59 adjuvant

[NVIC May 2006] Upper, Middle Class Families Shun MMR Vacine


28.04.2006: Steve Bell on the usual suspects

[Media 2002 Dick Armey] The Man Behind The Vaccine Mystery (legislation that blocks lawsuits against the maker of thimerosal--Eli Lilly)

[EW April 20, 2006] Don Croft--official 'Enemy of the State' 

George M. Morley, M.B., Ch. B., FACOG

[Media 1996] The scandal of how Britain's babies are being crippled from birth  by sprays and pesticides
LITTLE Claire Stanton came into the world with massive disabilities and at seven months was diagnosed with Charge......After talking with the mother of another Charge child, Cassy suddenly realised that her office had been sprayed following a cockroach infestation..... her office had been cleaned on the 38th day of her pregnancy.  She later discovered from experts that the unborn child develops Charge in the womb between 35 and 40 days of the pregnancy.  Cassy was told verbally that the chemical sprayed in her office was permethrin.

[Media 2005] Is your kettle poisoning you?

[Media 2004] Could an X- ray damage your child's future brainpower?

THE MAGIC OF TOUCH by Desmond Morris

[NVIC April 2006] Hyping Kid Flu Vaccination
Once again, the M.D./Ph.D. "experts" stand on the backs of little children to fan public fear of the flu and hype forced child use of flu vaccine.....Now, self-anointed "experts" are determined to prevent or severely limit human experience with the flu throughout childhood in order to create a stable market for drug companies selling flu vaccine. .....Long after the "experts" pretending to be infallible have died, the people will be paying the price for having allowed themselves to be experimented upon.

IAOMT: Education & Organization in the Age of Mercury Free Dentistry

Professor Tom Sanders

[1921] Vaccination and the State By Arnold Lupton MP.

[Media April 2006] Fresh inquest to be held into post-vaccination death

[NVIC] NIH Wants Toxic Adjuvant in Flu Vaccine

[Book pdf] Be Wise As Serpents by Fritz Springmeier


The Symptoms of DOR Poisoning

[WM April 2006 Cancer] Zapper Confirmation

[Media April 2006] Sick babies prompt fears over ‘new’ TB vaccine safety

Did Black Pope Order And Help Orchestrate 9/11? Or Is The Jesuit General What He Says He Is: A Holy Man, Serving God While Leading The Largest And Most Powerful Order in The Catholic Church?

[EW April 2006] Heaven and Earth--Laozu
What I have since come to view as the typical vortex of this type occurs on the earth's surface, often at a place of high altitude relative to the surrounding area, where qi from below ground comes up and concentrates. This qi contacts the surface at a few points, and if TBs or HHGs are placed at those points, positive qi comes up through the surface and swirls upward in the the shape of an inverted cone.

[Media 19 April 2006] Flu jab death: inquest call


Bird, Christopher. The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens: The True Story of the Efforts to Suppress an Alternative Treatment for Cancer, AIDS, and Other Immunologically Based Diseases. Tiburon, California: H J Kramer Inc, 1991.
    The long title says it all. Sensitively written by the author of quite popular books that remain in print, including The Secret Life of Plants and Secrets Of The Soil. Downloads as a PDF of 1.04 mb. OUT OF PRINT. ISBN 09158811308

19.04.06: Steve Bell on George Bush’s support for Donald RumsfeldHow the Cord Clamp Injures Your Baby's Brain By George M. Morley, M.B., Ch. B., FACOG


[EW March 27, 2006] Doc Kayiwa's Southern Sudan Report --Don Croft

[1960] The Fluoridations Fallacy by R.F. Boyd Gaudin, B.Sc., A.C.G.I., A.M.I.C.E.

Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research

un becoming
UN BECOMING revolves around Emma Douglas, a woman who has lose. She is sensual, smart and driven. Painting is her life's breath. But a medical opinion threatens everything. UN BECOMING explores how any woman can lose control when the voice of intuition is silenced.

HERS Foundation. Hysterectomy Alternatives & Consequences - information, alternative treatments.24.03.06: Steve Bell on the conviction of an Abu Ghraib dog handler for torture

"Nothing is so firmly believed as that of which we know least."—Montaigne.

