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Birth defect drugs, pesticides
Sodium Valproate (Epilim)

[2005] Pesticides the Root Cause of Birth Defects in Farmworkers

[2010 Oct] Study Shows Monsanto Roundup Herbicide Link to Birth Defects By F. William Engdahl

[2010 Feb] Serious birth defects linked to the agricultural chemical atrazine

[2009] Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Pregnant Women Linked to Birth Defect

[2009] Girls drugged by a doctor in a care home are now having disabled babies  Girls in his care were given pills designed for schizophrenics, psychotics and Parkinson’s sufferers…without having been diagnosed with any of these conditions and often held down and forced to take them.  Nearly 30 years later, the children of girls in his care have learning difficulties, cleft palates, water on the brain and brain growths.