Peter Bowditch

[1889] Jenner and Vaccination A Strange Chapter of Medical History by Charles Creighton M.D.
"It is difficult to conceive what will be the excuse made for a century of cowpoxing; but it cannot be doubted that the practice will appear in as absurd a light to the common sense of the twentieth century as blood-letting now does to us. Vaccination differs, however, from all previous errors of the faculty, in being maintained as the law of the land on the warrant of medical authority. That is the reason why the blow to professional credit can hardly help being severe, and why the efforts to ward it off have been, and will continue to be so ingenious."

Zacherle Hoag's Vault of the Unexplained
Interview With Russ Dizdar: Demonic Possession and Cult Crime

[April 2006] The Age of Autism: Pox -- Part 1  By Dan Olmsted     Dan Olmsted


[Media April 2006] Experts Defining Mental Disorders Are Linked to Drug Firms 06.05.06: Martin Rowson on the situation in Iraq

[Vaccine critic] Peter Morrell
[eLetters 2000 CMA] Vaccination: the wider picture? In response to: Vaccination: refuting the refusals  by Peter Morrell
"Let me explain why I am opposed to vaccination and why I have had none of my four children immunised for anything, all of whom are healthy.......My objections are that it does not work; it is unnatural, that the human race has survived healthily for countless generations without them and that homeopathy provides a better alternative that is both safe and effectiveYet, I am not typical because many of those who oppose vaccination know nothing about homeopathy, and as you say, they object for political or religious reasons, that lie beyond the scope of medical practice. However, once you use homeopathy and can rely on it, as I have done for over twenty years, then one can see the dangers and pitfalls of vaccination as another Russian roulette game not worth the risk.....Doctors essentially believe the pro-vaccine propaganda and just keep repeating it like a mantra without looking at the facts. It is like a form of voluntary brainwashing. In truth, every major infection for which vaccines exist was originally in massive decline before a single vaccine was introduced. This certainly applies to Diphtheria, Tuberculosis, Whooping Cough and Measles."

Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless Interview with  Howard Straus by  Paula Peterson



An article about psychiatrist Simon Wessely written by Dr. Margaret Cook

 "So if I understand you correctly, Jesus, I nuke Iran and then invade N. Korea? Or do I nuke N. Korea and then invade Iran? And do I do this after we spread the bird flu at anti-war protests and quarantine all the commies?"



Microwaved Water and Plants




[WM April 2006] Gifting The Isle of Wight and David Icke's new CB

[EW April 2006] Don Croft on zapper curing arthritis
I can make the arthritis claim because I've got plenty of confirmations--it's as routine as curing cancer, in fact.  We're prudent not to advance any claim which we can't personally substantiate but it's always okay to say that 'some claim zappers cure arthritis,' and leave it up to the hearer to decide whether to pursue it farther. 

"For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate error so long as reason is free to combat it."
Thomas Jefferson

The Nature of Cancer by Ernst T. Krebbs

Cesco's Little Secret Device and coil

[Orgonite device] Torsion CB Tutorial By Rich & John


[PROVE April 2006] Recent Mumps Cases and Air Travel

Smallpox scare (c. 2002)

Fearmongering 'experts'
Professor Hugh Pennington
Professor Colin Blakemore
Dr. Patrick Dixon

Car surveillance

Foster, Vince

Mass Graves Of Children Found Near Montreal; Another Duplessis Orphan Tells Of Being Tortured As A Child In CIA Experimentaion Programs Using Nazi Doctors

Big Stakes in Tamiflu Debate  Rumsfeld - as a stock holder and former CEO of Gilead Sciences Inc., the sole patent owner of Tamiflu, the antiviral drug now being stockpiled by the Defense Department and other agencies - stands to make millions of dollars if legislation is passed that allocates additional federal money to stockpile the anti-viral medications.

Gibson ME/CFS 'Inquiry'

[April 2006] The Age of Autism: Christian's mom speaks By Dan Olmsted

Autism Controversy Eats At Credibility of CDC
 "We simply don't know what the cause of autism is," Dr. Bob Davis, the CDC's director of immunization safety,

California Reports: Autism Caseload Exceeds 30,000

Bechamp quote
"These microorganisms (germs) feed upon the poisonous material which they find in the sick organism and prepare it for excretion. These tiny organisms are derived from still tinier organisms called microzyma. These microzyma are present in the tissues and blood of all living organisms where they remain normally quiescent and harmless. When the welfare of the human body is threatened by the presence of potentially harmful material, a transmutation takes place. The microzyma changes into a bacterium or virus which immediately goes to work to rid the body of this harmful material. When the bacteria or viruses have completed their task of consuming the harmful material they automatically revert to the microzyma stage".--Sourced: vaccination The "Hidden" Facts by Ian Sinclair p62

[WM April 2006] Gifting The Isle of Wight and David Icke's new CB

[Media April 2006] Report Faults Video Reports Shown as News   Many television news stations, including some from the nation's largest markets, are continuing to broadcast reports as news without disclosing that the segments were produced by corporations pitching new products...The report said none of the stations had disclosed that the segments were produced by publicists representing companies like General Motors, Capital One and Pfizer. ...The center also said that many of the 69 stations took steps to blend the fake segments into their news broadcasts. Some had their news reporters or anchors read scripts supplied by corporations, the report said, and many had altered screen graphics to include the station's logo. The report said that a few stations had introduced publicists as if they were their on-air reporters. Only a handful of stations added any independently gathered information or videotape, it said.  The 69 stations reach about half the population of the United States.

Collins M.D. [See how the Allopath Midgley suppresses anti-vaccine links and criticism]

[The Future of Food - Fake Foods] Investigative Reporter, Pam Killeen interviews Deborah Garcia about her new movie, The Future of Food.
If these genetically engineered seeds blow onto a farmer’s field, Monsanto could come on their field, test their crops, demand money from them and claim ownership of the crops. The farmer, who probably doesn't want to have genetically engineered seeds anywhere near his field, now has this responsibility. It’s a very strange situation. It seems like Monsanto has all the power and that they don't have any accountability or responsibility. If contamination occurs on an innocent neighboring farm, somehow the innocent farmer has to pay for the contamination. It’s illogical. This is now the way that the system is working. It’s the opposite from what you would imagine..............
in order to determine whether or not these crops would be regulated, both the government and the biotech industry decided that these seeds would be considered “substantially equivalent” to normal seeds. This is simply not true. The reason why they came up with this determination was so that GE foods wouldn't have to be regulated, tested nor labeled.
    ...One future is industrial pesticides, chemical laden, tasteless food that is heavily processed, controlled by huge multinational corporations for their own benefit; the other future is exemplified by organic farmers who farm and feed people regionally with good healthy food that people can feel safe eating and eat in a sense of community and family. If people really understood what was happening to our food supply, they would choose good, safe, healthy food grown by a local farmer. If we choose to eat this way, we will also benefit by supporting local economies.

[EW jan 2006] Frozen charged water 2 by Cesco

Pyramid Crystal Charger by Laozu

[EW March 2006] Doc Kayiwa's Southern Sudan Report

DuPont Pays Heavy Price For Teflon Cover-Up

[jan 2006] Bribing Doctors - Another Drug Marketing Trick by Chris Gubta

[Jan 2006] Re: Parkinson's & Other Neurological Diseases - Update by Chris Gupta

[Media] Bird Flu fearmongering

The Big Secret coil

[Orgone generator device tutorial] Heaven and Earth Device (HED) by Paddy
We hope this will do what a CB does in dealing with black lines [See: Aug 2005
Cloudbusters and healing black energy/ley lines]

Chet Day presents April 5, 2006 Safely Remove Moles and Warts Permanently

The theory that the creation of antibodies in the blood indicates that protection against disease has been established is not supported by experience. The Medical Research Council's Report on Diphtheria Outbreaks in Gateshead and Dundee, published in 1950. showed that many of the persons actually in hospital with diphtheria had far more anti-toxin in their blood than was said to be required for complete protection against diphtheria, whilst nurses and others in close contact with diphtheria infection and without sufficient anti-toxin remained immune.



[Media April 2006] Eli Lilly withheld disastrous effects of Strattera from parents and children

Mormons, Masons, and the Alamo. Why are their Temples Aligned to the Alamo?  An investigation of Mormon Temple Alignments in San Antonio & Boston
by Daniel V Boudillion 19 July 2005

New Internal Documents Reveal Deception by the Centers for Disease Control about Vaccines Role in Autism  If a tobacco company sourced, funded, guided, and wrote scientific studies to prove cigarettes don't cause lung cancer, not a single American would give the studies any credibility.   Yet, our own Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a government agency responsible for administering our National Immunization Program, has done the very same thing by sourcing, funding, guiding, and writing research to try and prove that vaccines, and a mercury preservative used in vaccines, have not fueled an epidemic of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders in our nation's children.   Why would the CDC do this? See for yourself, from more than two dozen secret documents and emails in the words of those responsible.  The longer the CDC denies the true cause of the autism epidemic, the less resources we can dedicate to treating our children today. It's time to put our childen first.

Two Presidents - Two Performing Fleas

Campion, Kitty


[Media Dec 2004] Vaccines lose power to fight against infectious diseases
Unfortunately, it is perfectly clear today that liquidation of any infection  is just an illusion. Total control over some infection is a hard thing to do as well. That became evident in 1991 when a sweeping diphtheria epidemic broke out in Russia. The disease was considered as thoroughly controlled at that time. The epidemic coincided with the break-up of the USSR and the collapse that it entailed, which was not accidental at all. The disease was to some extent provoked with stress, poor living conditions and other factors weakening the immune system.

[Media March 2006] Another alt med bashing piece from the psychologists!

the real Blair

STUDY: Early Downward Trends in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Following Removal of Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines

David A. Geier, B.A. & Mark R. Geier, M.D., Ph.D.

Background, Paragraph 5:
"It has been estimated that the last thimerosal-containing Hep b, diphtheria-tetanus-acellular-pertussis (DTaP) and Hib vaccines were manufactured in 2000-2001 and expired at the end of 2002 (or early 2003). Table 1 summarizes significant historical dates in the use of pediatric TCVs in the United States."

NEWS ARTICLE: Merck Misled on Vaccines, Some Say The firm supplied shots containing a mercury compound after saying it had halted its use. By Myron Levin, Los Angeles Times - March 7, 2005

Drug maker Merck & Co. continued to supply infant vaccine containing a mercury-based preservative for two years after declaring that it had eliminated the chemical.

"But Merck continued to distribute vaccine containing the chemical known as thimerosal, along with the new product, until October 2001, according to an FDA letter sent in response to a congressional inquiry. "The thimerosal-containing supplies had expiration dates in 2002."

Also note that the recent UC-Davis study states that dendrites are damaged at Thimerosal concentrations of 20 parts per billion, and killed at 200 ppb. Most adult flu shots contain 100,000 ppb.

Then mention the Burbacher primate study showing that ethylmercury binds to brain tissue 2-4 times more readily than methylmercury.

[pdf] 12 Reasons to reject fluoridation! by Dennis Stevenson

The Flu Shot (humour?)

Vaccinating For Profit - From Cradle to Coffin  By Evelyn Pringle"
In a perverse twist of fate, the vaccine program has evolved into a grand profiteering scheme, second only to the military industrial complex's war on terror fiasco. Instead of prevention, the program has resulted in an epidemic of serious health problems for an entire generation of children and at the same time, produced an infinite market expansion for the sale of other prescription drugs, for the scheme's developers."


[Nov 2005] Some MDs Decline Certain Vaccinations for Their Own Children

[Nov 2005] Hilary Butler RESPONSE TO:  Why can't the Daily Mail eat humble pie over MMR?
[Nov 2005] RAPID RESPONSE to BMJ's - Why can't the Daily Mail eat humble pie over MMR? by  Clifford G. Miller,

[Media Monday, 19 September 2005] Nurses 'not taking flu vaccine'
Research at two Liverpool hospitals found less than 8% of healthcare workers had annual jabs.

[22 November 2005] Cochrane, research bias and Dr Wakefield  by John Stone

[Dec 2005] POLIO "NON-OUTBREAK" AMONG THE AMISH by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO

[Media Dec 2005] 2000 side-effect complaints over meningococcal immunisation

More thoughts on  herd immunity

[Jan 2006] Head Lice Shampoo Linked To Leukemia

[NVIC feb 2006] Spreading Misinformation About HPV (Human papilloma virus)
The drumbeat to mandate an HPV vaccine for all adolescents is beginning. And pro-forced vaccination proponents beating the drum are using a familiar
tactic: create factual myths that create fear while mischaracterizing the concerns of those who oppose forced use of vaccines. Vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases, such as hepatitis B and HPV, should not be mandated.

Robert E. Weibel*, Vito Caserta*, David E. Benor, and Geoffrey Evans*
Acute Encephalopathy Followed by Permanent Brain Injury or Death Associated With Further Attenuated Measles Vaccines: A Review of Claims Submitted to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

[Feb 2006] Lies & disparity - Bangladesh 'Biggest measles campaign' ready

COMMENTS by T.Binstock - Panel Wants Infants to Get Rotavirus Shots

[NVIC March 2006] Infant Diarrhea Vaccine, rotavirus vaccine (RotaTeq)

[Media Scotland March 2006] New fears over MMR jab after massive rise in child autism. Number of sufferers has more than quadrupled in only seven years

The Schafer Autism Report

[2003] Is Rubella Vaccination Playing A Role In The Rise In Autism? by Sandy Mintz

[Media March 2006] Decline in MMR uptake blamed for measles death

Five Rites

Tooth Soap

[Media March 2006] Child (ADD) drugs linked to heart attack

[EOHarm] Ethyl vs. Methyl

[Media March 2006] Iowa mumps epidemic puzzles officials  'Of the 245 patients this year, at least 66 percent had had the recommended two-shot vaccination, while 14 percent had received one dose, the Public Health Department said.'

Here is an update about Michael Forrest (zapper seller)

More Information Suggests Shooter in Seattle Killing Spree Possibly Connected With 'Manchurian Candidate Psy Ops Campaign'
Could Strange Seattle Killing Spree Be Connected To "Manchurian Candidate" Psy Ops Government Program?

The Age of Autism: Hot potato on the Hill By DAN OLMSTED copy Expect to hear all kinds of excuses, including that one, from the powers that be as to why such a conclusive study couldn't, shouldn't and really mustn't be done. Then ask yourself, Why?

Mercury from Amalgam Fillings is a Common Cause of    MS, ALS, PD, SLE, RA, MCS,AD, etc.  by  Bernard Windham(Ed.), Chemical Engineer  

Mercury & autoimmune conditions/MS
Mercury & Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia
Dental amalgam & lupus/autoimmune conditions
Mercury & parkinson’s
Prochazkova J, Sterzl I, Kucerova H, Bartova J, Stejskal VD; The beneficial effect of amalgam replacement on health in patients with autoimmunity. Neuro Endocrinol Lett. 2004 Jun;25(3):211-8.

"Homeopaths support vaccination" ploy

Only in Herefordshire.  Here they are campaigning to get radiation therapy in Hereford!!

"Evidence of Harm" has won the 2005 Investigative Reporters and Editors Award for Outstanding Investigative Reporting in a Book

Robert Dawn's Radionics Article - March 12, 2006

Realpolitik and ME by Martin J. Walker

"Autism is treatable, autism is preventable."---A-CHAMP [Medical charity pharma blindness: "There are no known causes of autism and no known cure."---National Autistic Society (Daily Mail March 25, 2006)]

Dr. Carey Reams, PhD
AMA figures have shown that the average medical general practitioner is correct in his office diagnosis approximately 12% of the time, and the research hospitals are correct about 47% of the time. 

[March 2006] Mercury Containing Preservative Alters Immune Function

[Media March 18, 2006 Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy] Social workers 'took girl from her family on a whim'

Free pharma advertising:

"The most fundamental principle of medicine is love."--Paracelsus (1493-1541) The Great Art of Surgery

Fluoride Levels Too High - National Academies (What the Press Release Did Not Mention) by Mary Sparrowdancer

The Sanctity of Human Blood By Tim O'Shea

Indigo children

[WM 3/2006] Learning discernment and beating disinfo.

UK Orgonite gifting log

Vampires are Real. Black Magick is Real.


Autism and genetics

Autism increase "due to change in diagnosis"

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.--Henry David Thoreau

[Media 3/2006 Aluminium adjuvant] Vaccines show sinister side
Vancouver neuroscientist Chris Shaw shows a link between the aluminum hydroxide used in vaccines, and symptoms associated with Parkinson’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease), and Alzheimer’s.....“This is suspicious,” he told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview from his lab near Heather Street and West 12th Avenue. “Either this [link] is known by industry and it was never made public, or industry was never made to do these studies by Health Canada. I’m not sure which is scarier.”   Similar adjuvants are used in the following vaccines, according to Shaw’s paper: hepatitis A and B, and the Pentacel cocktail, which vaccinates against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, and a type of meningitis....“No one in my lab wants to get vaccinated,” he said. “This totally creeped us out. We weren’t out there to poke holes in vaccines. But all of a sudden, oh my God—we’ve got neuron death!”

SHADOW OF THE SWASTIKA: The Real Reason the Government Won't Debate Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization by R. William Davis

[Media March 2006] Chiron recalls MMR vaccine, revises 2005 earnings


The Mind and Healing

[1895] The Vaccination Question by Arthur Wollaston Hutton

UK Orgonite gifting log

[3/2006] A message from Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.
We have no faith in the integrity of the CDC and the FDA. They are doing all they can to protect themselves and Big Pharma from the truth; that the autism epidemic is caused by Big Pharma's greed and the failure of the CDC and the FDA to do their jobs.  Big Pharma must not be allowed to evade its financial liability for the damage their vaccines have caused. Like the tobacco companies in the last century, which kept denying the cigarette-lung cancer link, the drug companies are lying, with the help of the CDC and FDA, about the role of vaccines in causing the autism's epidemic. When the lung cancer cases finally got to court, the truth came out. We parents insist on our right to hold the drug companies liable, in court, for the harm they have caused. The matter must be decided fairly in the legal system, and not by loophole riders exonerating the drug companies that have been added to appropriation bills in the dark of night. The drug companies caused the autism epidemic and they, not the parents nor the public, must pay the costs. They are guilty, they are very profitable and can and should be held accountable.

Foreword by Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD to Slaughter of the Innocent, 1982, by Hans Ruesch

Preface to 1000 Doctors (and many more) Against Vivisection by Hans Ruesch

The vaccination myth is the most widespread superstition modern medicine has managed to impose, but, being by the same token the most profitable, it will prove to be also one of the most enduring, though there was never the slightest  of scientific evidence upholding it.   Suffice it to say now that the various epidemics have experienced in all countries the same natural evolution of growth, decline, and eventual disappearance, whether vaccination or other therapies had been introduced or not. The only demonstrable effects were the widespread damages caused by the various vaccinations, none excluded.  Most pediatricians we know in Italy and France do not vaccinate their own children, although they cannot refuse to vaccinate their clients' children, if they want to retain their union licence to practice........
So it can safely be predicted that the advertised belief in the alleged blessings of vaccination will be among the last deadly rites of Modern Medicine to go, because it is far too profitable to the medical combine to be allowed to go without a bitter struggle, of which the beginnings can increasingly be seen today, but which will certainly drag on into the coming century. It is indeed so profitable - to Industry and State - that it is incentivated by being offered, or imposed, in many cases free of charge.  But in truth, who gets the bill? The taxpayer, of course. Preface by Hans Ruesch to 1000 Doctors (and many more) Against Vivisection

"Despite the tendency of doctors to call modern medicine an 'inexact science', it is more accurate to say there is practically no science in modern medicine at all. Almost everything doctors do is based on a conjecture, a guess, a clinical impression, a whim, a hope, a wish, an opinion or a belief. In short, everything they do is based on anything but solid scientific evidence. Thus, medicine is not a science at all, but a belief system. Beliefs are held by every religion, including the Religion of Modern Medicine." Robert Mendelsohn MD Preface by Hans Ruesch to 1000 Doctors (and many more) Against Vivisection

"By the way, orgonite apparently prevents and even cures radiation poisoning. The reason I say that is that when Carol, Reno Richard and I were gifting the underground bases in and around Fallon, Nevada, three summers ago, the dust where we camped in the desert one night was obviously radioactive. Carol's nose bled from breathing it all night but none of us had the telltale metallic taste in our mouths, perhaps because we were wearing our Harmonic Protectors. Eight years ago I started putting orgonite in my zappers and a customer in Romania reported that a patient of his who was dying from the effects of radiation poisoning (also lung cancer) completely recovered in a few weeks, just from using the zapper. The patient had survived as one of the cleanup crew at Chernyobyl, but got sick after that and was on his deathbed when he started zapping. I think radioactive plutonium was injected in my left arm the night six of us across the US (including DB in Pasadena and StanMan in South Carolina) were marked on our chest with poison needles and otherwise molested. I was in Idaho."--Don Croft   

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

"Most of the important things in all the world have been accomplished by people who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."  Dale Carnegie

The Slavs used to wear wedding rings for not more than four hours a day not to lose the sexual power

[NVIC 3/2006] Chelation for autism CDC officials, who maintain autism is a genetic disorder and irreversible, cannot tolerate the existence of children whose autistic behaviors have disappeared after chelation therapy removes vaccine-related mercury and other toxins from their bodies.

[March 2006] Early Antibiotics May Raise Asthma Risk; Studies Suggest Risk Is Double for Treated Babies

[WM 3/2006] Definitive Physical Analysis of WTC Bombing?---Don Croft

The Police State Road Map

Never sign a Refusal To Vaccinate if confronted by such a form.

Wakefield Confronting Stratton of IOM regardig Measles Virus in Gut/CSF & Autism

More Than 50,000 Children Used In CIA-Connected Experimentation Programs; Investigative Journalist Has Story Suppressed And Experiences Threats Before Its Eventual Release In Alternative Publication


Loose Change 2nd Edition is available here via Bit Torrent, you can download the Bit Torrent Client here and the makers have a flag on the DVD encouraging sharing/copying etc. --Rich

Vitamin D Protects Against Tuberculosis

[Feb 2006] Police State Technology: Implanting a GPS-microchip in the body of a human being, using a high powered sniper rifle

AIDS quotes

A Modern-Day Copernicus: Peter H. Duesberg by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300

Sold As A Child Sacrifice To The Illuminati Cult, Victim Survives Ritualistic Drowning To Tell Her Story. High Level Officials and Nazi War Criminals Involved, Including Ronald Reagan and Nazi Joseph Mengele 


Experiment shows medical doctors to be glorified drug dealers, easily manipulated by drug companies

Bird Flu or Cash Cow? The Pandemic Some Want To Have By Eve Hillary

Don't Panic!!  You couldn't make it up, a Fearmongering classic from Dad's Army:

[Media 2006] Metals link to multiple sclerosis

Satanic Child Sacrificing Rituals First Reported At Vatican And Now At LDS Temple In Salt Lake City

Dungeon Vatican Rituals At Satan's Altar Was How Joanna, Born Into The Illuminati, Spent Her Childhood Days

Searching For the Illuminati Deep Within The Bowels Of The Vatican

Secret Vatican Catacombs, Child Sacrifices, Mind Control: Svali, Involved In U.S. Illuminati For 30 years, Talks Openly About Devious Plans To Topple America

Deep Within The Bowels Of The Vatican And Illuminati: The Small Public Chapter of Svali's Life Coming To An End

Fed Up With Lies And Deceit, Svali Turns Tail And Runs From The Feared Illuminati


Polysorbate 80 is a ubiquitously used solubilizing agent that can cause severe nonimmunologic anaphylactoid reactions
[Media 2004] Gulf veterans 'find it more difficult to conceive'
Edward McSweegan.

[Media 2005] Poisonings From a Popular Pain Reliever Are on the Rise (tylenol)
[Media 2005] Colton hospital may start program to implant in patients a microchip that contains medical history
[JABS] The Cochrane Review

[Media 2006] Treatment with Ritalin has caused suicides and suicide attempts in children.

[Media Feb 2006] 'Why I am terrified of trusting MMR'

Klenner, F. (1973) Response of peripheral and central nerve pathology to mega-doses of the vitamin B-complex and other metabolites. Journal of Applied Nutrition pp. 16-40.

The classic fearmonger at work, the blueprint for the Medical Industry:

Ask the Expert: Does Mercury from Different Sources Affect Us Differently?

[Media Feb 2006] Secret report reveals 18 child deaths following vaccinations

[Letter BMJ May 2005] encephalitis in cases of mumps by John Stone

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Critique of Wolfe & Sharpe. Anti-vaccinationists past and present

[1885] The Story of a Great Delusion by William White

[BMJ Aug 2005] Rubella Scares - Demonstrating the Figures are False by Clifford G. Miller

[Media Feb 2006] Former science chief: 'MMR fears coming true'

Asthma- Ignorance or Design by Jennifer Stark
The Buteyko method has had great success in controlling asthma, reversing symptoms and removing the need for medication, which is why it poses such a threat to the pharmaceutical companies.

CHRONIC SCURVY Vitamin C Deficiency as a Cause of Heart Disease by Owen R. Fonorow PhD, MS, MBA
The 700,000 people who die needlessly every year in the USA are those who heed the advice of their cardiologist......Canadian doctors proved that a vitamin C deficiency causes the condition, commonly called "atherosclerosis". .....The knowledge that heart disease is a form of scurvy has been suppressed from the time that the first series of Willis articles was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in the early 1950s. ....Apparently, medical science is controlled by the drug industry. Even the US National Institutes of Health gives all appearances of being under the control of the drug industry, and it seems that not even members of Congress can overcome this obstacle.

The Cure for Non-Insulin-Dependent (Type II) Diabetes. Reversing Diabetes Type II, Glucose-Ascorbate Antagonism, and their Impact on Reversing Heart Disease (2005) by Owen Richard Fonorow

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Patient HandBook (Shulze)

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Hepatitis C epidemic - where is the virus?

An Interview with Archie Kalokerinos, MD: Post Scripts on the Yurko Evidentiary Hearing by ROY B KUPSINEL, MD

Spanish flu and Aspirin

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Shaken Baby Syndrome And Multiple Vaccinations: An Investigation By Red Flags Columnist, F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

[Media Jan. 20, 2006] Chickenpox outbreak investigated at Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau

My paper on “Coagulopathy mistaken for Shaken Baby Syndrome” was rejected – it recorded the case of a child given six vaccines on the same day and who was ill with fever, irritability and diarrhoea the next day and was dead three weeks later. Death was certified to be due to the Shaken Baby Syndrome on the evidence of Pathologists, Paediatricians and Radiologists when all the haematological and biochemical evidence clearly indicated death was due to a coagulopathy following hepatic insufficiency and malnutrition. [BMJ Aug 2002] History repeats itself (shaken baby syndrome)

[BMJ 22 March 2002] Misdiagnosis of “Shaken Baby Syndrome”  by Michael D Innis

[BMJ 30 August 2002] History repeats itself by Michael D Innis

1887 In England, Dr. Edgar M. Crookshank, professor of pathology and bacteriology at Kings College, is asked by the British government to investigate the cowpox outbreak in Wiltshire. The result of the investigation was contained in two volumes of "The History and Pathology of Vaccination", in which he states that "the credit given to vaccination belongs to sanitation".

 Jill Davies

SV40 Cancer Foundation

Finding any form of bowel disease in autistic children is not, it seems, a smart career move these days, so many doctors are refusing even to look. Mrs McGowan says: 'They've all seen what happened to Dr Wakefield and they're petrified.' [Media Jan 2006] Does Laurence prove that some doctors want to hide the truth about MMR?